A No Deal Exit from the EU without a General Election and working majority may be the quickest way to Brexit failure and to taking us straight back in

StupidityI am not quite ready to backtrack on my feeling that Boris is the best option available from the Tory Leadership Candidates on offer so far. But it has to be said that his first shots of the campaign have been fired straight into the dark.

Yes, the suggestion that he would oversee a No Deal exit if nothing else is in offer on the 31st of October is going to resonate with many Brexit Voters. It might even bring back some Conservatives who have lent their Vote to the Brexit Party so far.

But bouncing out to Switzerland and making a big speech telling everyone that you will secure the concessions you want just by preparing for a no deal exit is not a sound strategy. Especially given the history of the past two years; how the Parliamentary dynamic is one of crystallised entrenchment, and how the EU has in effect been playing us like amateurs wearing straight jackets on a golf course whilst they have been hitting every shot completely under par.

None of us have anything to fear from a No Deal Brexit.

That is as long as it is both managed as best as the circumstances will allow AND the direction of travel is clear and above all obvious to everyone who has to be taken along.

The circumstances of our departure from the EU cannot simply be left as the knee-jerk plan of a new Prime Minister who fails to look beyond what are merely the highlighted issues facing them in isolation. Issues that are only perceived to be the specific driving force behind an overwhelming but nonetheless populist surge.

Such an approach will surely only be to secure their own position, rather than to demonstrate the leadership and strategic skills that will be necessary to navigate an effective EU Exit and then oversee the beginning of a new future for the UK and our return to a fully functioning democracy. An outcome that will only come by conducting Brexit as the Public expects before using it as a springboard to what lies beyond.

It is the action of either a fool or of a tunnel-visioned Remainer that will countenance an immediate approach to the EU in any circumstance upon their appointment, without changing the political deck of cards that those leading government have.

There is no doubt that creating a situation where there are once again unknowns present for the EU negotiators – so that they then have no choice but to respond appropriately, is one of several key elements necessary to facilitate a workable way forward.

There is no low hanging fruit that is not already rotten dangling from this tree.

The real risk in this immediate use of the deliberately crowd pleasing rhetoric that Boris has used is that it makes no allowance for the reality, process or political games that are involved in seeing both an outcome and solution based Brexit all the way through.

It’s not even simply a question of Brexit just being fully implemented.

In the hindsight of everyone, whether we were originally Leavers or supported Remain, we must all be able to look back in the years to come and see that Brexit was the doorway that led to a great many of this Country’s problems being solved.

No matter the arguments to the contrary that anyone presents, the reality is that the People Voted for a No Deal Brexit.

The only thing that remains is that there have never been other options or shades of Brexit in between.

We don’t already have Our No Deal Brexit because there are too many Politicians in Westminster who put their own priorities first. They have done so continually since the Referendum, rather than consider the democratic will of the people following the Vote.

The turbulence that is almost certain to envelope a so-called ‘crash out’ from the EU at the end of October would play into the hands of these fearful but still influential people very well.

Without a General Election there simply won’t be the parliamentary numbers available to take all of the steps and decisions that will be needed, and provide cushion enough to ensure that whatever happens during the process, the government is ready and able to effectively respond.

Yes, it could all work out well anyway. But it’s an irresponsible level of reliance upon chance alone to expect things simply to work out perfectly, and there are far too many variables in the mix that could too easily make it all go wrong.

To counteract this real possibility, there has to be a clear outline of what Brexit means in terms of benefits that demonstrates that even though the Vote was won, the reasons for Leaving the EU were actually undersold.

It will be unwise for any Prime Minister to rely solely on the anger of the Electorate over the Brexit betrayal, which although very real and justified, would soon evaporate when the temporary difficulties that will accompany our divorce from an overpowering entity like the EU become manifest.

Riding what may be percieved and portrayed by the media as a tidal wave of problems that will be noted for their possible impact, rather than the reality and the very short time involved, will require a different mindset from our Leaders.

That means a new narrative, which encourages everyone including Remainers to buy in to the benefits of what comes after we Leave, rather than gifting them the opportunity to derail our exit and blame it on chaos and no way forward other than the safe haven of returning to membership of the EU.

Believe me when I say that it will be a complete travesty for our Country, and the end of democracy in any real form for all of us if this is then what the heralds of fear succeed in making us do.

No new leader of the Conservative Party who takes Brexit and the obligation of the Government to the Electorate seriously can fail to see that a General Election is now firmly on the horizon.

There is a step-by-step process to getting there along with very different way of thinking. Above all, there is a lot of work involved.

They must not and cannot even consider compromising on the steps that are necessary to achieve what the People are now requiring of Government.

No matter what level of risk they may or may not perceive as there being to their own role.

The steps to be taken, once the Conservative Leadership question has been settled in overview are simple but unavoidable with this Parliament and the MPs that we current;y have. There are no better options involved, even though it could and should have been started weeks before now.

If the new PM wants to stop this mess from going irreparably wrong:

  1. Forget talking to the EU. We have until Halloween before they need to know what’s happening. Use the time wisely. There isn’t the time for the foolishness for a drawn out Leadership Election. It’s vanity at the worst possible moment and it’s simply getting in the way.
  2. Embrace A New Politics. A way of working which is about everyone. Not just the Politicians involved. This may involve taking what looks like a very different approach politically as well as ethically. It may require a different kind of partnership. But this IS the time to really be very bold.
  3. Create a new Manifesto, involving real People through engagement of a level where is is clear that they have ownership.
  4. Publish and discuss the new manifesto. Communicate the real truths of our history with the EU, the tangible benefits of Brexit and demonstrate a genuine ambition for our Country and for everyone. This is OUR shared future after all.
  5. Go to the People, secure their Mandate and a working majority in Parliament that is all about everyone, delivering Brexit and returning the UK to a world leading democracy as the primary cause. This aim must never be undersold.
  6. Finally go back to the EU and tell them that we are Leaving with or without their support. That the doors to the UK PLC will he left wide open to the world including and beyond our European neighbours. They then have a legitimately unilateral choice to decide whether they now want to be stupid in the way that they respond

The easy way for a new PM to approach Brexit following their appointment is the one that that will most likely lead the UK to disaster.

There is the right way, which will be hard but will be worth it. Because Brexit can AND will be both delivered AND secured.

Being brave and having confidence in the legitimacy of what the People really now want would ensure that the legacy of this coming Leadership will have been to open the doors fully to the new opportunities that await us as a result of Brexit. As we step into the brave new world for all of our communities and businesses as we look out beyond.

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Nothing is going to happen until the end of May in June. The Tories should use this time wisely and elect a new Leader now – because change cannot come too soon

download (26)Our democracy is disintegrating. The People are frustrated with everything political. The world that looked up to our once model Parliament cannot believe what they are watching. Together, everyone outside of Westminster is in a state of complete and utter despair.

Yet the Tories think this is the right time to put everything on hold whilst they run a  Leadership contest. And they aren’t even going to start it for a fortnight – just so they can save the feelings of the outgoing Prime Minister, who has been a contingent part of creating the whole mess in the first place. It’s either a catastrophic level of ignorance at work, or arrogance at the highest degree.

Time really does wait for no man. And with the next deadline for our exit from the EU booked for the 31st of October, they have a responsibility to get on and deliver a Parliamentary Consensus that will facilitate our clean Brexit.

It will not help to bring the two sides back together, if they cannot appoint a Leader who is able to lead us all and takes what might look like an attractive option of simply letting us ‘crash out’.

The Brexit Party has demonstrated how quickly a winning Election Campaign can be put together and will gain traction, if the messages and content is right and clear.

If the Conservatives now appoint the right Leader – one not been compromised by stupidity such as being tied to the ideas of the old politics like One Nation Conservatism, they can win a General Election by the end of October comfortably.

But its only by changing their thinking and accepting that a working majority can be secured and won to facilitate Brexit.

Such an outcome will not be possible, if ambition and the ridiculousness of a drawn out Leadership contest is indulged, whilst the Country is in the middle of a crisis and demands a new and robust form of political leadership. Change will certainly not be modelled on how well a bunch of out-of-touch Tories can remodel and market the old way of political thinking and what still looks very much like a self serving cause.

All the rules of this old politics have long since gone out of the window. If the Tories still want a chance to be taken seriously, they should overcome this untimely desire to stick to a foolish protocol, which is simply making them all look like a bunch of clowns.

If these Conservative MPs have any sense left and any desire to change as the Electorate is shouting loudly and telling them with the march of their feet that they should, they will use the time between now and the end of May in June wisely. Shut their MPs away and not emerge until they have selected a new Leader, who can then take over immediately from the outgoing PM immediately in early June as they should.

They will then have over 4 months to do everything necessary to turn the tables on this chaos, on the EU and start to deliver the People’s Brexit – which rather than simply saving their Party, should now be their only real direction and cause.


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Compromise on Brexit is a choice that MPs have never had

May 25, 2019 1 comment

MANDATE 1Finally it appears that Theresa May is on her way, albeit with a delay that suggests once again that the Parliamentary Conservative Party is at best in a state of denial about their responsibilities, the situation the Country is now in, and what is yet to come.

In amongst the hypocritical platitudes that are spilling out, now that the PM has outlined her departure, is yet another upsurge in statements telling us that MPs now have to look at their position on Brexit and accept that they have to compromise.

Yet, there is an elephant in the room here. A significant unspoken, ignored and deliberately hidden truth.

That is that MPs have NEVER had the option of making a compromise over the kind of Brexit that we as a Country have.

Because the People decided that we are going to Leave the EU. And that means compromise on Brexit itself and therefore that means changing its form – is a choice that MPs HAVE NEVER and WILL NEVER have.

Yes, they can attempt to do everything possible that they can deny that a clean, ‘no deal’ Brexit has to happen. They can obfuscate. Get in the way. Delay and pretend that the People didn’t know what they were Voting for.

But that is a created truth. It is not the real truth. And the truth will always be the truth, whatever the argument or obstacles that they try to put in the way.

A change of Prime Minister is not a green light for the Conservatives to forget that People are demanding change in how our Politicians behave.

If they want to have any hope of staying and then returning to power, they and their new Leader MUST now lead all of our incumbent MPs in respecting our democracy.

This means accepting the Will and Democratic Choice of the People to Leave the EU cleanly and without obligation to anyone or anything, whether or not they consider it wrong.

Anything else is a compromise that We, the People didn’t vote for or authorise.

And a proper Brexit WILL be delivered either by Conservatives in the Government that will soon be formed who have re-found respect for democracy under their new Leader, or after the inevitable General Election that will otherwise quickly follow, then led by a genuinely People-centric cause.

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A New Politics

May 24, 2019 4 comments

getting-startedA New Politics is something that I have referenced as a term increasingly in my recent Blogs. Just as I have also referred to the ‘Old Politics’ as a term to reference the no longer acceptable form of doing political business which is currently best illustrated by the behaviour of Theresa May, along with the Parliamentary Conservative Party that immediately surrounds her.

Everything that the Conservatives have been doing shows increasing signs that they believe they will be able to return to this approach, repackaged by terms such as ‘One Nation Conservatism’ just as soon as she has gone.

A New Politics is something I have been alluding to, if not using that precise term, for a long while. Just without referencing it in this specific form of words.

A New Politics is also a term that it being discussed more frequently in the media. It was mentioned by the former Chief Rabbi, Jonathan Sacks in his interview with Emily Maitlis on BBC Newsnight on Wednesday evening. Albeit as part of an insightful and frank analysis of the current state of British Politics where like with most examples of its use, he described A New Politics in terms of a location that comes after Brexit has been concluded, rather than offering any idea what it will look like and how it will actually work.

I have been happily tapping away at the keys on my laptop, mentioning ‘A New Politics’ as if it is already a tangible fact and is present a modus operandi, as a manifesto or some other universally accepted term. Of course it is not, and I was reminded of this by a comment posted to my Blog yesterday which specifically requested that I explain what A New Politics is.

So I will attempt to give what A New Politics is to me. What it looks like and how it would work and evolve in greater form.

A new politics is about changing the way that politicians and the people who aspire to be politicians think.

It is about application. It is fundamentally a way of being a politician and conducting politics as a vocation or calling, rather than viewing it as simply a job, career pathway or method of ‘getting on’, which is nothing like the same thing.

It sounds simple at first look. But the reality is that it is anything but simple and is not just about political reform.

Politicians today rarely have the level of awareness of self or of the community, social, business and government environment in which they operate either to look critically within themselves and at what they are doing. Nor do they have the desire or motivation to acquire the skills that will enable them to understand the interaction required of them better.

The Party Political system has reached a stage in its evolution and the management and environmental conditioning of political candidates and frontline members where it is now normal for those taking on elected roles to assume that all problems are external to them and that addressing ‘problems’ external to them is the way that each and every problem is solved.

Because of this external locus in politics, there is a lot of talk about things like changing the Electoral System to PR from First Past The Post and a second Referendum on the Brexit question. It is most notably present in the angry behaviour that is present in the continuing diatribe over Leave vs. Remain and who is – or was- actually right.

But change to our Political System resulting from blame attribution and the change the People are now seeking in Politics are simply not the same thing.

A New Politics must be something that is lived and not only treated as an idea or vision by those who are intricately involved.

It is about the example of good politicians at the top of Government influencing by example.

Of Politicians doing what is right for everyone. Considering the consequences of their decisions not just for those immediately effected. But like the ripple effect upon every part of a widened supply chain for a complex product. It is about considering and working fairly and proportionately for all of those who will be impacted beyond.

A New Politics is the leadership of taking hard, and where necessary unpopular decisions.

Politicians have the responsibility to look up to and beyond the horizon, and be cognizant of everything. Not just that which is obvious or placed in immediate view. They have to be both mindful and respectful of the possibilities and influences that inhabit the ground in-between.

Above all, it’s about seeing an Elected Term as the only opportunity to get things done. Rather than being just a term to secure the result of the next election. And I say this with no intentional hint of irony, given that working hard without fear or emotional tie in to the outcome, is likely to result in the very same thing.

Without repeating a great deal that I have already published, that is about the simplest way to describe what I offer that A New Politics would actually be.

Whilst the reality is that it is exactly what all of our Politicians should now and always have been doing – as it should be for the younger generations yet to come, for some or those with a more kindly interpretation or view of one of the few hard working Politicians that do exist, it may already be their experience and as such not be new at all.

We will have A New Politics when it is effectively the same experience of Politics for everyone.

If you would like to read about my view of A New Politics in more detail and how it would actually begin and then work, I talked about the way to get the ball rolling in Wednesday’s Blog.

I have also written a Book for Kindle that is a guide for people considering entering Politics with the intention of doing the whole thing properly. It’s called How to get Elected and you can read it FREE by clicking HERE, or purchase and download the Book for Kindle HERE.

I also wrote Mutual Aims which is A New Politics outlined as a very basic Political Philosophy in an essay form. Mutual Aims is FREE to read HERE or can be purchased and downloaded as a Book for Kindle HERE.



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Catastrophic indecision lies at the heart of this Government and the Conservative Party. Yet most of those responsible are on the list to replace Mrs May

May 23, 2019 2 comments

MAYTime is now up for Trident Tongued Theresa.

Yet even now, she and her coterie of friends who will be leaving Downing Street beside her, are attempting to steal victory from the large intestine of defeat and suggesting they are about to rewrite this travesty of a Withdrawal Agreement which is and only ever has been about what a Prime Ministerial legacy looks like to Theresa May.

The credibility of our system of Government could and indeed should have been saved weeks if not months ago.

There have been enough opportunities to actually lose count.

Yet it is the same Politicians in the Cabinet and in key Positions within the Government who are too fearful today of the consequences of doing the ‘wrong thing’, who have always enabled this treacherous travesty which is not only about to unseat the Prime Minister, but is about to send the whole of the Conservative Party exactly the same way.

What our supposedly responsible Politicians should have reallised long ago about the current key holder at No.10, is that the dictatorial retreat into the bunker that is underway at the moment is simply an illustration of the character which has underpinned this travesty of a Premiership from the start and all the way along.

May’s propensity for lying robustly was outed well before she even called the 2017 General Election. At the very moment she wouldn’t come clean over the Trident issue, when questioned in an interview by the BBC’s Andrew Marr.

That none of those so closely around her saw or understood the writing that was then on the wall, raises questions about the rot that is present at the heart of both the Conservative Party and the Government.

But it also explains a whole lot more. Because it tells us how this whole sorry episode has been facilitated and allowed to continue. Be under the illusion no longer. May’s pedigree chums who remain in the Cabinet have an outlook that is fundamentally the same.

With the rules and etiquette underpinning business as usual in Politics having disappeared into the ether, just as soon as the Conservative Party endorsed this wretched Premiership in December, there really are no obligations to the Old Politics remaining upon any of our Westminster incumbents if they should finally grow a pair and do whatever it will take to immediately remove Theresa May from No.10.

In fact, it might be received much more positively than they could ever now appreciate. As anything that heralds the end of that Old Politics and the ushering in of the new, is likely to be received very warmly by the Public, who today might only temporarily directing their Votes another way.

Replacing May with another Prime Minister in her image is unacceptable.

If would-be Conservative Leaders should tie themselves to the mast of the Old Politics in the form of One Nation Conservatism or any form of everything that is now wrong with our Political system, simply presented in a different form, the Conservative Party will simply be over. And with it all of the sorry attempts by self-serving MPs to keep a secure hold of ‘their’ Seats, without even the slightest idea of the impact and consequences of what they have been doing.

What we are seeing today in the political crisis that is unfolding which is going to have an unnecessary but nonetheless significant cost.

Today’s Tory Leaders simply have no credibility.

To win again the Party must embrace change in everything. Immediately and above all ruthlessly. Or the post-bunker chapter will be the only legacy that they will share with Theresa May.

If Conservative MPs at any level have any sense they will have her physically out of No.10 by the weekend and then take a leaf out of the Vatican’s book. Put aside all the petty squabbling and self-serving rivalries, lock all of their MPs into the same room. And don’t emerge until they have a reasoned majority for a new Leader who can go straight to Buckingham Palace to be appointed Prime Minister, as the white smoke drifts across Westminster and media’s way.

Many of us question why these apparently talented and otherwise responsible people cannot see just how serious things have now become.

The reality is that they must now within days change completely, embrace new thinking, a new politics and then the real and true instruction of the Brexit Vote via a General Election in the Autumn.

They must begin today by hitting the ejector switch for Mrs May.

How do you change politics for good? – By changing the way Politicians think so they do the best for everyone, just as they always should


24 Hours away from the European Elections that should never have been, the passion and enthusiasm of a wronged Electorate is not only tangible. It can be seen in open view at Meetings across the Country. It is popping up here, there and everywhere on television and radio, through the newspapers and just about all of our social media streams.

Polling at 37% this morning, the Brexit Party looks like it is about to clean up in these Elections. And the Party could be set to do even better than these figures today are suggesting, simply because of the latest disaster of a Speech and intervention from the outgoing lame-duck Prime Minister Mrs May.

The strap-line that accompanied Nigel Farage as a backdrop to his final Campaign Speech last night was ‘Changing Politics for Good’.

But as the reality dawns that the Brexit Party could be on its way to Westminster too, many of us are beginning to ask a real question about everything that underpins this seemingly unstoppable machine.

We are wondering how do you actually go about changing Politics. Because British Politics is clearly broken. But it also appears to be a system or way of doing things that has always been there, and in that sense wasn’t simply made?

As I was reading the brief but nonetheless very pertinent question ‘how do you change politics’ on my twitter feed this morning, I thought about asking some of the Brexiteers who are currently engaged in open warfare with all dissenters, if as a fellow Leaver, they could provide me with some detail to back up their very effective rhetoric. I wondered if it would then be obvious what formula the Brexit Party is going to use that is so different to that we have experienced as being ‘normal’ for far too long already and thereby give us all the type of Politics that good Politicians should.

Sadly, the answer already lies in the circumstances in which the question came to me.

To those who have become so emotionally entrenched with the direction of a political movement – no matter how valid and legitimate their quest may be, questions like this will always be seen as an attack or the suggestion that they are in some way wrong. They do not see it as being the perfect opportunity that it is to clarify and give weight to the Brexit Party’s statement of intent – as the detail behind any thought-out and considered political campaign really should be able to.

Now before you read this as a suggestion that I am going all out to attack the Brexit Party, this really isn’t where I am going. Because in terms of delivering the key issue of these times – that’s delivering a proper, No Deal Brexit – I am supportive of what they are doing. I wish them all well in tomorrow’s Elections and sincerely hope that the message their success will deliver to the current Parties of Government will be received and completely understood.

The problem for me with the Brexit Party as it stands today, is the same as it is with all the other Political Parties that have made themselves available to us as a choice to Vote for tomorrow. One that exists irrespective of political philosophy or despite the side they sit on the argument over Brexit, or even how they feel about the tenure of Mrs May.

I say this, because none of the Political Parties are today offering anything in response to what is both a political and democratic crisis.

None of the Political Parties are offering up a solution or any hint of one that is going to result in fundamental or long lasting change.

The problem to be solved isn’t all about Brexit. In fact Brexit was a symptom. It certainly was not the cause.

The political crisis and the attack of an out of touch political class upon our democracy, has been a long time in the making. It is the perfect storm of factors mixed together that have created the crisis itself. They have now made it so difficult to see a way forward and visualise a pathway that will result in real and meaningful change.

Yet Brexit is the key to creating the change that we are all seeking. Because the EU has been a big but unseen influence on the downward spiral of our democracy.

Removing outside influence is the only way that we can ultimately return the UK to the position of being a true, working democracy. One that is responsive to the needs of everyone, ambitious for the future without creating losers so that we can be seen to win. One that above all is fair and balanced in its approach to everyone, while being robust enough in approach to ensure that as a Country we are always forward looking and as individuals feel confident about who we are. Rather than having our focus always shifted backwards and conditioned to believe that being British is in some way a sin.

So how do we go about doing this?

How do we change politics for good?

How do we create a political environment where there is a genuine belief in something better for everyone or what some would frame as being a ‘win win’?

Well the reality of this change is very simple. But it is much more difficult than addressing the problem as if it sits outside of any of us.

Regrettably this is the default setting for those within the existing political class who are suggesting they have found a so-called Holy Grail to solving the whole problem. So-called solutions that to you and I in gobbledygook or unwritten code, are usually a way of presenting as change a different way of doing things which for them alone will improve their chances – if not actually guarantee that they always win.

Whether its an argument against First Past The Post Voting (FPTP), the ‘Two Party System’, Political Parties, The House of Lords, our Electoral System, the Fixed Term Parliaments Act or ‘None of the above’. Considering the merits or disadvantages of any or indeed all of these methods or issues in isolation will not result in a solution to the question of ‘How do you change Politics’.

These are all systems or methods of working that lie outside of the real problem. Changing any of them or all will just ensure that there is more of all the things we hate and find frustrating about what we have and are experiencing in Politics now, perhaps presented differently, but as sure as night follows day, they will definitely come.

The only way that Politics can be changed successfully for good, is to change the way that we all think about politics. That means changing the way that politicians think, right from the moment they first consider becoming involved.

Regrettably getting anyone to think differently is a process which can be long or it can be short.

It depends on the individual as well as the changes to the political and government environment which must also happen to get this done.

Reconditioning of the way politics is perceived will be a developing and repeated process over an open ended period of time. That is if fundamental change of the type that People really want – which they can only currently relate to in the form of sound bites – is ever to be achieved.

The first step in the process to changing Politics for good is to understand that Politics is a vocation and not simply a job.

Parliament is already filled up with too many MPs who believe that it is the latter. That means the focus is always on the benefits of any situation to the Politician his or herself, rather than to the Electorate or anyone else involved.

We must then reset, rejuvenate and restart the Party Political System, so that Party Politics is returned to being the means to get things done in Politics, not simply the end for anyone involved.

We only need look at what this ridiculous system now provides us with in the form of the tenure of Theresa May to know and understand that she and the politicians who are stuck like limpets around her are or were only in it for the job rather than the responsibility.

Political Parties are not a machine in which good leaders of Countries can be produced or are made.

No politician should gain a seat in Westminster if their reason for being there is their own career, for glory, monetary gain, publicity or just because since a child they had an aspiration to be the key holder at No.10.

Good Politicians are not purely idealists. They have practical understanding and experience of life, ideally from a variety of angles. They have knowledge that gives them an understanding of people and what it takes to see, interpret and translate life and the impact of government policy from a variety of standpoints in just one argument. Not simply the one that most closely fits their own.

Above all, it’s about realism; not only doing what’s going to be popular or what they believe is likely to secure the most votes.

The responsibility of being a politician, MP or leading a Government of any kind is about the best decision based on the facts of the moment being taken at that moment in time.

Political strategy is only a route plan. It is not a guarantee that events will ever turn out as anticipated or the way that they should, because there will always be unforeseen factors involved.

When we can genuinely fill the seats of our Councils and our Parliament with a majority of Politicians who see their role as a responsibility, a privilege and an unquestionable obligation to the wider community, it will no longer matter about political philosophy.

Politics will no longer be facilitated for the benefit and furtherance of a Political Party or a Politicians own cause.

That is the point when politics will have changed for good.




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Mays ‘bold new Brexit deal’ is nothing more than a different shade of lipstick smeared across the mouth of the same dead pig

MAYBullshit baffles brains. That is unless you’ve used the same old trick too many times before for people to be caught out by the new spin on an old story that you are telling.

In Theresa May’s latest attempt at a presidential speech over Brexit this afternoon, our lame duck Prime Minister has yet again attempted to fool everyone into thinking she has come up with something new, this time doing little more than the padding out of her approach with detail that is as meaningless in terms of direction as it is used to once again try to cover up the trap door to Remaining in the EU which has always been May’s Brexit strategy flaw.

That the Cabinet has yet again enabled the continuation of this tragedy today sounds a deafening death-knell which isn’t just heralding the end of Theresa May’s No.10 tenancy, it tells us that what is left in terms of opportunity for the Conservative Party to turn itself around is just about to crash to the floor.

If the Parliamentary Conservatives have even the slightest idea of the travesty they are jointly now being held responsible for, they will end this disastrous premiership right now. Before this PM can do herself, their Party and above all our whole Country any more damage.

You owe us all this as a minimum for the part you have already played. But in reality very much more.

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