How do we identify and select ‘Awakened Politicians’?

The only way that we can be sure that any Politician will act and behave Consciously and with the integrity that we should all be able to expect of them at the highest levels of government and Public Representation, is to require that they prove themselves at the level which is nearest and most transparent to the locality or the community first.

It stands to reason that Politicians who lead any system, should have a Conscious understanding of the way that the entire system works first. And that for us to rely on them thinking, acting and behaving Consciously in leadership of other Public Representatives, they should have demonstrated their ability beyond question as a Public Representative at all levels leading to that role first.

It is always better to have been offered than to have asked.

How do we maintain Conscious Government once we have it?

If we identify, select and continue to identify and select people who will be Awakened Politicians, and do so with an Electoral System that prioritises grassroots-up, the system and decision-making process will itself become self-governing.

It cannot therefore be emphasised strongly enough just how vital it now is that we all take the steps necessary to engage in The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government as individuals and as communities at the grassroots level, to ensure that every Public Representative is the right choice.

With Awakened Politics, the way we Vote doesn’t matter, as long as it allows genuine choice

Within the unconscious way that our Politicians, Political Parties and the Political System works now, the recognition that there is something wrong on goes so far as to encourage the misplaced belief that the problem lies within the way that The Electorate Votes.

The point that those Politicians and people with an interest and influence on Politics today are missing, is that it isn’t the way that people are asked to vote that matters, if the people who are then elected as Politicians and Public Representatives don’t think, act and behave in a fully Awakened way.

The ongoing debate over ‘First Past The Post’ and ‘Proportional Representation’ or any voting system like it is little more than a straw man argument or the promotion of an alternative system that is a white elephant.

Poor Government, Poor Governance and Poor Public Services are directly related to Poor Politics and the Poor Politicians that exist and masquerade as Public Representatives within it. Nothing else.

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You aren’t going mad. Nothing makes sense to the silent majority either. We are all being gaslighted by those with their hands in the till

As individuals looking out on the world as it is today, it is all too easy to believe that it is only us – and the few people around us we talk to – who see everything that is wrong in the world around us. It is easy to think we are alone when it comes to questioning the narratives and stories of injustice that we continually hear.

What we all need to realise and understand, is this is a very long way from being the case.

It is the way that the world currently works around us that has led to our view of the world and the perceptions that we have of it leading us to see things this way.

We are surrounded by a constant flow of information, coming at us from each and every direction in this information technology age.

Like an abusive partner, It tells us and then repeatedly confirms to us – that the narratives which override our own common sense and what our instincts tell us are what we should believe.

This is how propaganda, false narratives, half truths and outright lies are able to thrive, continue to exist and become the accepted truth.

But Bullshit really does have its own sound.

The sources and perpetrators of the lies that have made life so unbearable for so many, in so many different ways – whilst all the time suggesting that we are alone and the only ones who think that way or even worse  – are in the process of being uncovered and shown to us all for what they really are.

Keep watching, and you will soon see.

This Blog was originally published as a part of the book ‘Levelling Level’, which was published in April 2022 and as a series of web pages and blogs soon afterwards. It has been edited and updated by The Author.

The solution to every problem begins with the selection and election of Politicians who are fully Awake and committed to Balance, Fairness and Justice for all

Anyone would be forgiven for having little interest or confidence in the Politicians that we have running the Country today.

However, there is a vicious circle at work.

We have poor Politicians making poor decisions that affect us all poorly, because we are collectively making poor decisions when we Vote to elect our Politicians.

Sometimes we are not even bothering to Vote at all.

It has been said that we get the Politicians that we deserve. And in this sense, it is arguably very true.

We don’t all need to live our lives consciously the whole time and there is no obligation for us to do so. If our way of living and the decisions that we are making don’t put others or anything else in harm’s way.

However, what we should all be taking very seriously and what we should all see as the role in Politics that each and every one of us are obliged to play, is in selecting people as Public Representatives or Politicians.

Our own meaningful engagement in the selection and election of our Politicians is the only way that they can be trusted and relied upon to engage in Awakened Politics and in a fully Conscious and Enlightened way, as Public Representatives, on behalf of us all.

Just like securing the best of everything that we can do for our families and the people we love to keep them happy, secure and safe, selecting the right Politicians to make the right decisions on behalf of us all is very much a process of engaging in and seeing through our responsibility to ourselves and to others in the same way.

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The Second or Alternative Pathway to The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government will come as the result or sudden impact of events we cannot control

We are fools to take for granted the apparent peace, security and seemingly good lives that we believe we have today.

Very few of us believe that our experiences of daily life will really change. Even though the majority of us lived through the Lockdowns of the Covid Pandemic (so far) and have recent memories of just how contrary our thinking vs reality can actually be.

We still don’t believe it possible that things could change completely from the way that they already are.

Through the books ‘Levelling Level’, ‘The People First Economy & The Basic Living Standard’ and ‘From Here to There Through Now’, which have all been published before ‘The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government’ during 2022, we have already talked about the position that the UK and the wider World is in today.

We have covered events and the process of events that are likely to unfold in the coming months and years. Events that are already unfolding in many ways that the reader may not currently be fully Aware of.

The upshot of this series of books is that things will change, whether we are Conscious of them or not.

For the majority of us who are not insulated from everything that happens in the world (in the way that very few could possibly still be), this change will require us not only to look deeply at ourselves, but to then change our way of thinking, our way of being and our way of living to then live and interact with each other and the world outside of us in very different ways to what our experience has been up until now.

The impact of national and world events may be very sudden. Perhaps a war, natural disaster or like event.

Or they may be cumulative. Perhaps the ongoing collapse of The Financial Markets, Currencies and The Money Based System itself. All as greed and ineptitude of those with power and influence steps further and further away from humanity, sense and control.

Ironically, the ‘Sudden Impact’ route and the ‘Voluntary Route’ not only have the outcome of The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government in common.

They also have a point of ‘critical mass’ or point of change, where the scales of balance literally tip from the existence of ‘The System’ to the next system in common too.

This critical mass will be much easier to define via the ‘Sudden Impact’ route. As the collapse of The System – in whichever way it might come, will ultimately affect the majority of us at the same time, and force our hand when it comes to changing our thinking and then embracing the changes that will equip and help us in what some call the ‘New Earth’ to come.

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Focusing on the differences between us is what creates division itself

There’s a narrative at work in the UK today that has slowly but surely been tearing British culture apart. It has been giving just about every one of us an identity crisis, as we try to fathom out the question of whether or not we should feel guilty for simply being the people that we really are and should be proud to be. There is a self-serving and self-propagating process at work. It is as rotten as it is dishonest right to its very core.

However, there is a rather large elephant that sits in this room with the sign on the door marked ‘Social Justice, Diversity, Wokeness, Political Correctness et al.

It’s the reality that whenever any of us focus on any one of the many difference between any one of us, we are highlighting or amplifying that difference. And that by doing so, in highlighting that difference – in whatever the form it might be, we create new divisions or extend existing divisions between us or between other members of society as we do.

We are all different to each other. Whether those differences are physical or just in the way that we think.

The damage that woke thinking and political correctness is doing only fails to be evident, because the success of this subversive culture is less than surface deep and championed only by laziness and sleepwalking groupthink.

This Blog was originally published as a part of the book ‘Levelling Level’, which was published in April 2022 and as a series of web pages and blogs soon afterwards. It has been edited and updated by The Author.

The First Pathway to The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government is voluntary and based on our collective Free Will

The good news for you if you are reading this, is that you are already on your way to Conscious Politics and Conscious Government – hopefully via a journey of exploration, rather than because events in the world have already created the emergency that will force the majority of us to look at life in a very different way.

The Voluntary Pathway is about discovering who we really are, how the world outside of us really works, what our relationship with the world outside of us really is and how the world influences all of us.

When we begin to understand all of this and the role that we personally must play to bring about change, we can also begin to understand how and why other people behave the way they do – even when they remain unconscious of the real reasons.

By waking up to ourselves – much in the same way as it has been said that you cannot love others if you do not love yourself first – we can then really begin to understand just how difficult and challenging the role of being a Public Representative should genuinely be.

In turn, we can then appreciate just how well equipped, experienced and motivated all of our Politicians need to be.

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How The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government will happen

We could change to a system of Conscious Politics and Conscious Government right now, IF everyone of us were to change how we think about life and our relationship with everything and everyone outside of ourselves, in what we see as the world.

As you’ve probably already realised by reading this far, that’s very unlikely, given the way that the world works today.

In a reality where even now, as ‘The System’ we know is in the process of collapsing, so many people are not awake to the reality of what is going on around them because it hasn’t directly affected them yet, there are only two pathways that could put us on The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government.

The First Pathway

The first or preferred pathway, is the voluntary or step-by-step route. This revolves around each and every one of us rejecting the legitimacy and benefit of ‘The System’. Then asking all of the right questions and doing all the right things that we either can or feel able to, to provide others with the opportunity to walk through this door voluntarily through a process of free will, and somewhat sooner than they might otherwise do so.

The Second Pathway

The second or unavoidable pathway, is the sudden impact route. It’s the process of being jump started from our slumber by an external event or changes to our circumstances that have the immediate impact of making us aware in a meaningful way. Basically, a shock that hits and tells us that the way everything has been working and the role that we have ourselves been playing within it, simply isn’t right.

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WARNING: We ALL have a vital role to play in our systems of governance

If we have not engaged with and contributed meaningfully to the process of selecting the People who become our Public Representatives and Politicians, we have no genuine right of regress when the decisions that these same people have taken, or the responsibilities they have to us are neglected, and everything goes wrong.

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Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking is the process we undertake to decern between what information is genuinely helpful to us to know, and what is not.

We take for granted that the sources of news and information that we follow are providing us with facts, when in many cases – particularly in respect of what we believe to be legitimate or ‘mainstream’ sources, the information they provide is anything but.

When you are able to ask the ‘Who’, ‘How’, ‘What’, ‘When’ and ‘Why’ type questions of yourself, and see the benefits to yourself of why it is always good for us to do so, you can then apply this way of thinking to the process of filtering all the information that comes to you in a much more reliable way.

For example, try watching, listening to or reading the same news story from a number of sources and pay attention to what comes into your view. ‘What’ are they telling you; is it fact, opinion, subjective or objective? ‘Why’ are they telling you this; ‘Who’ will benefit from you accepting what they say without question? ‘Who’ and ‘What’ is hidden from view? ‘How does someone gain or how have they been incentivised by any of this’? ‘Who’ will be disadvantaged by this; ‘How’ and in ‘What’ way?

As you begin the process of repeatedly knocking on this same door, it is just as important to view the secondary and tertiary and however many sources of news and information that you visit in the same way, and that you do not simply trust a source like the government or an apparently reputable brand just because of who they are. It is regrettably the case that they expect the majority of us to be asleep and will often exploit that fact – which makes what they are doing even worse.

When we approach the selection and appointment of Public Representatives with self-awareness and think critically about the information that greets us within that process, it will be much easier to discern between false prophets and pretenders and those who once elected, will deliver decisions on our behalf for Public Policy which is Fair, Balanced, Just and always done right.

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It’s only through Levelling Level that real balance, fairness and justice across society will be established

The so-called success of today’s politicians revolves around the use of soundbites, propaganda and manipulating people who trust them with partial or very selective truths.

It’s been a much bigger problem since the time of the New Labour Government of 1997-2010.

Under the Blairite regime, there was an identifiable shift from politics being about the end result (when at least some of our politicians had the wherewithal to get things done themselves), to becoming all about the message and the delivery of the message itself.

So bewildered were the Conservative Party by the (New) Labour landslide victory of 1997, the Tories decided the only way to beat the left was to play them at their own game.

As power has shifted back from the Blairite years (1997-2010) where the left-wing wolf dressed itself in right wing clothing, to the Conservative Party of the right that at the end of 2022 is even more left than the left, a new low in the meaninglessness of what our political classes do [to us] to retain their power in this Country has finally been reached.

One of the Johnsonian soundbites still in daily use by the Conservative Government is ‘Levelling Up’.

Regrettably the ‘Levelling Up’ agenda is being and has been pursued as a cynical way for the Tories to survive.

The element of truth that makes the term ‘Levelling Up’ feel valuable to anyone with ears to listen, is that our politicians do at least appear to know that there is a problem.

Meanwhile, for a quarter of a century and much more, Labour and the left have pursued an agenda and way of thinking that when manifested through change and implementation of public policy, achieve nothing but levelling down.

Levelling Up or levelling down; it doesn’t matter. Unless there is balance, fairness and justice in the form of a level playing field for every person at the point where we all step off, there will always be too many of us who lose out, whilst the same old few will end up winning.

Regrettably, the truth that sits beyond this knowledge, is none of the MPs sitting on the green benches in our Westminster Parliament know or understand the breadth and depth of the problems that the UK, Our Communities and Our People Face. They certainly have no will or desire to understand how they came into being, and what must really be done to sort them all out.

Self-preservation through avoidance is the real reason our politicians obsess over the messages you hear, rather than what they really do. That’s why they are playing around with the agenda they have called ‘Levelling Up’ that suggests the problems We face can easily be fixed.

This Blog was originally published as a part of the book ‘Levelling Level’, which was published in April 2022 and as a series of web pages and blogs soon afterwards. It has been edited and updated by The Author.

See, hear and think about the messages of Levelling Level first, before falling into the trap of focusing on what might look like any hole

If you find yourself focusing on sentence structure, spellings, grammar, absence of some detail or conclusions or solutions that in isolation don’t seem to work. Or you are getting upset because Levelling Level proposes a way of thinking which opposes any comfortable and accepted thoughts of your own, you may be falling into the trap of missing the point.

This book is not intended to be perfect. It is not here to offer up a polished political manifesto or golden age philosophy that tells everyone what they now need to do. It contains messages to help and guide as changes in the world around us force us all to have a very big rethink.

Please do proceed through Levelling Level with the Principle of Charity in mind as you do so.

Levelling Level is intended to be nothing more than a lighthouse, switched on now in attempt to try and stop the ships that represent our different journeys hitting some very perilous rocks.

Levelling Level gives enough of the detail to identify the real problem and warn everyone of what we need to be aware of in the dark that lies ahead and within the storm around us.

Together, collectively, as a community and as the grassroots up, we must now create the daylight that removes the darkness around us and brings awareness to the detail of the new world, new normal and the future that lies ahead and begins immediately in front of us all.

Each and every one of us are the captains of our own ship; a ship that must be navigated.

Yet even within a framework or directional choice like that which Levelling Level proposes in the pages to come, the way we respond and navigate around the experiences that life provides always gives us two choices.

In the spirit it is intended, I would ask that you read Levelling Level, come to your own conclusions and then reflect on what on what has happened, what is happening, and what will really work best for us all as we journey through very turbulent times into the world that lies ahead.

This blog was originally published in April 2022 as part of the book ‘Levelling Level’ and as part of a page on the accompanying website too. This is an updated version which has been edited by The Author. This and other books in the Series are available at Amazon and across different blogs too.

Levelling Level will be the outcome of solving the cause of many problems together. Not by looking at the effects of each problem one at a time

As someone who reads a lot of very different material, I understand how appealing it can be to have a quick look through the index of a book or webpage and then cherry pick the bits that I think I might like to read. Especially when there is a specific topic or answer that I’m trying to find. I would ask you to resist doing so if you can.

Levelling Level, or what Levelling Level will really mean will only be achieved as a whole outcome by those with the leadership skills and power to influence change for the better.

The power within that influence can only come from fully understanding the real problem, or rather, by gaining complete fluency of the real causes of the problems that we face, and the relationship with other problems, that each of the problems we face really has.

The problems that we face today have been created by taking a bit by bit, step by step or piecemeal approach. We can only deal with the problems that this has created by dealing with every problem that has been created as a whole, in a joined-up and wholly comprehensive way.

Levelling level is an outcome that will only be achieved by considering the types of solutions and options that will be open to us under good leadership, and then drawing conclusions of our own, before we then seek to work together as a community with everyone who feels the same way as us.

The subject matter of Levelling Level is massively complex. So complex in fact, that the technical intricacies that have developed which allow such a broken system to exist and function are, or will seem to many, too elaborate or even illogical to believe.

The best way to get the value from this book and the proposed outline of Levelling Level as it is intended, is to read it right the way through, and look at the trees before drawing any conclusions about the whole wood.

This blog was originally published in April 2022 as part of the book ‘Levelling Level’ and as part of a page on the accompanying website too. This is an updated version which has been edited by The Author. This and other books in the Series are available at Amazon and across different blogs too.

The Aim of Levelling Level

Levelling Level discusses the need for change so that life actually works for the poorest and most disadvantaged, as well as everyone else across society. It continues on to suggest how we will achieve that change by making the very best of events and circumstances that are out of our control, making change that we can either control ourselves, or be subjected to by others, inevitable, either way.

It is the ability of the poorest, the most disadvantaged and those on the lowest incomes to be self-sufficient, without external intervention or without their situation having a negative impact upon wider society, that reflects just how healthy we are as communities, as a nation and how together we operate and work.

To achieve the aim of real equality in the most practical rather than idealistic sense, there are many problems that our society faces. Problems that must be fixed.

We cannot fix any problem unless we understand the effects of the problem, but also how the problem was caused.

We cannot fix any problem unless we have people in charge and leading us all at the top of Government who know what to do to fix that and every problem. But they must also be prepared to do everything to fix those problems too.

Creating a balanced, fair and just society, where everyone has access to what they genuinely need, but not necessarily all that they might actually want, cannot and will not be achieved by a process of ‘Levelling Up’ or by ‘levelling down’*.

Levelling down or Levelling Up are the only solutions that politicians we currently have on all sides of the political divides can offer as solutions to the problems that increasing numbers of us have quietly been facing for decades. Challenges that many more of us are beginning to experience now.

This blog was originally published in April 2022 as part of the book ‘Levelling Level’ and as part of a page on the accompanying website too. This is an updated version which has been edited by The Author. This and other books in the Series are available at Amazon and across different blogs too.

Self-Awareness & Critical Thinking

Once we have learned to be or have become ‘self-aware’, in the sense of learning to ask the ‘How’, ‘Why’, ‘Who’, ‘What’ type questions of ourselves and the experiences that we have had and that have made us who we really are, we become much better equipped or enabled to look on the world outside of us in a much healthier and productive way.

Being self-aware is much more than just being ‘present in the moment’, being ‘mindful’ or practicing ‘mindfulness’*.

Self-awareness is about understanding who we really are, why we are that way, how we function and operate, and what we need to do or to improve to be the best person that we can possibly be.

The reality is that as Voters, we don’t need to practice self-awareness for The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government to exist, work and be maintained. But we do have a responsibility to ourselves and to anyone that we care about to ensure that anyone and everyone who has influence over our lives is thinking, acting and behaving in the way that they should be.

For a Fair, Balanced and Just System to exist, we must all contribute to the process that ensures that the decisions that affect us all and therefore the people them on our behalf, are making from a place where they are fully self-aware and have the integrity, diligence and commitment that follows and goes with it to be able to make Public Policy decisions that are in touch with and considerate of all of our very different lives.

To be able to engage in this process in a fully Awakened way, we must be able to observe, accumulate information and think critically too, as this is the way that we filter the information that comes to us, and how we ensure that the gaps in our knowledge are filled, if for any reason we do not then fully understand.

* Like most things of the self-help genre that are usually far more complex and require practical experience that goes way beyond intellectual understanding today, mindfulness has been packaged and repackaged many times over, so that personal growth can be sold as being easy. In reality, it is anything but.

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Self-Awareness leads to Awareness of others

Most of us at some point in life will fall into the trap of believing that everyone else thinks like us. That in the same circumstances, they would choose to do and then do exactly the same things that we would do too.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

We are the sum of our experiences. And if we have not understood and learned from all the things that we have experienced, we are very likely to repeat any mistakes or poor decisions that we have made over and perhaps over again.

Self-awareness is achieved by taking the time and making the effort to ask why things happen, how they happen, what role we played in making them happen and asking all the questions about events which feel meaningful or create an emotional response for us.

The process of becoming self-aware is the way in which we equip ourselves to reach a place of understanding of life around us that steps beyond the simple process of attributing blame.

It sounds like a lot of work. But like most skills we learn and assimilate as we grow, once we have mastered the basic process, it is a skill that can very quickly become akin to muscle memory and help us in the very smallest, yet the most significant of ways.

For us to live, experience life and to survive, the reality is that we don’t need to be fully conscious or self-aware in terms of our metal being.

Indeed, many people have lived entire lifetimes and good lives too, without thinking deeply about anything they experience and without feeling any need to do so.

There’s nothing wrong with living a life with limited self-awareness, if the individual concerned isn’t making decisions or isn’t taking responsibility for the lives, experience and wellbeing of others. Especially when those others are going through experiences in life that those who have accepted responsibility for them do not properly understand.

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Levelling Level is much more important than Levelling Up, levelling down, or anything else our out of touch Politicians tell us they are doing or will do

We are experiencing and navigating our way through very challenging times.

But the problems we are facing as a Country, as Communities and as the People that we are, are not new. They have been getting progressively worse over a long period of time. They have been hiding menacingly in plain sight.

There has been no self-serving incentive for those who have the responsibility and power over our lives to take any meaningful steps towards finding genuine solutions to the problems that society faces. They are not equipped, skilled or motivated as they should be to do everything that is necessary to sort all of those problems out.

Whilst change is happening around us all the time, it often does so without us being consciously aware.

Sadly, we are unlikely to accept and embrace the kind of change that is now required voluntarily. The change required is so profound that it is only a unique set of circumstances that touch everyone and causes pain to each and every one of us in some way, that will provide the incentive for us to think differently in the ways that we can and already should.

Only then will we be open to a change in thinking that will create a much healthier way of living for us individually, as communities and collectively as a Country, making fairness, balance and justice a part of everyone’s life.

Such a unique set of circumstances or the direct consequences of certain events now exist and are underway. The changes to our experiences of life and our circumstance are reaching us all in different ways and at different times. They are touching us differently and this means we may not all realise and understand what is happening at precisely the same time.

A series of events, that began with Brexit, then The Covid Pandemic and then the Invasion of Ukraine, have become the catalysts that have precipitated and accelerated problems with everything that we know around us. We may not have been aware of them before, but the ignorance and stupidity of the governing classes has made it inevitable that the massive problems they have caused are on their way.

Today, the change is detectable in the form of the early steps of a Financial collapse and the collapse of Globalisation and the global supply chain. Whilst they are trying very hard to maintain control and convince us all of their power to do so, none of the current political elites have the power to control the collapse.

Ironically, it is the decisions that these same ‘leaders’ have made in response to these events that are the real cause of all the problems that People face today. This same malign influence has been at work, not just for the past six or seven years. This travesty has bee happening for decades in time.

Voices that represent these same few who are responsible for everything that is wrong, have been using the term ‘Reset’ or ‘Great Reset’ as a forewarning of how they intend to maintain the imbalance that gives them their power and wealth.

We will ignore these warnings at our peril.

Their misuse of these terms is a forewarning that the existing elites intend to use the collapse as an opportunity to reboot the existing system that has benefitted them so well, so that it will work even better for them. All of this will be under the auspices of what ‘is in our best interests’. But what it will mean, will be much tighter control.

However, what the elites haven’t banked on, is that things are set to change in such a way, and to such a degree, that all of the reasons and motives that drive these people – at considerable cost to us all – are going to be exposed to daylight. As some of them and what they have been doing already are…

The actions and motives of the elites will then be seen and understood by all.

The unsustainable ways that we have been living under their manipulative leadership will then come to an end.

We will be forced to revalue life and what the important parts of it are.

Times ahead are likely to be painful for us. But the pain of experience is how we really learn.

As we learn and realise what the basic essentials for life – in both a practical and mentally healthy way – really are, we will also understand what any of us would need if we found ourselves in circumstances where we were having to ‘just get by’.

This blog was originally published in April 2022 as part of the Book ‘Levelling Level’ and as a blog too. It has been edited and updated here by The Author.

The personal benefits of Awakened, Conscious & Enlightened Thinking

Few of us understand that seeking a never-ending production line of temporary hits from the pleasures that the world will give us in the form of ‘things’ and as experiences, comes at significant personal cost.

In exchange for fleeting, temporary and transitory pleasures, we are surrendering our thinking, our humanity and ourselves.

Moments of pleasure will never replace a constant state of happiness and the peace that we can and will attain, if and when we put humanity and life first.

When we have attained a relationship with everything and everyone outside of ourselves, based on what’s Fair, what’s Just, what’s Balanced and what’s basically good for everyone in the situation, because it’s how we would all like to be treated in that situation – whichever of the roles we might play, we will all have very good lives and live life in a very good way.

It may appear to be materially poor in some ways in comparison to what we take for granted and consider to come without cost right now. But it will be a life and way of being that is both mentally and spiritually enriched. It can and will provide a level of wellbeing that no form of material wealth will ever afford.

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Awakened Politics and Good Government will only come from us – not someone else doing it for us

We ALL have a role to play in The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government

For Awakened Politics not only to work, but to keep working and for it to lead to Good Government too, it is essential that we all play a very conscious part in selecting and appointing the Public Representatives or Politicians who will make decisions on our collective behalf.

It doesn’t matter how any of us may be different or may even be perceived as being different to others.

For Awakened Politics to work and function fully and effectively, we must see everyone as being fundamentally the same and being equal where the role of Government, of Governance and of the Public Sector itself is concerned.

Whilst the people we select, appoint or elect to be Politicians may be relatively small, it is essential that we create and maintain a structure of Government and an Electoral Process that feeds into it that ensures that Public Representatives are not only in touch with real life, but that the real-life experiences of all that need to feed into Public Policy are heard and valued as they should be.

To be able to view the people we elect differently and in a fully conscious way, we must begin by being fully conscious of ourselves and think differently about the relationship we have with our communities too.

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Introduction to The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government

The purpose of The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government

It is reasonably safe to assume that if you have found your way to reading even this page, you are both aware that we are facing massive societal and economic problems, locally, nationally and internationally too.

The chances are however, that you will already have an idea or ideas of your own that anchor to what you have concluded yourself or that you agree with others to be the cause.

Common causes for problems like the Cost-of-Living Crisis, Inflation, National and Personal Debt, Energy Prices, Strikes and others too are identified as events such as Brexit, The Covid Pandemic, The War in Ukraine, or placed directly at the feet of The Government, a previous government, any one of The Political Parties or one or more of the Politicians involved.

However, it is not the events that the Country and the World has faced which are the cause of our problems themselves.

It is not the Political Party, the Group or Individual itself that can be identified as the cause.

Yes, the way that our Governments, Politicians and anyone with influence or responsibility for the response and measures taken to mitigate against or implement solutions to, or even see them through to conclusion are certainly a more informed way to think about these events, rather than it being all about the events themselves.

But even the response or way that those with power have responded isn’t the real cause of our problems.

Our problems are caused by the way that we, and more importantly the way that our Politicians and anyone with influence or responsibility that can affect our lives in some way thinks, acts and behave.

It is thoughts, actions and behaviour that cause everything. This is what really matters when it comes to the effects of every decision taken that affects Public Policy of any kind, and then finds its way to us.

The crisis that we face and the problems ahead were not deliberate. But they weren’t created by accident either

The UK and the world are sleepwalking towards disaster. Chaos that could have been avoided if the people who lead us – Our Politicians, had taken a very different approach to the way that they think, act and behave when it comes to the decisions they make.

Contrary to accepted thought or to any common or accepted narrative, the people who we currently elect to be Politicians are rarely the best fit to fulfil the role of being a public representative.

Poor Public Representatives make decisions subjectively, in an isolated or myopic way, and do so without due care and attention to the broad range of factors and considerations that the Public should be able to expect and already assume will inform the process of how objectively based Public Policy – which should be all of it – is made.

It is because we have been electing people who are not suitable to be Politicians for so long, that the negative impact from having poor decisions made repeatedly to solve that problems that previous poor decisions made by other unsuitable Politicians have created, that the effect on everything has been cumulative, getting steadily but unconsciously worse.

Bit by bit, ‘The System’ that we have has become increasingly skewed away from and in many ways proactively geared against balance, fairness and what we might call being just in about every conceivable sense possible, when it comes to the different life experiences that we all have.

What is ‘The System’?

For the purposes of making sense of Awakened Politics, ‘The System’ is the structure or framework that makes everything work (or not work) in the way that you and I experience life from the moment we look outside, leave or interact with businesses, organisations, and basically everything beyond personal relationships that lie outside of ourselves and outside of our homes.

For many, indeed for most, ‘The System’ only touches life or the experience of life in a number of very specific ways.

The ways that ‘The System’ touches our lives specifically can be defined by location, lifestyle, career, demographic, education and just about everything that can be used to define or identify a difference of some kind between each of us and anyone else.

‘The System’, for us, is most usually a lot of very different things that we have going on continually within our awareness – whether we are physically asleep or awake, added to an even greater list of things going on outside of our awareness that we may not even become or need to become aware of if we were to live a full life and exceed an age beyond 100 years old.

Whether we are aware of ‘The System’ or even parts of it or not, any system or what might be called an ecosystem has its own set of rules that make it work and keep it working.

The rules of ‘The System’ are defined, created, reviewed and maintained by a process that we understand as ‘Democracy’.

We elect Public Representatives or ‘Politicians’ to think about, research, consider and make all the decisions about ‘The System’ – which will ultimately affect us all, even when we are unaware that any or all of these decisions are affecting or touching our lives in some way.

The role of Politics in ‘The System’

To reach agreement, compromise and then conclusion on the rules of ‘The System’, a process of review, discussion, debate and regrettably even argument has historically taken place, based on alternative ideas, or sadly ‘whose idea is best’.

It is rarely, if not ever conducted on the basis of discussion to find agreement on what outcome will be best for everyone concerned.

This process of debate and everything that surrounds it is what we know as politics.

The people we elect as Politicians have responsibility for the rules that govern the thinking, the actions and the behaviour in everything beyond ourselves and our personal lives.

However, if the power entrusted to Politicians is misused or abused, rules can easily become law that mean the thinking, actions and behaviour of others can become unnecessarily, avoidably and unjustly detrimental towards us all. Whether it be us as individuals, as communities or even as a seemingly silent majority.

When we have entrusted Public Representatives to make decisions that are in the best interests of everyone, we are less likely to question the validity of those decisions because it immediately brings into question whether the decisions made by the majority in selecting them are actually sound. We will not therefore easily accept that ‘The System’ and that The Electorate could be the victim of abuse.

Why do we need Politics?

Let’s start with a question: How do you know what you need at any moment or for any reason or any purpose?

When you’ve thought about it, your answer is likely to be ‘from experience’ or rather, what you have learned from experience so far.

So, what do we do when we don’t have the experience to provide that answer?

The chances are your answer will be to look for and to find the solution – probably by tapping a question into a search engine like Bing or Google, or rather to learn it in some other way.

But what happens when decisions need to be made concerning the services like schools and the NHS, or the infrastructure like parks and roads that are common to us all, that we share, but are not under our direct influence or control?

Whether they are ‘services’ in the strictest sense, or infrastructure that is managed by a service of some kind, all these things that exist for the common good – because we will all typically need them of need access to them at some point or for some reason in life – must be managed with decisions made for us all, on our behalf, for that same common good.

Politics, in its strictest sense, is the debate or discussion that surrounds the management of these ‘public services’ and the system or procedure of decision making that creates, reviews and oversees the implementation of the management strategy for all of these things.

It’s what happens beyond this basic need for the exchange of ideas and discourse – where decisions should always be made in a fair balanced and just way – where the problems really start to begin.

Why do we need Government?

For the purposes of understanding Awakened Politics, it is important to recognise that the terms ‘Government’, ‘Public Sector’ and ‘Public Services’ are both interchangeable terms.

They stand alone as terms to different people, depending on the perspective or experience of the individual. In some ways they are arguably the same thing and in others they are very different. They are not in any way mutually exclusive.

In relation to Awakened Politics, Government itself is the decision-making body or if you like, the board of directors. It is the top of the management structure that makes the strategic decisions that the executive managers, administrative and technical staff (that make up the Public Sector and provide Public Services) then carry out.

We need and should be able to rely on government to ensure that decisions on our behalf are taken when they should be, and that their implementation into delivery and material form are then completed or continued in the way that they should be.

Who is The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government for?

Awakened Politics has been written with the UK Political, Government and Electoral Systems primarily in mind.

Whilst The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government is the fourth book in a series following ‘Levelling Level’, ‘The Basic Living Standard’ and ‘From Here to There Through Now’ that were also written and published in 2022, it could just as easily be the unexpected or unanticipated prequal, building on the way of thinking or methodology that was presented in the 2018 book ‘How to Get Elected’ too.

The fundamental basis of the idea or proposal made here is built upon an alternative ‘grassroots up’ system to the outwardly 4-Tier system of Government that we currently have in the UK.

However, the model of constructing Government or rather the way of selecting and appointing Politicians or Public Representatives suggested later could be applied to and implemented within different existing political spaces, if it were collectively decided to pursue The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government within the constituency or constituencies involved.

If you are reading this book, the chances are that you will either a) wish to see a system embracing Awakened Politics fully embraced where you are located, or b) Will be resistant to any process that will deliver it and a system of government or governance that will reflect it.

The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government has been written for people who are awakened to the need for all decisions on Public Policy to be made by others who are fully conscious or awakened to the realities of how life works.

Awakened Politics can only genuinely exist if we have Public Representatives who not only can but will translate and legislate in a way which makes sense of that understanding – and most importantly the realities of human nature – to ensure that we have governance that works responsively and proactively in a balanced, fair and just way for all.

Awakened Politics is for everyone and everything.

This Blog is part of the e-book ‘The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government’. Please do download a copy for your Kindle from Amazon, or alternatively, read the whole book FREE online once it is available at

Is it possible to have a ‘Good Dictator’?

The idea of a good, benevolent dictator can be as intoxicating as the most compelling political messaging, soundbites and propaganda. Particularly when the process of looking closely at the problems with our broken Political System will quickly demonstrate that meaningful decisions rarely happen by design, because individual politicians and Political Parties are always putting their election hopes and other forms of self-interest first.

However, like most things in Politics, Government and life generally, the realities of decision making are multilayered and nuanced to say the least. I.e., just because you can streamline the process of decision making, it still doesn’t guarantee that the person or in this case, the dictator will be making Conscious decisions which are good for us all.

Whether we begin The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government via the ‘Voluntary’ or are compelled to do so via the ‘Sudden Impact’ route, the practical reality is that at least temporarily and for a period of time, somebody – either an individual, or a very small group of individuals, will have to make and oversee the implementation of all of the key Public Policies that will make Awakened Politics and Good Government work, as it should.

By necessity, this is likely to require that we place our trust in someone to do this all for us.

To do otherwise will take significantly longer and may open the door to alternative forms of leadership and societal control that we really will not want or enjoy in any way.

As with the selection of Awakened Politicians for the future, this selection or choice will all boil down to one thing; the question of who and what will really work.

It will be by necessity the case that alongside the prevailing question of who we can trust not only to do the right things and to see them through, that they will also hand over power, once their tenure has ended and the fundamental basis of a Good Government System in in place.

This Blog is part of the e-book ‘The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government’. Please do download a copy for your Kindle from Amazon, or alternatively, read the whole book FREE online once it is available at