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This non-stop ‘Coronavirus Show’ is helping nobody

March 17, 2020 Leave a comment

Let me make one think clear: Coronavirus is very serious indeed and there are very few of us who would genuinely wish the horrid lines that comes with it on anyone.

However, the question must surely be asked: Is the non-stop news coverage – that’s coverage that isn’t really news, but negative chat and in most cases very subjective opinion indeed – really benefitting and guiding an understandably concerned and frightened public at large?

We are faced with a situation where it is becoming very clear that even the Government – thats the politicians we elected to lead us only three months ago – really don’t know what the hell they are doing – and they are in the best position to be and to stay informed.

So that being the case, how can it possibly be that the incessant negativity and speculation coming from journalists and in most cases the self-appointed ‘experts’ they are dragging on to their shows is actually helping anyone, rather than making a very bad situation even worse by frightening the living crap out of us all?

Sadly, this is the time that the ridiculous culture of celebrity, experts and the danger that their influence and their platforms has on the public view really shows.

Let us be clear, the term ‘expert’ in the sense of giving advice and looking forward to managing future events is at its best a misnomer. The experience that they have comes from past events or previously researched data. It is historic, cannot be accurately applied to any new or future situation even if very similar, because there are ALWAYS variables, even if those variables are just the different people, different locations and different times and dates involved.

The reason the Government has no idea what it is doing, is because there has NEVER been a 2020 pandemic of the Covid-19 Coronavirus in this Country BEFORE.

It would be at best the same for journalists and media stations – if that was they had been elected by the public and were in the position to appoint the people who are most likely to be able to give appropriate advice and direction to address a national crisis and a very public cause.

But journalists haven’t been elected to represent us and the best advisors helping the Government have already got their own jobs.

Isn’t it time that the irresponsible chatter and fear-by-saturation stopped, the news programmes went back to informing us with pure, unadulterated news, and we all were allowed to get on with making the best of a bad situation without a permanent noise and irresponsible commentary from people who have lost sight of what of is in the public interest when it comes to keeping us all informed.


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The public sector and the way government works in this Country is broken. Change has become vital and Dominic Cummings may have just shown us all where it can all begin

January 8, 2020 Leave a comment

One of the biggest errors that we can all so easily make is to believe that we have control over change. Perhaps more accurately, that we can plan change down to the nth detail and predict or even dictate where changes that we need to improve our lives will actually begin.

We can’t. But that doesn’t stop many trying or even fooling ourselves into walking into the trap of confirmation bias that appears to prove that we can.

This isn’t just a personal or private way of thinking, restricted to the choices and decisions of us as individuals alone.

In fact, this same kind of thinking works its way into the mindsets of departments, organisations, industries and even whole governments and the politicians that create them. All because the cultural conditioning or autopilot that we collectively and intrinsically possess is a phenomena that few take the time to think about or understand.

Those of you who read my blogs regularly will know that change that will benefit us all is something that I have been advocating for a long time.

The contradictions and complexity of my own life experience saw me start out within a one parent family in social housing, receiving free school meals and leaving school with no qualifications. I went on to become regional manager of a National Charity and then MD of my own company, contracting to a National Newspaper Group by the time I was 30 and it all couldn’t seem further apart.

But the insight it provided me with proved invaluable as a politician and councillor. It informs and forms the basic understanding of people and how our world – or specifically things in this Country work. This has enabled me to write and do the things that I do.

However, it also makes me feel sad and frustrated as I watch the avoidable mistakes and bad decisions being made by the people who lead us. The manifestation of decisions that affect us all being made by people who have been trusted to know better. Politicians who are supposed to represent the best interests of us all, but are interested only in what serves their interests best in all that we have placed our trust in them to do.

Whilst it has become fashionable for politicians to big themselves up by virtue signalling and telling everyone that they are there, speaking truth to power, few of them actually understand what the real truth actually is.

The real truth has become too easily interchangeable with politicians own personal views and ideas, or what they might innocently mistake to be ‘the truth’. They then find themselves questioning how events and circumstances directly influenced by the will of others can go so wrong for them, when they simply know that they are right.

Brexit, the history of its being and everything about it even now, is a text book example of how this misguided process works for those who lead us and have responsibility to act on our behalf.

The process has demonstrated how an unflinching belief in being right and doing things the way they have always been done can be so damaging in so many ways. Simply because the common flaw in the thinking and everything it touches is itself out of touch with the real views and feelings of the majority. It is therefore democratically, if not fundamentally wrong.

The problems that created Brexit are now institutional. They have been building over many years.

Through scandals such as Rotherham, Grenfell and Brexit itself, the causes of the problems in this country should well and truly be understood and have been writ large for the people who are in charge. But they haven’t for all of them and the inescapable truth is that many of them still possess an effect-focused view.

Many of those who hold positions of power in this Country, both politicians and executives alike, are still blissfully unaware that what they already believe or have been conditioned to see as being right does not serve the interests of the Country or the wider Public as the activities of any public servant genuinely should.

With Brexit offering the doorway to change that the UK needs , but still very much misunderstood for the opportunity that it genuinely is, the result of the General Election in December brings a level of firmness and surety to the ground upon which Boris Johnson’s Government can now step forward, in a way that simply wasn’t available before.

But with British Politics remaining very much under a cloud from which the Electorate knows it must produce a tangible level of change within the term of this Parliament, there must realisation within the corridors of power that the huge numbers of votes that have been lent to the Conservatives are just a device that the Public has given to Boris to facilitate stepping beyond the words of the untrusted political class itself.

This Johnson-led Government must now move beyond anachronistic thinking and the politics of old to a place where we can all openly see that things really have been done, as promised and as they really should be.

The question for us all is, when it’s not just the political system that is broken, but the way that public services and the public sector works that is broken too, where exactly is it that the change that we all need so badly going to actually begin?

I must be honest and say that Boris’ pivotal use of the existing Withdrawal Agreement and much talk of the resurrection of One Nation Conservatism before the Election, had began to drain away what had for me been a form of hope.

But with a long held belief that a lot of what Boris would achieve as PM would be as much about the quality of the Team that he put into place around him, I now believe that he may have already facilitated the starting point or genesis of genuinely beneficial and far-reaching change.

The Prime Ministers Chief Advisor Dominic Cummings has caused a stir in Westminster by sidestepping protocol and effectively going direct to the marketplace to attract ‘weirdo’s and misfits’ to help him in No10.

Put differently, Cummings has reached out to people who can offer a real view of the world both inside and outside of Westminster who have the wherewithal, skills and experience to collectively come together and work on behalf of No10 to get real change done.

Naturally, the Establishment doesn’t like what Cummings has done.

Through his actions he has effectively bypassed a system that has successfully developed to prevent change and rocking of the boat.

Cummings has genuinely spoken truth to power in the way that much of the political and executive bubble from the top to the bottom of Government and the Public Sector simply will not – just because the very change that we need is the very change that they do not want.

Doing the right things at the right time, or rather doing what’s right precisely at that very moment in time when the decision is made is how real and meaningful change begins.

Meaningful change doesn’t start by creating giant plans or strategies that themselves take many months and the consent of many different Civil Servants or Mandarins to get agreed and signed off.

Thats the way things have always been done.

It’s the way, that the work on change and the reasons it was needed in the first place will have already changed by the time that work begins.

It’s the place where change inevitably steps off in the wrong direction.

It’s the beginning of a process where change that should have benefitted us all never happens because the reason for change has changed before the change itself begins.

Change is underway for us all perpetually and happening constantly all the time. It is a live and dynamic process like a train that never stops moving.

Jumping on to or into that train of change is the way that the change beyond day-to-day or rather changing things simply to stand still actually begins.

But what the wheels of Government are doing, have always done and what they want to do now is make change necessary only to keep everything running just the same for them as it always has.

That form of change is not the meaningful change that we and the Country need. It’s certainly not what Brexit, the symptom, that these same people created, was and still is really all about.

The Civil Service attracts great people who are more than qualified to do their jobs.

But the change we need across the Public Sector isn’t about qualifications alone. It can only start if the Public Sector and therefore the people who lead it start to change the way that they think and therefore how they approach what they actually do.

By injecting new thinking into government and the civil service, the opportunity will exist to demonstrate that there is a different way of doing things in the Public Sector that works better for everyone. It has the potential to show that just maintaining the status quo or doing things the way that they have always been done will only lead to the same results. It has the power to deliver the change that we need in Government and Politics – that in turn can deliver something better for us all – beginning, as it should, right at the top of Government in No10.

Dominic Cummings might not have all the answers. But by reaching out to people beyond the bubble he has shown that he has recognised this – even if the way he has done so might not be to the establishments liking or taste.

It is they, the establishment, the people with responsibility right now who will do all that they can to stop him and the people who join him in No10 who really must now be stopped. That is if all of us are to experience the change that we need and genuinely want.

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That was the 2019 General Election that was. The UK’s future now depends upon how Boris decides to step beyond

December 13, 2019 Leave a comment

The British People have once again been decisive and given Boris Johnson an opportunity to do the right thing for everyone that no other political leader or vehicle in this Election could have won.

No matter how it might be spun or perceived, the result is one that is far from straightforward.

Boris has been elected by the British Public because he represents what is openly felt by people to be the best of a bad deal.

His opportunity now is to demonstrate to all of us how with a working majority in Parliament, real change isn’t only talked about, but is actually delivered as done.

The risk is that with a result like this, Boris will soon forget the realities and truths that underpin exactly how his victory was won.

A rich mixture of the rejection of Corbyns Labour, a continuation of Politicians behaving as if they are entitled to lead us, and over three years of a Brexit logjam created by MPs from all sides who believe their ideas are more important than those of the people who elected them have led voters from all areas, ages and backgrounds to hold their noses and create the numbers that have seen a Conservative majority pushed through.

The moment that Boris forgets or fails to recognise that his power is little more than a loan from a great many of the people who voted, all of us will begin to lose.

For better or worse, there are simple realities and truths at work across the UK that any politician committed to change has to face.

  • Brexit must be delivered and it won’t be delivered just because a situation is created where a PM can stand in front of the cameras and declare that Brexit is done.
  • Politics is broken and its the way that politics works in the UK that needs to be fixed rather than it just being a question of Electoral Reform. Electoral Reform will not work until politics is fixed and once politics has been fixed, there will no longer be any need for Electoral Reform.
  • Questions of Public Policy will not be solved by simply fire hosing cash at them. Reform is the only way to find our way back to public services that really work and serve as they should, are affordable and are universally accessible to all.
  • The question of Scottish Independence is much more about the impact of over 40 years membership of the EU and its use of devolution or regionalisation as a way of destroying national identity than just another self-serving politician who wants to create their own power base and cannot be left to dictate a new pathway of its own.

Above all, there must be recognition that Brexit is only a gateway to a great new world of opportunity for the UK that lies beyond.

It is only by cutting the ties with the EU completely that these can be realised.

It’s only by using the benefit of a working majority in Parliament to Leave the EU properly that Brexit really will get done.

Boris deserves the chance to step off and to get this right. But his intention will become clear very quickly when it is apparent of the route that the Government is going to take with Brexit and whether with the numbers in Parliament they now have and the ability to steward change that gives them, they are going to approach Brexit in the same way as they did before the Election and continue to treat the Public as they always have done just the same.

For good or for bad, Boris has been gifted a big moment of Public forgiveness and the opportunity to now do everything right.

Let’s hope that he sees that forgiveness and the opportunity that it brings him and the Conservative Party for all that it is.

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Our Politicians are failing us over flooding, but this is nothing new. ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ is simply the method they use to prioritise everything they do

November 14, 2019 Leave a comment


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Tewkesbury in Flood. Image thanks to

It’s now 12 years since the 2007 Gloucestershire Floods.

The people living and working in Villages and Towns around mid and Northern Gloucestershire and South Worcestershire experienced the worst that inland flooding can throw at us – and for a great many even more, when critical infrastructure was affected and the drinking water supply dried up as result.

Nobody could argue that the impact of the event did not come to the attention and supposed scrutiny of Westminster Politicians at the time. Pictures of RAF Rescue Helicopters winching stranded people to safety whilst hovering against the backdrop of the Cotswold Hills quickly caught international attention. I stood outside the Local Council Offices when then newly appointed Prime Minister Gordon Brown arrived.

At the time, within the immediacy of the flooding event itself, it felt like the powers that be simply couldn’t do enough.

But the moment that the floodwaters receded, the RAF had returned their big yellow flying machines to their bases and tap water supplies were restored, the media’s and therefore the attention of the politicians with the real power to do something meaningful simply drifted off to elsewhere and beyond.

Yes, remedial flood protection work took place here and there – especially in places that are very much in the wider public’s eye.

But the changes made in response to the Floods that year were in many ways little more than being aesthetic.

There was then and has been since no change in the way that Politicians, Government and the Agencies address the causes, influences upon and effects of flooding across the UK – despite many similar experiences for other people and communities across the Country that have already happened and are taking place in Yorkshire and the East Midlands today.

What was clear to me as a Local Councillor at the time of the 2007 Floods here, was that the Environment Agency wasn’t fit for purpose; that flooding was and always would be managed on the basis of so-called tried and tested thinking. And worst of all, that there was absolutely no room for new approaches or original thinking to deal with the problem as the specialists and those who possess the fiefdoms that are public sector responsibility would always know best – no matter what the reality and impact upon real people was or would be that was involved.

Nothing has changed.

If anything, things have got worse.

And whilst processes and procedures to deal the impact upon families that have to move out of their homes and perhaps live in caravans as a result for many months now appear to have become normalised, the fact that Government has concentrated only on managing the effects of any flooding crisis at the time, rather than dealing with the causes and what lies ahead should be telling us all that we really need to know.

Flooding isn’t a vote winner when there’s no water on the ground

With the shallow, self-serving politicians that we have in power today, the harsh reality we must all face is that in their majority, Politicians and the Political Parties that they represent are not interested in seeing any task through from start to finish, unless they believe that doing so will secure them more votes.

What our Emergency Services, our Military, and the people on the ground will do in Yorkshire and the East Midlands during the current crisis to help people will not be an issue in Westminster once the water has gone and this ridiculous General Election Campaign has passed by.

Addressing the issues that count and will make a difference – that’s Planning Policy, responding to the Housing Crisis, how we address Climate Change and the way that the Public Sector itself actually works, are not and never will be on the agenda for longer than it remains in the news. Or at least not until we have politicians with very different motives and people-first mindset involved.

Planning Policy

Many people don’t understand that Local Authorities don’t make planning law. They just interpret it.

And with rules that come from the centre – rules that sound great because they seem to consider this and sound great because they appear to consider that – we have all been misled into believing that a one-size-fits-all approach to the way that we build in all locations, environments and conditions across this Country can work out for everyone wherever they are in the same way – even with different people with different motives doing the interpretation that is involved.

There is no room within the Planning System for local understanding and anecdotal evidence to be considered.

For instance, the Planning System is itself so arbitrary that floodplains that have been built up and covered with dumped earth and inert debris then qualify as being safe to build on. Yet there is no consideration for the displacement of floodwaters that would have historically rested at that location. Nor is there though given for how that water might flow around this newly created island or indeed what other properties or places would now be affected by what will be both a new and at time of flooding inevitably different water flow.

For the impact of future flooding events to be limited for existing properties, Towns, Cities and Villages to the same levels and impact that they are having right now, Planning rules and the way that we interpret them must change to embrace the increasing likelihood of the black swans, rather than the imbedded mentality of ‘it couldn’t happen here’.

Unswerving technical adherence to manmade rules doesn’t allow for reach and impact of Mother Nature.

Solving problems without creating others must be a priority for all areas of civic life and activity.

The response to the Housing Crisis

 Yet another of the political footballs that is currently being bounced around is the topic of which Political Party will build more houses and how quickly they will build them if they should find themselves in power once the Election question has been resolved.

The myth that we need to build so many new houses evaporates the very moment that you consider how much they actually cost.

How often have you seen house prices drop in any part of this Country when a new estate or development has been built?

The truth is that prices of old and new property in the local areas usually rise and like most things where prices and need can be manipulated, profit and therefore greed are the underlying cause.

Building at the levels we have already embraced is already creating a time bomb for potential flooding incidents that would never have had this kind of impact in the past – especially with planning policy as it is.

There needs to be a massive rethink and politicians who were thinking about the people they represent would certainly bring this foolish and ill considered approach to the problem to an immediate stop.

The way to deal with the housing crisis is to make better and more equitable use of the houses and buildings that we already have.

It isn’t helpful to pretend that the only solution is to keep on building more and more, whilst creating many more real ones than the hollow one that it is supposed to solve.

Climate Change

Yes, Climate Change or the Climate Crisis that our young people are now beginning to champion and the way of thinking that they are challenging is a very real part of the flooding problem too.

The weather in this Country and around the World is changing – no matter what your views might be about the cause.

The cold hard reality that we all have to face is that the weather patterns that are here today will take many years to reverse.

But there are steps that we can take to address their progression and pathway to becoming worse.

It is not simply about legislating to change the behavior of people who are already trying to make the best of what can be very difficult lives.

This is where the inexperience and impractical idealism of young people could easily be seen to make a valid argument that is beneficial to us all seem outwardly very wrong. Like Flooding events, protests soon disappear from the minds and plans of the wrong politicians and that is the truth – no matter how wrong.

Sadly, with Climate Change, much of the problem is again about money and greed.

The businesses that have the biggest part to play just need to be led to think differently and see that the profit which is their obsession is still there for them tomorrow as it is for them today. It will just come from them investing, operating and behaving ethically in a very different way.

Industry and money might not be listening now, but that will be different when we have different people in charge.

The necessity of political change that wont be served simply by having a General Election

The complexity of the problems that are contributing to the Housing Crisis, the failure of Planning Policy, Climate Change and Flooding as an issue in its own right will never be dealt with in the way that it needs to be by politicians who are only interested in the outcome of the next Election and how they convince all of us to give them their vote.

If we want the change that we need with the issues that we are facing not just like Flooding, but which we are experiencing each and every day, we must elect different people into Parliament, our Councils and into positions of power who will put people first. Politicians who know what it will take and – most importantly – are actually prepared to do everything necessary to get all of those things that need doing – and not just Brexit – done.






Parliament vs The People: The Public’s view of our time that becomes a false narrative the very moment that Boris attempts to make it his own

November 7, 2019 Leave a comment

One of the most telling aspects of our broken political system is the way that Politicians and their Parties have become adept at seizing any phrase or form of words that represents the sum total of how People feel about something. Hollowing it out so that it loses all sense and all meaning. And then ride away on it during a campaign as if it is an idea or way of thinking that they somehow then own.

With issues such as the Climate Crisis, Housing Crisis or anything like that on the domestic issue front, this theft and misuse of public narrative is bad enough.

But when it comes to Our position over the destruction of democracy and the pathway that has led to it via Brexit, Boris’ attempts to steal the narrative ‘Parliament vs The People’ for his own ends is cynical in the extreme.

Whilst Boris has been fashioning himself as the champion of Brexit, his pursuit of a deal with the EU that doesn’t actually deliver it is only the first rip in the cover that exposes all of his positions flaws.

Selling out to achieve a relationship with the EU that by default will always end up being called Brexit, but is actually Remain isn’t the worst offence that Boris’ attempt to self-style himself as being different can actually cause.

The biggest is the fact that he has been, is and will clearly continue to be a BIG part of the  Parliament that has been set against the Will of the People for many years and not just since Brexit – which has only ever been a symptom of the problems that he and others like him have created. Brexit was not the cause.

Boris is the Establishment all over. And whilst he has had a massive opportunity to be and do something very different, like the majority of all the other MPs – who together made up the last Parliament – he has chosen not to be the difference that we have all been waiting for, instead making self-interest and what works best for him at every turn his one and only cause.

The real fight, battle or perhaps what we may come to call the war that is Parliament vs The People hasn’t even rally begun.

The system is so tightly wrapped up to protect and propagate itself that The People don’t even have the opportunity of gaining a foothold against the Establishment monopoly over who gets access to Parliament, which could only come if We had real alternatives to the Parties on offer and with it a much better destination for our Vote.

Until we have this opportunity, the war that is The People vs Parliament will not have started and so there is no way that it can be won.

So for Boris to ride around sounding off that he is the Champion of the People isn’t just disingenuous and manipulative. It’s arguably tantamount to being an outright lie.

No Boris, profit isn’t a god to be worshipped. Many of the problems you tell us you care about are driven by greed for money as the root cause

November 6, 2019 Leave a comment

5824a3c1-508e-4d1f-a672-e453b9d85794In this world, perception is everything.

First impressions count more than anything else.

We have politicians who rule us – and therefore are also failing us – because they judge everything on the basis of what is effect rather than the cause.

Profit or rather the generation of wealth and money was an inevitable topic and focus for policy in this upcoming General Election.

Yet within the majority of Policy areas it has and will not be identified in any way as being relevant. Even though the motivation to secure it, extend it and to be able to play with it will almost certainly be buried deep down somewhere. Possibly many times over as any problems root cause.

The Politicians who covet the role of Leading this Country should know this.

But they don’t.

Whether that ignorance is wilful or innocent, the result is just the same for us all.

On one side of the not-so political divide, we have a Marxist Leader on the verge of entering No10, who will do everything that he and his supporters can to dismantle the apparatus of commerciality, simply because Labour do not understand or value the intrinsically human concept of individual aspiration. They believe it possible to make a world fair that is fundamentally unfair by its very nature, simply by coercion and inflicting a set of man-made rules.

On the other we have Boris and his conservatives who are actually only conservative in name. They call themselves ‘one nation’ but follow a way of being based on freedom of the markets and the ridiculous idea that deregulating business and the markets gives commercial interests the motivation to think of and look after the needs of the public and all others ethically – all when profit and finding new and innovative ways to increase it legally but without care for anything else is money’s one and only true cause.

Both Corbyn and Johnson, and their respective Parties and the ideologies that currently underpin them have got the whole question of money, profit, power and influence completely wrong.

They do not have any understanding or appreciation of the role of human nature in all of the problems that this Country is facing.

They don’t see or place any value on the relationship between money and profit as a motivator and how it overshadows so much of public policy as the open secret that nobody talks about because so many of the problems that the UK faces have the obsession with making more and more money deep down as the root cause.

They do not see how the cultural malaise of everyone taking money out of production, services and supply chains without adding any value are exponentially widening the already significant wealth divide.

They simply don’t understand what they are actually doing.

They have no experience of the lives and futures that their ignorance is wrecking.

But the system allows them to continue on without question, whilst the problems such stupidity causes continues to pass them by as they become mine and yours.

Until such time as we have Leaders running this Country who understand all the problems they have been tasked to deal with, no matter who they effect, what they are or what work and effort it will take for them to be solved, the depth and breadth of the issues that we are facing right across our households and our communities alike will simply continue to be there and in all probability develop further – no matter the crap we are being told.

None of the Politicians who are seeking our Votes in this coming General Election are seeking to do anything differently than any of those who have campaigned to be elected to run this Country before.

Look at the problems and the trouble that they have already caused.

Until we do have politicians who do give a shit about how what they do impacts upon all of us too, it doesnt matter whether we are Left, Right, Centre, Leaver, Remainer, Rich or Poor.

We all have a whole lot more pain in store.

Leader debates make cheap peak time TV. But there are bigger fish to fry and these 3 Leaders haven’t even worked out how to operate a net

November 6, 2019 Leave a comment

Should we be more interested in what politicians say or in what they do?

It’s the answer to that question we should perhaps now be focusing on – at the beginning of a General Election Campaign – rather than what they say or how they say it.

The dissolution of Parliament – which formally took place at 12.01 am today apparently, rather than the rather fitting and accurate last sitting on Bonfire Night – isn’t the act of wiping the slate clean that politicians are now trying to tell us has taken place, or – and more importantly – that we as a Nation with a political crisis actually need.

The issue, debate or whatever else you might want to call it – about Leader Debates, is therefore rather a moot point.

Do we really want to see Corbyn, Johnson and Swinson grand standing their new approach to solving the UKs problems on primetime TV when all three of them are bringing nothing new to the table other than a rewrapped version of their previous form?

The sensationalism that now drives politics is fuelled by the mainstream media. It does nothing to help resolve the problems that we have with the quality, motivation and ability of our politicians. In fact, it is helping to develop the problem rather than doing anything at all to target the cause.

Whilst there might be times when it would be appropriate to consider the benefit of holding televised debates that will include all Political Party Leaders, after 3 years of parliamentary stalemate caused by the very same people who are seeking reelection, this General Election Campaign is arguably not one.

Until such time that British Politics and the Party Political System that currently monopolises it has been fully and comprehensively reformed, the only thing that UK Voters can be sure of is that they are going to receive the same contempt from those we elect as MPs – and if anything, probably a lot more.

Nothing that the three Leaders can tell us will become of any benefit to any of us just because of the way it has been transmitted.

Words and presentation are meaningless if the actions and results don’t reflect genuine attempts to address real problems and their cause.

What we actually need in Parliament and Government now are politicians who aren’t driven solely by how everything looks.

Genuine Leaders who take their responsibility to the Electorate seriously, consider the consequences of all their actions and are driven to deliver the right results no matter what anyone else or the media says.

As far as politicians focusing on their time in the public eye is concerned, it’s not the priority and its time to press pause.

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