Boris, it’s time to learn about making the right decisions for ‘everyone’ rather the right ones for ‘you’

Boris was and still is the best of a very bad bunch the it comes to which current MP is PM. But we are now in a national crisis and the best we have in Parliament simply isn’t good enough to do the job.

Doing the right thing for one is not doing the right thing for all, and the fear that is driving Boris and his Government to make bad decision after bad decision is throwing the Country to the wall.

We haven’t had grown ups in Government for a very long time. At some level it didn’t seem to matter, even though the reality is that for all that time, normal people who didn’t deserve it have been being hurt as a result.

But times have changed. We are in very troubled times that are set to get much worse.

Quite simply, we have the wrong politicians for the job in hand. They are a selfish bunch. Ambitious to the core. And from all sides come from positions of privilege, whether it is their backgrounds first or just the leg up and parachute drop into power that they have had by being part of a party machine that exists only to propagate itself and makes a mockery of what we call democracy in the UK.

These people have been entrusted with the responsibilities of public leadership, yet they are inept and unable to distinguish the difference between the objective thinking that should be necessary to fulfil their roles and the limited and subjective and fear-driven views of the world they have which are then filtered by the lens of their own echo-chambered life experience in every way.

It means that they simply are not equipped to make decisions responsibly for all as if all were only one because they believe that knowing one person is the same as knowing all.

With the Country now in a crisis that Boris and his Government has created off the back of an emergency they should have aimed to manage rather than attempt to control, things are going from bad to worse.

The politicians we have in Government are being led by the nose by stories of the personal tragedies of others and the experiences that they have personally had, rather than using the information they have to inform against the full backdrop of what is going on for everyone else and how the COVID-19 emergency and the crisis that is unfolding is already and is going to affect us all.

To get the UK out of the giant hole that the Johnson Government has dug us all into, the mindset suggesting that one life is worth more than another because it has been featured in the news simply has to stop and be put back into its box.

None of this crisis that we are now in is about individuals or specific groups or any specific kind of cause getting on top.

Getting through this is now about doing what is right for everyone. That means taking decisions that the media and noisy voices are not going to like, rather than believing that image and headlines should be the primary focus and cause.

Boris was likeable as a leader when the stakes didn’t appear to be so high. But we now need someone in No10 who will do whats right rather than worry about the headlines and social media attacks whist they lead us all through this storm. Boris simply isn’t that guy.


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