Why do we need a CBDC when ‘normal’ money is already digital?

If you aren’t asking this question right now, you should be. The Bank of England has announced it is working on a Central Bank Digital Coin and it is likely to be in use in just a few years time. But why?

If you use online banking to move money around, pay your bills, transfer money to someone else, or have your wages paid electronically into your bank account, you are already using digital money within each and every part of that transaction.

Under the guise of simplifying life with easy to use technology, just about every part or function of life is now being ripped away and replaced with a machine function of some kind.

If you don’t believe me, look up the new AI bot that a leading search engine is about to launch which will write pretty much anything and everything that you want it to, and then ask yourself the question ‘If I use this, who is actually in control?’

Conspiracy theories abound in these times. But conspiracies sit out on the periphery and distract. They don’t have a profound affect on life within.

And this is the point. Technology to improve quality of life: YES. Technology to control life: NO!

The problem is that those pushing all of this; all of these changes; all of this ‘progress’ are ignoring the No that all of us would consciously give if we were actually asked, and amalgamating it all so that it equates to exactly the same thing.

We are quite literally being tricked into surrendering our freedoms with a series of lies that make us think that we are the winners as we progressively lose.

The only purpose of a single, universal central bank digital coin is control. Nothing will be private. Everything you do with money will be seen. And it won’t stop there. As the Canadian government did with their protesting truckers, if you do or say anything that someone in control doesn’t approve of or doesn’t like, they can simply switch your money supply off. You should think about what that would mean.

The crypto craze has been fun for those who have played the game and won. But it was based on nothing more than belief. And whilst the original idea that launched cryptos like Bitcoin was decentralised finance, the reality was that it was as pretend, fake or created as the FIAT money it sought to replace.

By buying into the myth that we can get rich by taking bets and speculating on money and currencies that simply don’t exist, we have actively played a part in creating our own living lie. A lie that is about to hurt and damage us beyond repair, taking away anything that resembles freedom of choice and freedom to be who we actually are as it does.

The technology is good. The ownership and purpose is rotten to the core. We need to retake control of the way that everything works before we are all inescapably and completely enslaved within a system that works for nobody other than those who control it.

If any of this makes sense, use cash.

If you are a business owner, reject the cash bribes from card companies and banks to refuse to take cash.

Together, work with your communities to create your own markets, systems of exchange – and yes – digital currencies that are pinned to real value – which isn’t money, but the value that people put into and give to the system itself.

Freedom is our future. Our future can only begin locally and by trusting only the people and the communities that we really know. Our future freedom starts with Grassroots-Up.


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