The rise of the bookcase stasi shows us just how insular people populating the public sphere have become

At a time when so much uncertainty exists, it is interesting to see and hear that the thought police have not found anything better to do than attack speakers doing video interviews for the books they have shelved in the background as they speak.

It is indeed a measure of what our society has become that people can trash any book or literary work on the basis of only what they have heard rather than reading it first.

But to then attack others because they have actually read it and then had the audacity to keep the title on the shelf speaks of a level of ignorance that makes it all the more likely that stupidity masquerading as legitimate and sanitised thinking will be something they will themselves embrace.

It is impossible to understand the problems and challenges that we can see littered across history if we ignore the causes and focus only on the easy reading which are the effects.

It is healthy to read multiple authors on the same subjects in order to learn what the genuine truths are about any subject. It’s critical thinking that sees this process through as you disregard the opinion and nuances which linger in the prose, words and structures in the way that we all differently write.

As a society we are being endangered by the tunnel vision and insularity which has presented itself as being woke or politically correct and is hiding in plain sight.

None of us wants to have a dictator like Hitler or Mussolini or something equally troubling to rise from the ashes of the chain reaction set off by the Lockdown and what is yet to come.

But if we don’t allow ourselves and others to understand all the ingredients that made such horror as the impact of World War II possible in this world as a result of events only 90 years ago, we could all very easily find ourselves on the wrong end of such troubling times again very soon indeed.


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