The Internet is a tool for life, not an alternative to it | Principles | A Community Route

Many of us still neither realise nor appreciate that the arrival of the internet and the functionality that it has offered us, has never been governed or regulated by governments and those that govern on our behalf in the way that it should.

The internet and the online world that is developing with it is and always has been a two-edged sword. It has brought as many downsides or dark aspects with it as the positive or good aspects that it has given us – and potentially a lot more.

Many of the social problems that we experience today can be attributed to behaviour that was deemed acceptable online before it then found its way into the real world or the mainstream.

From early on, people and businesses using the internet – whatever the purpose may have been – didn’t recognise the same social etiquette, politeness, manners, morals, standards or behaviour that we considered to be the cultural norm in ‘real life’ outside. Principally, because there was never any real system of governance in place and so none of those same rules appeared to exist.

The rate of behavioral change in social conditioning from locality to online has been confined to within what might only be one generation. Young people today take all of their social cues and conditioning from the world online, rather than from the young people, adults and community figures around them. The effect has been massively profound.

Today, upcoming generations and those above them who follow common narratives take these social cues into ‘real life’ without realising the parallel universe or pretend world that the internet or online world offers, is dictating or rather destroying rules and the remaining values for life. It is helping to dehumanise every aspect of life that we experience as it does.

Like all technology, the value of the internet and all things online cannot be understated – so long as it is used and operated within a framework, with rules and restrictions that are always based upon and maintained for the common good.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and all online technology will only be bad for humanity if it is programmed, created and driven by motives and designs that are in the interests of the few, rather than being in the best interests of all mankind.

The internet is a tool. It must be respected as such. It must always reflect or mirror the rules and practices that we use in real life, rather than having the ability to completely reset life and every agenda, as it and all the technology that feeds into it, does right now.


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