The System Collapse may not be obvious and without us being aware, it could take years rather than happening in just one day | Awareness | The Grassroots Manifesto | Introduction

The emphasis on beginning work to create and build our New Earth now is necessary, simply because the building blocks of change are already in play.

It is human to think and believe that change of any magnitude will take place as part of an event or process that is not only definable, but obvious to anyone experiencing that change as it happens or in real time.

However, change is and always has been happening around us all the time, whether we are conscious of it or not.

The difference between the decisions that lawmakers, politicians and their influencers are controlling now and what they have been over many decades previously, is that the fallout from all of that bad decision making is now really beginning to hit everything.

We are in the end game and death throes of the old world and old system and our failure not to engage and resist the so-called solutions to the problems that they created and which they are also guiding, means that we are accepting their interpretation of what is best for the world, once all the mess they are responsible for has been cleared up – with the full cost apportioned not to them, but comprehensively towards all of us.

The chances are that the mismanagement of everything has been so bad, that the system we have today will reach a point where the seamless change that the Establishment and the elites believe is possible without consequence won’t happen at all.

Things will come to a complete halt, and when events take over from the clever propaganda and manipulation that is so forcefully at work, there will be a flashpoint where we literally have a moment in time to take back control for ourselves, or someone else will do so.

Without us changing the way we think and the way we are viewing and interacting with all this, it remains likely that those who can buy off enough people with promises of a return to what we know as normality – will step in and win – without anyone really understanding the true cost – That is IF the alternative message and a different direction that is credible is not already there and ready to fill the void.


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