Preparing for Elections

It is important to remember that Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE is neither a Book nor a Guide for Election Candidates, once they have been Endorsed by a Community Meeting will need to do as part of an Election campaign itself.

Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE is about the creation of circumstances where Candidates for Elected Public Offices have been vetted, selected, approved and endorsed by the Community to be on our ballot papers as a ‘recommended for, by and on behalf of this Community’ choice.

In time, being Endorsed by a Community Meeting to run as a Candidate in any Election will be enough, in itself, to attract Votes from a significant number of People. Much in the same way that the majority of political candidates get backed by People right now. Not because of who they are. But because of which Political Party they are running with.

It may be a relatively short time until your Endorsed Candidate(s) attract that kind of support. But that time could well prove be longer than the time between now and the next Election in your area.

Ideally, your Community Meeting will Endorse Candidates to run in the next Election that is scheduled or expected.

Whenever that Election might be, it is essential your Endorsed Candidates begin work on campaigning across the area and connecting with Members of the Community, in very much the same way as you will be doing yourself.

Until such time as a shared name or political vehicle might be needed and agreed upon to bring all Community Meeting endorsed or approved Candidates together, the best way for any Candidate to consider themselves for the purposes of registering with your local Democratic Services or Elections Office, is to run as an ‘Independent’ candidate.

The very first book that I wrote and published, “How to Get Elected” is intended to help Independent Candidates in a way that is almost identical to the support that your Endorsed Candidates are likely to need right now.

You will find the whole book split up into pages and available to read FREE HERE. (The FREE version is much easier to access from a PC, where the page titles are listed in order, on the right-hand side of the screen).

Alternatively, you can buy and download a copy of How to get Elected for Kindle from Amazon HERE.

How to Get Elected is a self-help or ‘How to’ guide that covers all the things a Candidate needs to be aware of or to consider, with a lot of additional thoughts, experience and tips thrown in.

Like Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE, the way to get the very best value from the book, How to Get Elected, is to read it all the way through, without missing anything out.

How to Get Elected will fill in all the gaps that need to be crossed by Candidates, before other support and help may become available.



Fundraising | Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE

Costs that may occur such as Room Hire, and printing leaflets have been mentioned at a number of different points throughout the TEN STEPS.

Before anything else, you will not need to spend any money or even consider whether you will need to spend money BEFORE you have reached STEP 8 and are in the early stages of arranging your first Community Meeting.

If you have already gained sufficient support for your first Community Meeting, it is likely that you will also have enough support to raise the modest funding necessary to cover any costs of Room Hire and Leaflet Production/Printing too.

Protecting yourself and protecting your donors

The first thing you need to consider if you are going to raise money to pay for any Community Meeting related costs, is that any money you raise – even if it’s just pennies – is NOT yours.

If you’ve told People that any money they donate will be for a specific purpose, or just in general terms to help the creation of your Community Meeting in some way, that is the only purpose that it should ever be used for.

In the stages leading up to your first Community Meeting and possibly beyond, the safest way for you to raise money or receive donations is likely to be through setting up an online crowdfunding campaign using a platform like Go Fund Me or Just Giving. (There are others that you will find by doing an online search of ‘Crowdfunding’ or similar, too)

If you set up an account online, it is likely, depending upon which platform you use, that you will be able to manage your fundraising using an app and you will automatically be able to manage and track money coming in.

Not only that. You will also have the added value that will come from being able to post even more information about your Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE campaign within your local Community – and that can only be a big help!

Managing donations and protecting your Community Meeting

It may not be possible or practical to open up a bank account to manage any funds your Community Meeting campaign receives.

But it will be necessary to keep a written record of what money you withdraw or transfer from any Crowdfunder you’ve set up, and then how every bit of it is spent.

Whatever you spend money on (e.g., Room Hire, Printing costs), you should always ask for and keep a receipt.

Each transaction should be recorded in an Excel spreadsheet or similar – which will also make your input much easier, as the software can be set up to automatically do any sums for you.

It may sound like a lot of effort for very little. But when you are managing other People’s money, it’s the real detail that actually counts.

By keeping a very clear and transparent record of the process of financial management you have used, it will be very simple for you to demonstrate that you’ve done everything properly, IF anyone should ask.

It will also then be much easier and less time-consuming for you to hand over responsibility for financial matters to another person, as more volunteers become involved in building your Community Meeting.

Please Remember:

Donations are always made for what the donor believes they will be used for. Not so that you or anyone else can then use them for something else.

Any money given in the form of a donation belongs to the Community and should be given back to donors immediately, if your campaign stops at any time.

You are raising funds so that the only donation you have to make personally is your effort and time, without there being any financial cost to you.


Part 2: For those who just want to be able to Vote NONE OF THE ABOVE and know that their Vote will have real meaning

First of all, A WARNING:

There’s nothing passive about voting. Unless someone else has stolen your Vote.

Yes, you could be one of many who simply don’t bother to Vote when an Election comes to your local area, right now.

But that’s when you only had the option to Vote for something that’s important to somebody else. With Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE and Community Meetings, you will now have the choice and option to Vote for something that will prioritise what is important for you, as well as for us all.

As we discussed earlier, change is always happening.

The choice you have is whether you want to play a part in defining change, or whether you want to sit back and let change happen to you.

You don’t need to be one of the People who will immediately take up an active, facilitator-type role for Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE, and undertake the tasks outlines in detail throughout the TEN STEPS in Part 2.

But you won’t be helping anyone who does, and you certainly won’t be helping yourself and the opportunity that we all have for a Political System that genuinely works for us all, IF you don’t at least involve yourself enough to keep up to date with progress, spread the word to others, and attend Community Meetings whenever a choice or important decision that may impact your future, will be made.

If you don’t want to be actively involved, the STEPS you can STILL take that will help your Community Meeting are:

  • Supporting your Community Meeting on social media.
  • Supporting your Community Meeting by sharing the word.
  • Supporting your Community Meeting by sharing your experiences and any relevant information you might find.
  • Attending your Community Meetings whenever they are called.
  • Supporting your Community Meeting by taking part in the process of selecting Candidates for Elections and taking part in any Community Meeting Votes.
  • Supporting your Community Meeting by voting for all Candidates that the Community Meeting has endorsed when an Election takes place.


Supporting your Community Meeting on social media

Whilst there is no genuine substitute for meeting with other members of your local Community face to face, if you don’t have the time or don’t feel able to be involved in absolutely everything that the others involved with your local Community Meeting do, it will be both easy and helpful for you and your Community Meeting, if you support them by following whatever they are doing online.

Not everyone uses social media. But we are now in a time where the majority of People do. Of those that do, only a fraction will openly support or engage with articles, blogs and posts, even though they will have been of interest or made them think in some way.

The simple act of following or liking the social media pages and platforms of your local Community Meeting will be a massive help to build momentum, IF being able to be able to Vote for Candidates who are real and genuinely offer the option of NONE OF THE ABOVE, is all that you really want to achieve.

Because of the way that online technology such as search engines, algorithms and the AI or Artificial Intelligence that already operates many of these ‘platform’ sites on the Internet work, something as simple as a like or follow will immediately tell them that your interest in what your Community Meeting is doing, is real.

As a direct result, they will very quickly begin to ask other People like you, if your Community Meeting is something that would be of interest to them too.

This could make a massive difference for the cost of what could be no more than a couple of clicks.


Community Meetings will bring members of the local Community together to select the People that the Community will support to become their Public Representatives.

This is not in itself a political act.

By liking or following your Community Meeting, you are simply sharing with anyone who knows or is interested in you, that you are taking seriously how the decisions affecting everyone locally are made, and that you are concerned enough that you believe it necessary to support the process and method that will deliver genuine change.


Supporting your Community Meeting by sharing the word

Another very easy way to support your Community Meeting is to talk about what local People are doing with Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE to anyone you see or have regular conversation with.

Word of mouth is a very powerful and influential tool. It also demonstrates just how important and helpful genuine and direct interaction with real People can actually be. It focuses on what Community Meetings are genuinely all about.

You don’t have to sell Community Meetings in the sense of eulogising or championing them to other People, unless you actually want to and feel comfortable doing so.

If you are open with people you know, about why Community Meetings are of interest to you and you share the facts about Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE, as they genuinely are and what we are aiming to achieve together, the benefits of your local Community Meeting will very quickly sell themselves.

Please Remember:

If it helps to keep the conversation short, just tell People about Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE and suggest that they also read the Book.

Otherwise, if you have a little more time and feel able, share the Usernames and links to the social media platforms that you have for your Community Meeting, once its developing and running, you can then leave it to People to take a look and then decide for themselves.


Supporting your Community Meeting by sharing your experiences and any relevant information you might find

Following on social media and spreading the word will be a fantastic help to your Community Meeting.

But you can help even more, IF you use your social media and the remote channels that are available to you, to actually contribute and take part online.

Community Meetings will always be the place for decisions to be made on what the Community wants to do about anything.

But the flow of information between Meetings will help everyone who is actively involved or just following progress from a distance.

If you see subjects or events relating to Community Meetings raised on social media that interest you, please do not be afraid to make comments or add information that might create or promote greater understanding – IF you are happy to share that information in an open forum, online.

People can only learn when they are open to learning. But the most powerful tool for learning is the sharing of others’ experiences. Not because anyone’s experience has more value than anyone else. But because sharing experiences of parts of life that others haven’t had, certainly cuts down on the requirement of time to do so, for yourself.

Interaction and sharing the benefit of your experience to help your Community Meeting and the Candidates that you come together to endorse, is the greatest currency for change that we all have as we focus on real, meaningful change.

By taking part, asking questions, flagging things that you’ve seen or heard, or just making the time to speak to other People about Community Meetings and then turning up at them, you can help the process of change in countless ways.


You are never under any obligation to interact with any social media account, just because you follow or have liked it.

You should never post anything online that you would not want to share with People who you see regularly or face-to-face in your real life.

If you disagree with what someone else has said or believe that the information they have shared is incorrect or wrong, the best thing to do is to challenge the information they have shared itself and do so, not by simply saying its wrong. But by taking the time to politely and constructively explain why.

Better still, offer the details of the alternative you have based your challenge upon, to what they have suggested too.

But NEVER make your reply angry, or personal about them – and certainly not about you.


Supporting everyone by attending your Community Meetings whenever they are called

Within the TEN STEPS you will have read that it is essential that every member of the local Community is kept informed of anything important that your Community Meeting is planning to do.

On this basis, if a Community Meeting is being arranged to hold a Vote or make a decision, you should at the very least be made aware of the details such as when it will be and where it will be held – if nothing else.

You don’t have to attend Community Meetings if that is your choice. But if you really want to keep up with what your Community Meeting is doing, and either speak or share your experiences, or just use the opportunity to be an influence in any Vote, it is also essential that you attend.


Taking part is everything. By taking part in whatever way you are able to, you are contributing to change. If you don’t take part in any way, you are going to let change happen to you.


Supporting your Community Meeting in the process of selecting Candidates for Elections, and taking part in any Community Meeting Votes

As you will have gathered from reading STEP 10 in Part 1, your Community Meeting will be most effective in the decisions that it makes, by ensuring that the terms for Selecting Candidates and then Endorsing them is done right.

EVERYONE in your Community has something to give in terms of experience or anything else they can share. Everyone’s views are important and attending Community Meetings is the way that you can truly make your Vote count.


Supporting your Community Meeting by voting for all Candidates that the Community Meeting has endorsed when an Election takes place

Your input isn’t worth the paper its written on, IF you don’t actually Vote.

The whole reason for Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE is the process of depoliticising the British Political system, so that Politics can deliver for us all, in the way that a democracy should really work.

To some – and you may be one of them, taking part in an Election is all that being part of a democracy will take.

But you must also understand and accept that who you Vote for is very important too.

On the day of the Election or Vote itself, your Vote could be one of just a few or maybe just the one itself, that puts a Public Representative into their role who was selected for the right reasons and endorsed as part of a Community Choice.

We no longer have the luxury of leaving our future to someone else. Many of those someone else’s we thought we could trust have already taken the opportunity that our apathy and disengagement has unwittingly given them. They have then done exactly what they’ve wanted, calling it ‘the will of the People’, all because they were supported by the mere fraction of us who Voted them into power in an Election, when that fraction of the community turned up.

You can be involved and support Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE and your Community Meeting in any way that works for you.

But if you really want change to happen that works in the best interests of everyone, please keep up to date.

When the next Election comes, please Vote for the Candidate(s) that local People with the same things in common as you, have committed the time and effort to select on behalf of your Community – but most importantly, on behalf of you.


Support that will be on offer from Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE

Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE has been written in the knowledge that once momentum starts building for Community Meetings, support will come from many directions and will come in many ways.

There is no guide to how long the creation and holding of a Community Meeting will take.

Not just because everyone who picks up this book and begins work will approach the TEN STEPS depending upon the way they have read them. But because each and every Community area is very different, is made up of different People and for many different reasons will respond faster or slower to Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE, in very different ways.

With this in mind, there is a very good chance that all you will need to get started and make good progress before support comes knocking on your door will be included within this book.

However, if you should find that you have any questions, or have the need to understand any of the ideas, suggestions and thoughts that I have shared with you here, PLEASE get in touch.

My e-mail box can be reached at

It will be great to hear from you and I will happily respond to all polite and constructive requests and help in any way that I can, in the most appropriate way that I feel possible.


Will NONE OF THE ABOVE become a Political Party?

Let’s put first things first.

The whole focus of Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE is to provide the immediate method and means to address the real challenge we face and must overcome with our broken Political System, as it is today.

With established Political Parties and their own motives and agendas filling up the majority of seats across our whole government system, The System itself is effectively broken.

We must also accept that any new Political Party attempting to do things in what is technically the same way as those that already have seats won’t bring the changes that we need, that work in the best interests of everyone. Because if they were to be elected and gain power, the words and the policies might be different, but their approach, attitude and motivation would end up being bad for all of us in exactly the same ways.

Public Policy is the problem, and that problem is hurting us all.

However, to fix Public Policy problems, we have to focus first on fixing the root cause.

The root cause of all the problems are the People who become our Politicians and a situation that leads to the same self-interested and incompetent type of People being the only choices we have and then repeatedly elect.

The Selection and Endorsement of Candidates and the process that will engage each and every one of us to choose and support them in Elections is what Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE is here to provide.

When we have created a new system of Community Meetings where each Community selects and then supports its own Council, Parliamentary and all other kinds of Political Candidates, then and only then can we genuinely begin to address the genuine Public Policy issues that we now face.

As you will read in my books The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government, A Community Route and The Grassroots Manifesto, there is genuinely no good reason for Political Parties in the same mould as those we already have and know of continuing to exist.

Existing Political Parties serve a purpose that is not about the whole Community. Their purpose is all about the pursuit of ideas and interests that are their own.

The only way that the formation of a Political Party would be of benefit to Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE, would be the structure and support frameworks that it could provide to all Community Meetings and the Candidates that they select, endorse and support.

Because of the inherent danger that anyone in key positions of such a Political Party could fall into the trap of going their own way or going off in a direction that doesn’t benefit the whole Community, the governance of such an organisation would have to be very robust and reliant upon people with a lot of integrity, right from the start.

In time, there may be very practical reasons for joining up a network of Community Meetings in some kind of affiliated or federated way, that might then, through necessity, be required to become formally registered with the Electoral Commission as a Political Party.

That time is not now.

But it would be a very nice problem for People like you and I to have, once Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE is working and is doing its job across our Communities.


Be Positive, Be Optimistic, But above all, Be Real

Whatever happens, whatever any of you do, there are no guarantees.

People have free will. It will be the choice of everyone whether they want to change and be part of the opportunity to influence change, or if they want to do nothing and let change of a different kind happen to them.

It is also important to understand that it is impossible to consider all of the factors or the impacts of events that have already happened or are yet to happen, and what influence they might have upon the short- and long-term future for us all.

We can only do our best and make the most of the opportunity.

Have faith, keep focused and you may soon understand what belief can really do.


Other reading

Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE has been written as a ‘How to’ guide for engaging every member of your local Community properly to then ensure that they are all legitimately represented by their Public Representatives in every possible way.

Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE was never intended to focus on the Why, What, How and When approach to Politics.

Therefore, Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE is not about the formulation of Public Policy and how we go about getting that right.

If you have read Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE and want to think more deeply about Politics, why it works as it does today, what we need to think about doing Politics differently, how we can go about doing Public Policy differently and when we will need to do all those things differently, I have written a series of seven other e-books and guides that cover all of these areas and more, too.

All Titles are all available as books for Kindle on Amazon:

Levelling Level

My first book focusing on what’s really going wrong with public policy and why, Levelling Level goes into detail about the realities of everything in the Public sphere today, what is really happening, why People are behaving the way that they do, what is likely to happen without us taking the opportunity to drive our own change, and what we are likely to have to think about if we do.

You can find Levelling Level on Amazon HERE.

The People First Economy and The Basic Living Standard

Building on key parts of Levelling Level, The People First Economy and the Basic Living Standard looks at the foundations of real change in the way that our economic system works now, so that it can actually work for us all.

You can find The People First Economy and The Basic Living Standard on Amazon HERE.

From Here to There Through Now

Continuing on the realities of The Great Reset, Agenda 2030 and being part of a Community effort to ‘Take back control’, From Here to There Through Now focuses on some of the more difficult topics that we will have to face, along with some of the practical ideas and solutions that we will have to embrace if The System as we know it should collapse before we are able to change it from within.

You can find From Here to There Through Now on Amazon HERE.

The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government

Looking at how we all make decisions, The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government focuses on the process of understanding and awareness that will be essential within all parts of the political, governance and public services systems, IF we are to run them in the best interests of everyone, rather than how they are run now.

You can find The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government on Amazon HERE.

A Community Route

A Community Route uncovers the obstacles and blocks that stand in the way of so many of us working together universally when we are already in groups or echo chambers and fail to appreciate that the key to the door of what all outsider groups have in common is the recognition of the need for change.

You can find A Community Route on Amazon HERE.

The Grassroots Manifesto

Whereas Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE addresses the need for change by working with the existing dysfunctional British Political System, The Grassroots Manifesto takes a very different approach and focuses on how we can build a much more effective system of democracy by completely rejecting the exiting Top-Down model of Elections and Governance, bringing as much power back to our Communities as practically possible, so that all decisions are made from the Grassroots-Up.

You can find The Grassroots Manifesto on Amazon HERE.

How to Get Elected

My Book ‘How to Get Elected’ is the ‘How to’ Guide that I mentioned at the end of STEP 10.

How to Get Elected will be an invaluable guide to anyone who wants to understand how Elections work and what steps you will need to take as a Candidate, and of course how we can all support Candidates who have already been Endorsed by Community Meetings.

You can find How to Get Elected on Amazon HERE.


Postscript | Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE

If you’ve reached this point of the book; still consider yourself to be NONE OF THE ABOVE, but are also thinking “nah, this isn’t for me” – or similar, perhaps you should ask yourself “What else are we actually going to do?”

People and the Community itself is where all the real power of any true democracy lies.

Remove the filters that the current workings of this world inflict upon people, and then and only then, can you experience what will happen when all people, together, are given a real choice and have the responsibility of choosing anyone and everyone who becomes a public representative and then leads.

Someone else’s choice is no choice at all. No matter how many choices or how different those choices might seem.

I trust you and I trust everyone else, whoever you and whoever they are, with the responsibility of making the choice of all Our Public Representatives, knowing it will be of benefit to me, so long as no other agendas or motives are allowed to interfere or influence the decision-making process at any point along the way.

The PROCESS, METHOD and AIM that Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE has proposed to you within the pages of this Book may not be perfect and certainly cannot provide any guarantees.

However, this Book does present the key mechanics and principles of how real and meaningful change can become achievable for us all, once the battle for true freedom and our right to democracy has been won.

There is no alternative to embracing people power, If we genuinely want to experience positive and beneficial change.

Anything less will inevitably lead many more of the experiences that are increasingly challenging, that confuse us, because we do not understand they to be our fault.

Without us playing our part in claiming our power back, we will remain on a pathway of inevitable and negative change that will happen to us all, nonetheless.


Afterword | Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE

Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE is going to annoy some people. Perhaps many people. You may be one of them.

However, if you are annoyed, the chances are that you are a lot closer to being able to adapt to a system that will work for you and for everyone, than those others who are not.

Those who ignore or ridicule work like this, are not in any way open to the reality that we, that humanity now faces. It is best to leave them to wake up, in their own time, alone.

The difference between successful change of the kind that we need is as simple as the difference in what we believe, because we have experienced it in our past already, and what we believe in for our future, because we have faith that it can and will be done.

You don’t need to be able to see how the outcome of following the principles and methodology of this Book will work. But it will work out, if you believe and have faith that it can.

Your Role in Our Future | You just want to be able to Vote NONE OF THE ABOVE

If you are still thinking that the only time that any of this will matter is when it comes to the next Election and the time that you are next required to go out and Vote, I’m afraid it’s time to face a certain truth:

Waiting for change will always mean that change will not be something you take part in. Change will certainly come, but it will be something that happens to you.

Even if you are one of the many who will only see your real contribution being that moment when you pick up the pencil and ballot paper and draw a cross in a box to make your Vote, change requires that you do not remain passive between now and when the next Election comes.

Please do read through all of Part 1 and the TEN STEPS, so that you understand and can identify what the process of change will look like when it reaches your Community.

Please then continue and read Part 2 which has been written for those of us who still see their contribution to the future as being no more than a Vote.


Your Role in Our Future | You want to be an active part of the Political change

You’ve read this far. You are interested in taking part. You just want to feel convinced.

At this point, you will probably fall into one of two groups:

  • You will either be thinking ‘I’d like to take part and do something’.
  • Or you will be thinking ‘I’ll wait and make a choice when it’s the next time to Vote’.

If you are already thinking that you will take part and make a contribution because the content of what this book suggests makes sense to you, please remember that real change we are about to begin working towards doesn’t look like anything you are used to. Nor does it resemble anything that you have already seen or already know.

If you are ready, please keep reading the TEN STEPS to Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE that follow in Part 1, next.


Be The Change. So that your Community and your Country can do so too | NONE OF THE ABOVE

The future of Politics is about everything working well for everyone. Everyone must therefore be involved in choosing that future.

Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE recognises and responds to the flaws that exist within the accepted idea that the only way the existing political system in the UK can function is by having it controlled and populated by Political Parties and Politicians who tell us they are there to work for us all, but only have their own interests in mind.

Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE proposes a genuine alternative pathway to electing the Politicians we are given, as being the way to ensure that the Public Representatives we elect are genuine, and always put the interests of the Public and the Communities they represent first.


Today’s Political Parties and Speakers ALWAYS have an Agenda

Established Political Parties follow ideologies or philosophies that are idealistic, or formed around the thinking of the People who lead them.

By their very nature, Political Parties do not take account of the needs of everyone.

Political Parties will always be aligned with or have biases towards a specific group. Usually, one or more that serves its own purposes, or is aligned or identified with its own key demographic groups.

The way that Politicians would usually account for the way that Political Parties and groups work is to say that they are focusing on the important issues of the day.

There is always an inherent undertone that silently speaks ‘we represent the true majority’. The statement is presented without any evidence. But it is treated by many as credible, just because of the platform that the media or social media platforms have given them.

The problem is, existing Politicians and Political Parties aren’t credible. None of them can be relied upon. Because once anyone is motivated only by ‘what is important to them’, they can soon be led and influenced by anything else that is presented in such a way that is equally important to them.

Whilst this thinking is already the cause of great public harm, the reality is that it is human nature.

It’s what very stupid People do when they find themselves with power and responsibility that they are not equipped to handle appropriately.


Why ALL OF THE ABOVE will NEVER work for your Community and certainly won’t work for you

Have you ever had a politician who represents an existing Political Party come up to you, and without telling you what they already stand for, take the time to ask and make the effort necessary to actually listen only to what you think?

The greatest flaw that all Political Parties and Political Groups that already exist today share, is that any good they could be doing is quickly erased by the fact they are all pulling in their own specific directions.

None of them stop to think about what it would mean to be unified. To be working together. To have the ability to speak and to represent us universally with one and just one voice.