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Surviving The Great Reset | Grow Your Own | Using Window Boxes

If you don’t have a garden, you almost certainly have windows. These are great places to grow things you can eat – and they can behave a little like greenhouses do too.

Depending on the size of your window ledge, you may be able to place some trays or troughs along the ledge, or perhaps affix some brackets with a trough or trays just underneath – as long as there is nothing like a radiator or similar in the way.

Do a search on ‘window gardens’, ‘what to grow in a window garden’, ‘setting up a window garden’, to get some ideas of what will be involved.

If your window box is outdoors, you may need to make sure that it is secured against wind or bad weather.

If the only windows you have available look abut a public pathway or road, growing food outside may not be the best plan for you – as your produce could disappear overnight when others who might be desperate can see – and easily reach – what you have grown.

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Surviving The Great Reset | Grow Your Own | Using Your Garden

As you read this, you may be able to turn your head and look out of the window and see a beautifully manicured lawn, a play area dedicated to private use for your kids, or a yard space where you can just make out the evidence of a recent visit from your dog.

Either way and whatever you might use your garden for today, gardens have historically had a much more meaningful, practical and yes – essential use.

Lawned gardens outside houses today are a luxury. So, if your outdoor area is in sunlight and can clearly grow leafy or grassy things, there is a much better use for it than growing grass – right now.

The space that you have available and how much you use of it is up to you. But the more you can use, the more food you could grow and then have available, the more types you can grow and the list goes on.

Once again, research on ‘how to dig my garden’, ‘how to cultivate my garden’ or terms like these should give you some great pointers on how to get started.

In terms of tools, a good strong step-on fork and a possibly a spade too might be all that you will need to get started, and these are all available online, at DIY stores or any large retailer that has a section for outdoors.

Something to bear in mind: If food does get really short for everyone – which is a very real risk, people who for whatever reason do not have food of their own available are likely to grab anything that it’s easy for them to do so – especially when its quiet or nobody is around at night. If you can, do grow your food somewhere that’s out of everyone else’s sight. You can always share, exchange or give away food that you have harvested when you have more than you or those around you will need. But that won’t be possible if you should find yourself short for reasons that are out of your control.

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Surviving The Great Reset | Grow Your Own | Using Greenhouses & Glass Boxes

The easiest way to improve growth of vegetable that grow above the surface of the soil, is to grow them under cover of plastic sheets or glass.

If you have these available now, that’s great. If not, do have a look online, or go and visit one of the big DIY chains to get some ideas, and then go back online and find the most cost-effective versions of whatever you have been looking at.

Bigger greenhouses can be heated, and if you can heat a greenhouse cost-effectively when energy to do so is available, it will mean that you can grow some produce that would normally be seasonal, year-round.

However, the best use for glass or plastic coverings is to secure and keep your food safe from animals, insects or other pests – when you are growing outside.

Again, please do a web search using terms like ‘what to grow under glass’, ‘how to grow under glass’, or ’10 best foods to grow in my greenhouse’.

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Surviving The Great Reset | Grow Your Own | Get Some Seeds & Seedlings

If you’ve ever heard someone you think of being a nerd, going on about saving or storing seeds, this is probably the moment when you will begin to make some sense of why.

Pretty much every vegetable, fruit or cereal that we eat can only be grown because someone has had the good sense to harvest, store and then distribute their seeds.

You will need seeds to grow whatever vegetables or fruits that you might choose.

Seeds are available online and even in some supermarkets, depending on the time of year. I picked up number of sachets a few days ago in Sainsburys (That’s well-known chain of supermarkets in the UK) and you are likely to find them near the flowers or any gardening things.

Again, its worth having a read up to check what you will be able to grow. Very little that you can grow in the garden will provide a crop year-round, if at all. So the next question will be what, where and how you can grow (or store) so you have something available year-round.

If you are lucky – and especially so at this time of year (spring/early summer), you might happen across seedlings that are vegetable or fruit plants already beginning to grow, on sale by the side of the road, at a garden centre or even in the plants section at your local supermarket. Grab a few if you can, as this is a great way to get a head start – and encourage yourself to get the growing bug – which can be very rewarding once you do!

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Surviving The Great Reset | Grow your own | Use the wisdom of others

It has never been easier to get help and advice on how to grow things. Gardeners and the people who already grow their own vegetable and fruits for themselves or on a small commercial scale are often very happy to share their experience and provide tips that will prove very helpful when it comes to growing your own.

There are plenty of blogs, websites and low-cost downloadable books and pamphlets available and you will find these literally by starting with a search of ‘grow your own’.

If you are a fellow blogger and author writing about growing your own food, nutrition from basic foods, growing methods or even if you are selling good, easy to set up and use equipment without looking to cash in, NOT for the apocalypse – but as a long-term thing, I would love to hear from you and share some links. We really will help ourselves if we work together to help all!

e-mail or let’s start a conversation on @levellinglevel on Twitter or Facebook.

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Surviving The Great Reset: Basic Foods that YOU CAN GROW

You may be surprised to learn that the number and range of different foods that you can grow at home is surprisingly large.

However, whilst there be the temptation to run off and start growing mangos or something that tastes sugary and nice once its picked, a lot of the options that are available wont be practical either because of the time they take to grown, lack of space or the restrictions placed on you by the environment that is available to you.

The next and possibly the most challenging part of this big step towards what might feel like a very new way of living will once again to focus only on what you need and not what you want.

The aim above anything else is nutrition, so that even if you cannot reach the intake of the daily number of calories that would be recommended specifically for you, what you do have available to eat will always be good for you.

These are the kinds of vegetables that you can grow from not already doing anything – depending on what resources you have available or are able to secure:

  • Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Lettuce
  • Cauliflower
  • Cucumber
  • Marrow
  • Turnips
  • Swedes
  • Parsnips
  • Tomatoes
  • Sweetcorn
  • Onions

The chances are that there are more options and different varieties of the options that are available to you, that will become clearer to you as you determine what your options really are, and what will work best for you in your situation.

My suggestion would be that you identify which growing systems are available to you, and that you then research which foods it will be easiest to grow in the shortest times possible.

You may also want to consider things like what resources you will need to keep providing on an ongoing basis, so that once you have harvested each crop, you will have all that you will require so that you can grow and harvest the next.

Like everything in life, growing food is a learning curve. Every time you go through the cycle you know more than you did before, and when growing food makes a real difference, it will help you to have already learned the lessons about what kind of growing works best for you and to have knowledge of all that is involved.

The best way to be able to Prepare, Produce and make Provision is to start growing your own right now!

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Grow Your Own: Take control now. Whilst you can. Whilst resources are available.

Anything that can happen probably will in some way. So once the idea of something happening has entered your awareness, its probably a good idea to make provision for its eventuality. So that you at least have a contingency plan in place.

However, there is a clear caveat to this. That is that at the same time, you DON’T let the possibility of something happening take over your life. Especially not in the way that you have probably imagined it could happen!

We don’t know what every part of The Great Reset will look or feel like for any of us. But what we do know is that food supply is now at a very high level of risk.

The time to offset the risk of food scarcity and food shortages for ourselves and the people we care about is right now. NOT when the food supply has already stopped.

Your immediate reaction might be that you don’t have any idea how to grow food. It could well be that you don’t have the space. It’s very likely to be ‘I don’t have a garden!’.

None of these issues are likely to stop you from ‘growing your own’, if you really want to take the proactive steps that are available for you to make provision and start preparing for shortages right now.


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Surviving The Great Reset: Grow Your Own Food – AND GET STARTED NOW!

Of all the things you can do to help and provide for yourself and those around you during The Great Reset and then beyond it too, the most helpful will be growing your own food.

Even during the acute stages of the Great Reset, the chances that there are absolutely no basic foods available for any prolonged period of time should be thankfully very small.

But that doesn’t mean the choice of what could be available over weeks or possibly months, isn’t very limited. Or, of that which is available, specific foods are not available either as regularly or in the quantities that we have become used to, or that we would like them to be.

As you read this today, many and indeed most of the ‘fancy’ or rather the highly processed foods that you are probably telling yourself that you need will still be available. Either on supermarket shelves, in chillers or in a frozen form.

But that availability is already changing.

Items you normally buy each week might already be missing one week and then back the next.

The number of items you are experiencing this temporary shortage of is probably already increasing.

The next thing that could happen is you could go online or walk into your local supermarket and find that the deliveries of all the things that you consider to be important hasn’t come in for your next shop. Then it doesn’t appear for weeks.

This could happen at any time. And it will.


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Surviving The Great Reset: Farmers are not ready for the change, so we must be until they are

The current system is not set up to get all the foods we actually need grown and prepared for us locally. So when the acute stages of The Great Reset happen and the big profit-focused supply chains have irreparably broken down, the reality is that there will be a period of time when this ‘old systme’ stops providing for us, and when the new (or rather renewed) local supply chain system has been put in place.

Yes, there are some really good examples of Farmers here in the UK and elsewhere too, who are offering us all their dairy products, meats, produce and even beer that has come from crops and animals grown and prepared on the farm.

If you’ve tried what they produce, you will already know that its fantastically good. But right now its also very expensive – because of how the big corporate interests have such a ridiculous level of control.

If our politicians were awake enough and forward thinking enough to recognise what lies ahead – even though they bear much of the responsibility for it happening themselves, they would be doing everything they could to support our Farmers – who by their very nature are great innovators – to turn production on its head and grow and produce everything locally, either on their own, or as part of small and localised cooperatives that make practical sense with how different animals are taken care of and how different produce and crops are grown.

Politicians will not do that today, because like the big interests that profit from it, they have too much invested in everything continuing as it appears to be at the moment, and for it continuing to be run and to make money or to continue to benefit them in the same way.

We will have no option but to work with and support our local farmers to reequip and redesign their operations and business models when the time comes that we need them. This may even mean some of us literally getting out there and helping on the land. Otherwise the future beyond The Great Reset will be one where our lives revolve around little more than the question of what we will next have to eat.

The hard message to take in and consider here, is that without the changes in policy and the contingency planning that our out-of-touch politicians should today be taking care of, there is a period of time – that will hopefully be short – when in respect of at least some foods, but potentially a lot more and possibly everything that we need, we may have to go without.

We cannot rely on our politicians to do the right thing. We cannot rely on Politicians to keep everyone fed. We cannot rely on Politicians to keep the things that are vital to our life working, when things will no longer work, and the only solution Politicians have is to ask how much it will cost.

We have to Prepare, Produce and make Provision.

It’s time to start growing your own food.

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Surviving The Great Reset: Why we need to be able to Prepare, Produce & Make Provision

Because of the way that the system around us has been developed to keep increasing and funnelling profits at the few, more and more of the lessons for life and good living – which are more often than not metaphorical – are being hidden from view.

Not only that. Very regrettably, because this whole system only works or benefits financial interests by becoming increasingly big, it means that the supply chains that get food to us – like the example of the production of the dairy products from cows – get more and more spread out over our Country, or even across borders too.

Supply chains involve more and more processing that involves more and more people and interests that we do not experience or see. And all the time this form of centralisation has been happening, the very stable, short supply chains that would mean all of the food that is grown or produced for us locally and where we can be in touch with the whole process, has all but been completely wiped out.

We are now in danger because we have become over reliant on a system that is already beginning to crash. And it’s a system that has been rebuilt so that it supports the way that big business works.

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