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December 6, 2022 Leave a comment
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Noise isn’t action. Just because a problem is talked about by Politicians or in the Media, it doesn’t mean anything is being done

December 6, 2022 Leave a comment

Because of the way that media, social media, the internet and the dissemination of information works today, our attention is all too easily distracted and diverted away from many of the things that we should really have much greater care for.

Meanwhile, the way that we have become conditioned to interact with the flow of information coming at us from the world outside of us or outside of our life bubbles also has the ability to additional weight to events and to the influence of celebrity and people with public platforms in a disproportionate and therefore highly misleading way.

Regrettably, this has become an ingrained cultural problem to the point where many people believe that it is normal.

In respect of the issues that we really should be considering as important to us personally as well as communally, the result is that unless we are actually looking properly and not taking everything as read or at face value, we are missing the news, or when it reaches us, it comes with a wrapping of opinion that far exceeds its genuine value.

Unfortunately, we easily fall into the trap of believing that what we don’t hear about or what we don’t see doesn’t matter, and take for granted that when we do hear about anything, the fact that the information has come to us in some way means that solutions are already being found and that whatever is necessary is already being done.

Sadly, for all of us, this simply isn’t the case.

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Accepting second best and compromise as the only alternative to the Politicians we have today doesn’t work: It’s what we’ve tried doing for decades already

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The giant step or quantum leap on the path of voluntary change is reaching the understanding and the acceptance that what we genuinely need from our Politicians and from Government now and for a better future will not simply be offered up to us on a plate.

There are plenty of wannabe politicians as well as existing politicians who can appeal to many of us as an alternative to what we already have right now.

Those who covet public roles, just like the Politicians in control today did so before they assumed power will use words, use the media, use social media platforms and even look a certain way that sounds like or gives the appearance that once elected they would be different, do different things and take governance of our Country in a very different and beneficial way.

Regrettably, the majority of these people are or would be no different to the Unconscious Politicians that we have already got and would deliver Public Policy with the same biases and being subject to the same kinds of self-serving motivations and influences as Politicians we see sat as Conservatives, Greens, Liberal Democrats, Labour and the SNP already are.

For example, as I write this in late November 2022, the Political Party or Group known as ‘Reform UK’ which doesn’t currently have any seats in the UK or Westminster Parliament, is promoting itself as an alternative to the current government on the basis that it says it will stop illegal immigration via France across the English Channel – simply by ‘stopping the boats’.

Single issues are by their very nature single issues. That’s not what General Elections are about.

The existing Political Parties and the Politicians who appear to have credible policies that suggest they will solve the widest number of problemswin General Elections, because their approach touches most areas of Public Policy.

However, the Parties that we have – even the ones we haven’t elected yet – do so Unconsciously.

The Political Parties and the Politicians we have whether elected or not, do not understand, consider, make allowance for or think about the consequences of everything they touch for everyone who can be touched by what they do.

They are false prophets. With messages that appeal because something or some part of it looks or sounds great to enough of us in some way.

The reality is that they are Unconscious and have no appreciation of what their piecemeal involvement in Public Policy and legislating will really do.

There is no meaningful exception to this rule.

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The UK ‘System’ of Governance and Public Services is now broken beyond repair

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As is the case with most money-based or money-obsessed systems and their countries around the world, the UK ‘System’ is now broken beyond repair.

Along with the USA, the UK may soon prove to be just a little further ahead in the race towards the bottom and a final collapse.

But in real terms, the reality of having every government across the world led by sleepwalking Politicians and with Unconscious Politics will soon add up to the same thing. What we will personally experience in the form of massive change and a period of painful challenges lies ominously ahead.

Whilst the downward line of trajectory that successive UK Governments have subjected the UK to has been the same since the FIAT monetary system and unhindered globalism was arguably fully embraced in the decades since 1971, there have been many, if not countless opportunities when Politicians could have taken steps to lead and run ‘The System’ in a very different way.

As the thinking that the money-based order that the UK sits within has successfully reached everyone and everything, the belief in money as a thing, rather than money being just a means of exchange has moved the emphasis of modern life away from humanity and values to measuring and qualifying everything in terms of what you earn, what you can accumulate and what you can own.

We have now reached a point where the prioritisation of money, greed and the accumulation of wealth with easy living is so obsessive and the sickness about money and the role it plays in life so profound, we have long since reached and passed the point where ‘The System’ itself as we know it could be repaired.

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The impact of poor politics, poor Politicians & poor decisions in all areas of Public Policy: We have inequality, imbalance, injustice and unfairness creating winners and losers in life

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The impact of Poor Politics or poor decision making, undertaken without due care and consideration of all the facts, consequences and what is balanced, fair and just, is what you see and experience when you look outward into the world in any way today.

If your own life and experience has not been touched in a way that is discernable to you personally so far, please do be grateful.

If your eyes are open to see beyond the narratives, you will witness problems, pain and suffering being visited upon innocent people and entire communities.

If you really want to see how Unconscious Politics and the Unconscious System of Government and Governance that we have is affecting people, you will not need to look very far.

The majority of the problems that people, communities and entire Countries face are unnecessary and could be avoided.

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Politicians are unaware of the impact of the decisions they make, because they have no understanding of the lives that the majority of the population live

December 6, 2022 Leave a comment

The reality of how the UK Political System and how British Politics is broken, can be more than adequately explained in the difference between having Politicians who are effectively unconscious or ‘asleep at the wheel’ as they are today, and the very distinct alternative of having Politicians who are fully conscious of the reasons for and the implications of everything they do.

It cannot be emphasised strongly enough, just how real the different consequences are and will be between what we already have and what we could have and should have in terms of decision making in the best interests of everyone and everything.

These differences will continue to exist for as long as we fail to embrace the necessary process of change, rather than continue to seek what look like easy alternatives.

All of the Public Policy decisions being made today and the decisions that have been made for decades have been made with highly subjective aims.

The aims or desired outcomes that led to these decisions may have been to appeal to the Voters who typically support the Political Party in or seeking power. They may have been to keep the Banks, The Markets and Big Business happy. They may have been to maintain or gain favour with the EU or the Government of a Country such as the USA. They may have been based upon what the government of the day decided that ‘they’ could afford (£).

Whatever the motives or drivers behind the decisions may have been, those motives have become preferential influences or biases.

This means that the decisions have been made without consideration of all the facts, impacts and consequences in mind – as they always should be.

Poor decisions made by Politicians, influenced by biases or fears that favour one thing or the aims or wants of certain people always disadvantage something else or other people in some way.

There is no in-between – irrespective of whether the result is publicly seen or unseen.

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Today’s Politicians are unconscious, unaware and asleep at the wheel. This means everything is out of control

December 5, 2022 Leave a comment

The problems that we are facing today have been created little by little and step by step over a very long period of time.

Yes, you will read and hear many well-known public figures and people such as journalists attributing blame for everything to an existing Political Party like The Conservatives, Liberal Democrats or Labour; to events such as Brexit, The Covid Pandemic or even The War in Ukraine.

But the reality underpinning all of the problems that we have, the way that these Political Parties behave and the way that events such as Brexit, Covid and Ukraine have been dealt with too, is it has been the thinking, mindset, values, motives, integrity and understanding of the decision makers – The Politicians – when each and every decision has been made, that has led the UK and the World to be where we all are today.

Believe it or not, the pivot point between Politicians making good decisions on Public Policy or making poor decisions on our behalf comes down to their understanding of the difference between what’s right for them subjectively and what’s right for everyone objectively.

The problem with Politicians today is they either don’t understand the difference between what’s right for them vs what’s right for everyone, or they deliberately fail to discern between the two.

Either way, the result is very much the same. In the most basic of terms: Politicians are not making decisions based upon being fully aware and in full consideration of everything that is relevant to each decision.

Politicians make poor decisions and continue to make poor decisions because they believe that the methods of thinking, acting and behaving they have adopted culturally are acceptable, proper and therefore ok.

Politics will not change or even deviate away from this until Politicians change the way that they think, or we change the way that we think and elect Politicians who think differently.

Because decisions are not being made in the best interests of everyone, Politicians have and are still creating life experiences for increasing numbers of people – and potentially for us all – that are out of control.

Real people, living real lives and having real life experiences just like you and I are on the sharp end of this right now.

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Problems always begin with the way that we think

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You may only aware that there is something wrong with the world beyond our doors.

If the problems outside haven’t walked directly into your life and touched you yet, the chances are that your experience will tell you that whatever might be wrong, those kinds of problems will always get sorted out. That everything will ultimately be fine, and things as you know them, or what you have consider to be normal, will just carry on as they always have before.

It is certainly true that the UK and the World has been in a mess many times before. However, what we face now is likely to be different to anything that anyone has experienced in living memory. It has the potential to be far worse than anything that the history books that we have seen can tell us. We are now in the first stages of what will be inevitable change.

Contrary to the accepted or common view, the reasons for this change and the combination of problems that will lead to and be part of it, it is not the events that happen that cause the real problems.

It is the way that we think, act and behave – and more importantly the way that our decision makers think, act and behave towards all events that have an impact upon all or a number of us, that really count.

Poor thinking, actions and behaviour in decision making leads to poor experiences of life.

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The crisis that we face and the problems ahead were not deliberate. But they weren’t created by accident either

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The UK and the world are sleepwalking towards disaster. Chaos that could have been avoided if the people who lead us – Our Politicians, had taken a very different approach to the way that they think, act and behave when it comes to the decisions they make.

Contrary to accepted thought or to any common or accepted narrative, the people who we currently elect to be Politicians are rarely the best fit to fulfil the role of being a public representative.

Poor Public Representatives make decisions subjectively, in an isolated or myopic way, and do so without due care and attention to the broad range of factors and considerations that the Public should be able to expect and already assume will inform the process of how objectively based Public Policy – which should be all of it – is made.

It is because we have been electing people who are not suitable to be Politicians for so long, that the negative impact from having poor decisions made repeatedly to solve that problems that previous poor decisions made by other unsuitable Politicians have created, that the effect on everything has been cumulative, getting steadily but unconsciously worse.

Bit by bit, ‘The System’ that we have has become increasingly skewed away from and in many ways proactively geared against balance, fairness and what we might call being just in about every conceivable sense possible, when it comes to the different life experiences that we all have.

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The purpose of The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government

December 5, 2022 Leave a comment

It is reasonably safe to assume that if you have found your way to reading even this page, you are both aware that we are facing massive societal and economic problems, locally, nationally and internationally too.

The chances are however, that you will already have an idea or ideas of your own that anchor to what you have concluded yourself or that you agree with others to be the cause.

Common causes for problems like the Cost-of-Living Crisis, Inflation, National and Personal Debt, Energy Prices, Strikes and others too are identified as events such as Brexit, The Covid Pandemic, The War in Ukraine, or placed directly at the feet of The Government, a previous government, any one of The Political Parties or one or more of the Politicians involved.

However, it is not the events that the Country and the World has faced which are the cause of our problems themselves.

It is not the Political Party, the Group or Individual itself that can be identified as the cause.

Yes, the way that our Governments, Politicians and anyone with influence or responsibility for the response and measures taken to mitigate against or implement solutions to, or even see them through to conclusion are certainly a more informed way to think about these events, rather than it being all about the events themselves.

But even the response or way that those with power have responded isn’t the real cause of our problems.

Our problems are caused by the way that we, and more importantly the way that our Politicians and anyone with influence or responsibility that can affect our lives in some way thinks, acts and behave.

It is thoughts, actions and behaviour that cause everything. This is what really matters when it comes to the effects of every decision taken that affects Public Policy of any kind, and then finds its way to us.

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The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government: Now available on Amazon for Kindle

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Hi Everyone,

I’m really pleased to announce that my latest Book for Kindle ‘The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government’ is now published and available for download on Amazon.

As has been the case with ‘Levelling Level’, ‘The People First Economy and The Basic Living Standard’ and ‘From Here to There Through Now’ – which have all been published this year, the different pages or messages will be published separately and FREE to read on my different Blogs over the coming days this December.

The content will also be available to read on a more structured basis at

The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government is very much a stand-alone work, as it proposes and discusses a methodology and approach to how we do politics, government and governance in pretty much every sense, rather than focusing on more specific solutions and suggestions beyond ‘The Basic Living Standard’ itself, as I have done in these 3 earlier books.

What I’ve learned from conversations with many different people with what often begin to be very contrary, sometimes entrenched and almost certainly the polar opposite to my own political views, is that proposing what I presented to them as awakened views and approaches in the same sense as proposed in The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government usually makes a lot of sense.

Any resistance or opposition is then based purely on the idea that the way that the world works. More specifically how politics, government and the establishment works being fixed, and not subject to change – with the inherent suggestion that they know and accept that the way that ‘The System’ works is certainly far from right, but in their view its simply much safer for them and better for everyone if we all just ‘play along’.

As a former Councillor and Member of a District Level Local Authority where I was Chair of Licensing, both a former Parish and Town Councillor, formally a Senior Manager and Project Manager within the Charity Sector, a former Local Government Officer as well as being a successful Business Owner, Entrepreneur and Managing Director in commercial business too, I have become attuned to the practicalities and mechanics of the way that the different sectors all work.

What is clear today, is the way that the way that Politics, Government and the Public Sector work today – or more specifically, the way that the people with roles within all of them think, act and behave is now having a negative impact upon the life experience of many more of us than it is not.

‘The System’ is out of balance, is massively unfair and doesn’t maintain justice of an equitable and human kind in any meaningful sense.

Change is now inevitable. With it comes the opportunity to review, reform and reset the way that everything is governed on our behalf. We can either remain passive, stand back and wait for those who have subjective agendas to carve up our futures in their own self-benefitting ways, or we can take back the power that is rightfully ours and take part in laying the foundations of a much happier, fair, balanced and just future, based on ensuring that the frameworks and structures of governance that affect every part of shared or communal life are created, revised and maintained objectively and with what is always in the best interests of us all in mind.

The Truss Conundrum

October 10, 2022 Leave a comment

There is no pleasure in seeing a British Prime Minister so far out of their depth, that even an author and philosopher who she says she is greatly inspired by publicly, announces that the Prime Minister does not understand what he was writing about.

The announcement that Truss has written off a multi-million Pound media campaign to advise people how to lower their energy usage and thereby save money is troubling.

Just these two examples suggest Liz Truss is incapable of thinking for herself. That the idealism talked up across the media consists of little more than whatever she happens to have read and taken away from a book, watched on a screen or heard somebody she likes whispering in her ear.

For those who are really thinking hard about the situation that not only the UK, but the entire world is facing, the reality that Liz Truss is not only slavishly following the economic philosophy of neoliberalism, but working tirelessly to take the whole thing into a new league, is very troubling indeed.

We have of course heard Truss talking lots about growth in recent days. Especially in her speech at the Conservative Party Conference, where she effectively drew a line between those who are pro-growth and those who are not.

Growth is of course one of the key mantras of the neoliberalism movement. Of free marketeers. Of all those who are driven by, motivated by, and intoxicated by the FIAT money-based system. The money-based order that is behind and at the basis of ALL of the problems that the world and the UK now faces.

An ongoing series of British Prime Ministers from different political parties have been very fortunate, in that the economic environment has allowed them to do pretty much as they liked without any great threat of repercussions.

Truss, however, is on the tail end of 4 Conservative Prime Ministers who have made decisions that have exaggerated and accelerated the demise and destruction of a dying world order. One that was always destined to collapse. It was only a question of when.

As the situation worldwide has become critical and we progress into the early stages of an economic crash, with deglobalization now fully underway, Truss’ inability to read any situation in real time for herself, whilst being surrounded by people who are doing exactly the same as they attempt to advise her, means that she has completely lost touch with reality and what the Country faces.

Truss does not understand that even the slightest move in the wrong direction or contrary to what is genuinely needed, will now have significant consequences for everyone.

On her current course, the Truss Government is destined to collapse quickly. But this does not necessarily mean that good news will follow if there is yet another change.

There is nobody in politics today who offers anything better than what Truss can. This means that the consequences of yet another change in Prime Minister, whether that be to another Conservative, or through a General Election to a leader of another political party – from any of those that we have on offer, will lead to consequences for all of us which are likely to be considerably worse.

A change in leader or leadership now, without genuine and universal change in approach to all areas of public policy will be a downward step that quickly proves even more disastrous. Much like the transition from Boris Johnson to Truss, which we have only Just undergone.

Dreadful as the prospect may seem, the UK needs stability. At least in terms of who is the incumbent at No.10.

However, whilst Truss may have modelled herself and wished to be seen as the new Thatcher, believing that it would be as simple as telling the world she is another lady who is not for turning, it is indeed turning that the UK now very much needs her to do.

The machinations and the philosophy of the dying world order, which has been harnessed by the world elites, organisations such as the World Economic Forum (WEF), and the establishment of which Truss and those around her are very much a part, has now reached its final phase of self-destruct.

But even now, as the chaos they are responsible for engulfs the world, those who are desperate to save their order, telling us that it will be something new, believe everything they are doing, controlling and pushing will ultimately lead to the continuation of their control.

It won’t. But the process they are following and inflicting upon us all will destroy many lives and with it much of what we already know, for as long as this disastrous approach continues to be pursued.

Truss has a great opportunity to turn away from this, reject everything she has pursued as an MP, and take all of us and the UK a very different way.

Whilst Truss may appear to be a frightened rabbit in the headlights, terrified of turning or doing U turns of any other kind, the Prime Minister has the choice to reject the narratives and the words of the people and the influences that currently surround her too.

She can begin the process of change by listening and taking information and guidance from very different people, very different advisers, and very different sources of influence who genuinely see people across the UK and what’s good for us all, as the right and common cause.

In times of peace, economic stability, and when there appeared to be no dangers coming over the hill, there would have been plenty of opportunity for any Prime Minister or political movement to develop, discuss and test strategies in public policy which after robust discussion and acting upon feedback could be then considered to be in the best interest of us all to pursue.

That time no longer exists. Indeed, such moments in time have been wilfully squandered and wasted by many prime ministers and different political parties in power that have come before Truss and her Government.

Strategies and the time for their development is always a gift. A genuine bonus of peacetime.

Everything that Truss faces now must be considered to be on a war footing. Nothing less.

The priority must be the people. Ensuring that everyone can rely on public systems and support that provides the basic necessities that life requires in order that people can get by and survive through the turbulent weeks, months and potentially years that now lie ahead of us.

Developing strategy in real time and on the hoof will be a necessary and vital part of this. Not least of all because onshoring of every conceivable type of industry and the redevelopment of very localised supply chains and local food production are an essential part of safeguarding the UK’s future.

Firefighting and dealing with the coming emergency must itself incorporate the stepping stones and building blocks of the UK’s return to National self-sufficiency, with the focus on doing all of the things in the UK that the UK can and will always do well.

There are going to be shortages. Shortages of everything. Shortages that cannot be avoided by any kind of media campaign or narrative aimed at fooling the people in anyway.

Britain now needs a wartime Prime Minister who can electrify the electorate with words of hope, motivating and inspiring people to look at and think about life differently.

Our Prime Minister must be able to harness and apply brutal honesty in a way that makes sense of difficult times in a way that resonates and is accessible to us all.

She may not realise it yet, but Truss could turn everything that has gone wrong for her and has been seen to go wrong with her, around.

But that opportunity only exists for Truss if she chooses to be a very different kind of Prime Minister to the one she is currently fixated on being within her own mind, rather than where she really is.

From Here to There Through Now

October 3, 2022 Leave a comment

The world everyone takes for granted is in chaos. Financial Markets and Currencies are imploding and there’s talk of shortages, massive inflation, and a Cost-of-Living Crisis.

You know that something is seriously wrong. But you also find yourself completely at odds with what government, politicians and the establishment are doing. You look beyond, but cannot find any sensible way to identify with those who are blaming conspiracies for all our problems at the other end of what should surely be a reasoned debate. You ask yourself ‘Where is the real commonality between everyone; where is the middle ground?’

It may be reassuring to know that you are not alone.

Like almost every debate, argument, way of thinking or popular cause in today’s world, the question of government versus the people is just another example of how differences divide everyone, and how society is completely fractured as a result.

We have reached a dangerous impasse where groups demand you are either with them or against them. Nothing objective or meaningful can be allowed to get in the way. Finding the common view is simply a lost cause.

The problem is that in terms of where the world is today and the system collapse, crash or Great Reset that is now underway, the stakes of being so emotionally entrenched by the need to be seen as being right, for all of us, have never been so high.

There is another way. A middle way, that opens the door to a very different future. A better way of living and being that is now emerging as the world descends into chaos. Beckoning us all to awaken, learn, understand, and see the world and how it works today for what it is. It invites us all to take a leap of faith to divorce ourselves from the dying world order, and be part of a new grassroots-up, community derived system and economy that will usher in a revival of real values and care for the things in life that really do matter.

In his latest book From Here to There Through Now, Adam Tugwell builds upon the principles of Levelling Level and The Basic Living Standard.

Discussing the crash and system collapse that we are now experiencing, he brings very practical suggestions for the reader of how to thrive and survive as the so-called ‘Great Reset’ takes a firm hold, and how we can then flip everything we know, based upon the current Money-Based-Order and come together as one to establish and build a people centric economy and way of life, that really does just need a leap of faith to begin.

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This Economic Collapse: We are watching greed destroy lives and the real world around us in the forlorn hope that this dying world order and their system based on money will be saved

September 30, 2022 Leave a comment

Before anything else, it’s important to understand that whilst the decisions taken by Prime Minister Liz Truss and her Chancellor represent nothing less than doubling down on the very same stupidity that brought us to where we are now, the chaos they have caused is not itself responsible for the bigger system collapse that is underway.

Like most things in the public realm today, it just serves someone’s self-interest and an agenda that doesn’t help anyone else, for it to be made to look that way.

No, this blog is not an apology for Liz Truss and the ridiculous nature of her first 3 weeks in No. 10. But as I wrote before the disastrous ’mini budget’ last week, there remains a chance that Truss will do a massive u turn on everything, and for anyone with just a little humanity, who cares about where this is all going, this surely must be a shared hope.

So much hides in plain sight in this money obsessed world. Smoke and mirrors and sleight of hand are at work everywhere. And as usual, even when everything is turning to chaos, neither the media nor the majority of people are even considering, let alone asking the questions about all that is happening, as we all really should.

For instance, how is it possible or how can it be that the £Pound can go into free fall and push the British economy to the edge of an economic crash, just because financial traders and people working in money and the markets lose their nerve or start placing bets on what will happen to our currency next?

There is little to be gained by exploring this massively dangerous anomaly here. Other than to state clearly, that this is perhaps the best demonstration of where power in this money-based order lies. And that the meaningful influence and real responsibility for life and living does not lie with the people who we might think.

Begin to consider just how this situation rolls out across almost everything and every part of life. You will soon have other questions in your mind about how every part of life could have reached a point where we all exist at the whim of just a handful of people who have no care for anything out of their own sight.

Out of sight, out of mind, really is dictating the quality, content and realities of millions of people, their lives and their life experience. Not ethically, consciously or considerately. But in yet more ways that money – for just these greedy few – can be made.

No politician within the system that we have now will stand up to or do anything that will inhibit, restrain or redirect the activities of these interests. Not least of all because those running, managing and operating what are basically scams have the power to destroy economies and currencies in a moment; But because of our politician’s slavish devotion to this same money-based order, that all of their careers and futures – no matter their party – have been formed.

The financial, economic and currency system that we have today may well have worked well for the majority of people, IF there had been a sizeable and unavoidable chunk of ethical practices, morality and basic humanity involved and maintained from the very start.

Sadly, not only have principles and consideration of the consequences of every decision – over many points removed – never been present, the whole system and everything it touches has become infected, dehumanised and even less caring about what happens to anyone and everyone else. All as the flaws of the system have evolved and spread to everything since the Gold Standard was abandoned in 1971.

This is NOT the only way things can be.

This is NOT how things should be.

This is NOT how anything needs to be.

There is regrettably an element of truth in the thinking that nothing or no part of this can be changed, at least for the time being. Simply because the continuation of any part of this system, where people invested in it remain in control, means they will only allow and consider change which solidifies their position or will further advantage them in some way.

However, the collapse that these interests are trying to prevent with the very same tools they used to create it, cannot itself be controlled.

The people in charge, whether it’s elites, bankers or politicians, are in fact a very long way from having any sensible or rational ideas about how they can save their dying world order.

That’s why we have wars, pipelines being blown up and ridiculous suggestions being made without a hint of irony that growth for ‘the haves’ is the only way that hunger, poverty and shortages for ‘the have-nots’ can be solved.

Not only those awake to the whole money lie, but the majority who now know that something has gone very wrong, will soon have the opportunity to choose a very different way.

This choice will come when this money-based system has broken and collapsed to the point that it stops working and its very functionality no longer makes any logical sense to people who can no longer be taken in by the con.

There is a lot of pain ahead that people should never have had to be exposed to. Indeed, it was never necessary that any of them should.

It has just been greed, selfishness and the absence of care and consideration for our fellow man that has brought us to the place that we are now, and that we must now face in the weeks, months and years ahead.

By continuing, choosing to continue, agreeing to, taking part in or supporting any of the establishment ideas and tribal thinking that currently exists and will be pumped out at us as the situation becomes critical, it will be made very easy for us to believe that in the hands of the establishment and the dying world order, things can only get better – or at the very least, back to where and how we’ve always known them to be.

However, the system is and has for a very long time been broken beyond repair.

That’s why this system and the old world order is really dying.

The broken bricks and the carcass of this system and its governance can only be used effectively by those who wish for greed and the control of others to continue, by bolting everything that already exixts together even more tightly – which will mean increasing amounts and very intrusive measures of control over what is left of ‘free life’.

Only those who believe they have something to gain by further enslaving people other than themselves will genuinely want to keep the money-based focus for everything going. And there are still a lot of them about.

The alternative is to build a new system and to create a new way of doing everything that is beneficial and fair to all. To quite literally raise a real phoenix from what doesn’t necessarily need to be ashes and build so drying much better and equitable for all, from the grassroots up.

Next week, I will publish my new book From Here to There Through Now. There I will go into much greater detail about what is really happening now, and how we can make the best of the situation, how we can survive and thrive as the transition takes place, and then step off and place the right building blocks working together in our communities as we recreate a people-centric world and remove all of the rot and disease that is rampant within the current system that our new world will replace.

#FromHeretoThereThroughNow #TheBasicLivingStandard #LevellingLevel

Truss & Co. deliver yet another con and tie the money obsessed to the mast of the ship as the hull is about to split

September 23, 2022 Leave a comment

Meanwhile, as Rome burned‘, would be a great way to encapsulate either the greatest con or the deepest travesty delivered by the Truss Government at the Dispatch Box this morning.

The Roman Emperor Nero was of course notorious for playing the fiddle as he watched Rome burn after ordering it to be torched, whilst looking on like it meant nothing from afar. And Truss may have today delivered the final blow to the UKs dying money-focused economy, which could in terms of the UKs ability to function, be viewed very much in like metaphorical terms, if not exactly the same way.

I realise that people who have just been doing the sums and worked out that they might be £1000 a year better off simply don’t want to hear what anyone speaking up against this madness has to say. Nobody ever does when they are thinking ‘I’m alright, mate!’

But before getting carried away and proclaiming statements of the ridiculous such as ‘This is the most Thatcherite Budget since Thatcher’, or ‘This is what the Conservatives should have been doing for the past 12 years’, perhaps you might ask yourself one simple question: ‘Just exactly how will this all be paid for’. And if that doesn’t make you pause for breath, then ask yourself ‘How does this solve any of the other problems that are happening, other than taking my attention away from what’s really going on?

Spoiler: It won’t. It doesn’t.

Perhaps the greatest lie of the FIAT Money age or age of the Money-Based-Order, has been for government, the media, business leaders, bankers, academics and economists to perpetrate the myth that FREE Money actually exists.

We have quite literally had our own greed and selfishness used against us to fuel the belief that easy, unsustainable living and money for nothing comes at no cost to anyone or anything else.

When we all wake up and realise the truth, we will then already be the ones being directly hurt.

Hard to see for no better reason than the fact that we all have very short memories when our deliberately distractive forms of modern life get in the way, the strange truth of everything that is happening around us today – which this ‘Budget’ today has been purposefully designed to stop us from seeing – is that the world of created money was always destined to fail, no matter how long it would take.

It is just the case that the process has taken so long (since 1971 and the end of the Gold Standard) that the con has been going on too long for any of the so-called ‘leaders’ that we now have to realise that the whole thing will continue to appear to work for as long as the wheels remain attached. They don’t realise it will be too late to go a different way, once they have actually fallen off.

The Government and political RESPONSE to Brexit, Covid, Ukraine and now the subsequent energy and cost of living crisis have proven to speed up the inevitable collapse of the system – which to those who are now awake to everything happening around the world right now – is happening right before our eyes.

The media, commentators, the pundits and the opinionati may well play up the great giveaway in Parliament today, as any slavish establishment supporting what is little more than a fledgling tyranny naturally would.

But what they are actually cheering is the speeding-up of the bus that we are all on, already out of control and heading for the cliffs, happy in their own knowledge that instead of attempting to jump out of the emergency exit, those who are drunk on the addictions that this whole culture represents have instead put their seatbelts on and buckled themselves down for this over-the-cliff ride.

The irony is that with events unfolding around the world as they now are, many of the giveaways that have been thrown at so many of the people who least need them, are unlikely to even reach pay packets and tax returns before the whole system as we know it has already collapsed.

However, what this economically illiterate Government will have is a significant part of the Country still looking to them for the solutions that will never actually come when the collapse has fully crash landed. These people will quite literally have made themselves vulnerable to whatever lies and nonsense these charlatan politicians attempt to serve up at a time when we will instead need to quickly remember who we really are and work together with others like ourselves to begin taking back control – that is if we genuinely want the concept of real freedom to survive and then thrive.

Unlike those who have fallen into the trap of believing that there is some great conspiracy at work, rather than us just being on the wrong end of what happens when stupid people get drunk on influence and power, I am confident that when the shit finally hits the fan as it most surely will, enough people will wake up and realise that we do have options that don’t come in the forms of broken promises, well-presented and manufactured lies, and that don’t require us to depend on incompetents and stupidly ambitious people whose own progress and attainment  is the only thing they will ever understand.

Shortages of food and many goods will accompany the energy shortages that are also coming, as the house of cards which is our whole supply chain crashes and exposes everything that has been wrong with our entire greed-based money system and globalized system of supply.

And if this itself was not enough, the realities of a monetary system, based on nothing but created money – as the Truss Government has committed to even more today – will return to its intrinsic value – which isn’t even the paper or webspace that the whole lie has been written on.

Truss cannot stop the collapse. But she could have done a lot to soften the blow.

Instead, she has simply taken over the driving from Boris Johnson and put her foot straight to the floor.

Even a change of heart and a trademark U-Turn from Truss is now likely to flip the bus at the very least.

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We can only hope that Liz Truss performs a trademark U-Turn, instead of continuing to fuel the complete collapse of everything that we have known, unopposed

September 21, 2022 3 comments

I would like to be wrong about Liz Truss and all that she represents, being just another member of the current Conservative Party and UK political cultural ‘Borg’ that every effort we have on her political record makes her appear to be.

That I’m not, so far, is no point for celebration. Rather a feeling of utter despair, knowing that stupidity leading the stupid is like breadcrumbs being laid out as a guide for the disheartened in a forest where ravenous crows have blocked out even the weakest sense of light.

In a fortnight that will be remembered for the death and mourning of our last real Monarch, the chances are that the true stories and the news that has been underway all this time will be hidden – and quite deliberately so – from history’s gaze.

Yet the truth is that the colossal bankrolling of energy companies, the decision to tear up restrictions on bankers bonuses, and committing another £2.3 Billion to a foreign war that is causing many more problems that it will ever solve, whilst  the government harps on about growth being the way to get the economy right, tell us all we need to know about the economic illiteracy of  the people who are about to destroy what’s left of our standing economic system.

It is sadly all too clear that those ‘in charge’ will not pay attention, consider and learn from history – as any leader who cared about the people they lead, would know to simply be right.

‘Desperate times require desperate measures’ may sound like the order of the day.

But good leaders don’t do desperation.

Good leaders know the value of stopping to pause, to listen and to reflect.

And right now, that looks like being a long way from anything that any of our politicians are doing. Least of all those at the top and in Downing Street, who unquestionably should.

Despite what those with an interest in perpetuating the culture of greed which is destroying the Country (and the World) are clearly whispering into the ears of our facile leadership, opening up bonuses to bankers will simply be seen as reward and greater incentive to do more of what they have already done. And what they have been doing, has been to destroy lives and make life meaningless for many more, just so they can add layers of gold to their already massively gilded cages.

Meanwhile. Opening up the taps of the flow of newly printed money that comes out of thin air, just does even more to devalue all that is left – minded as we should all be, that money has become the value upon everything in life is valued and based.

Without the collapse of the Money-Based-System, the pain and horror increasing numbers are experiencing cannot end. The ongoing torture, unfairness and lack of balance will not be replaced.

Then there is the war in Ukraine that simply serves no purpose either in terms of creating additional debt, or sticking to the moralistic imposition of sanctions on energy and other resources, that would never have been necessary if generations of foolish politicians had not fallen into the globalisation trap and got themselves drunk on the belief that everyone who sells us anything can always be trusted to do the right thing, and that offshoring is the only way to be assured of ‘economic growth’ and pecuniary gold.

The stupidity continues

Ironically, the path that the Truss government is taking today, is strangely familiar.

It is reminiscent of the communists and Marxist idealists amongst us – the Jeremy Corbyn’s of the world – who insist that the only reason that communism hasn’t worked so far, is because it wasn’t done in the way that it should have been done.

Truss is quite literally facing down the collapse of a system that is being collapsed by the very devices she plans to use. Instead of shouting STOP! Truss is instead choosing to cry out and demand ‘Let’s have more!!!’

It is beyond regrettable that the sickness that is the greed and obsession which has been created by the Money-Based-Order means that many people will not be weaned away from it until it has destroyed something that is dear to them.

This means that the political class will continue to pursue money-driven solutions to problems that can no longer be solved using money, until either their own roles have been destroyed, or they have a lucid moment where they realise and accept that there is a better choice.

Dare to Hope

Typical of her peers in so many unfortunate ways, it is Truss’s proven ability to change direction in significant ways that could mean she may act, if and when her watershed moment comes – so long as it is before what is left of our system of governance hasn’t already been destroyed.

Whilst the collapse and the entire ‘Great Reset – that will happen whether the WEF succeed in owning it or not – is now inevitable, the dangerous vacuum that will arrive when this system collapses can be avoided if we have proactively made provision for what is likely to happen.

However, to do so, we MUST have already began working to put new systems in place that will take all the best ideas and technologies that have been created to promote profit, and repurpose, reharness and regain control and direction of them to support rather than lead a very new localised world system that some will recognise by names such as ‘new earth’.

I have no care for and no investment in who the person or people who get these steps right that will benefit us all will be.

With the people who have platforms outside of government, the establishment and the mainstream being as obsessed with conspiracies and their own grandeur in the lame way  that many of our existing politicians already are, it doesn’t matter who the leaders are or where they come from, as long as they have woken up to the whole picture and are committed to doing what it actually right.

It is clear. As I write, that the new Prime Minister is doubling down on all the very same things that have created all of the problems that we now face.

The people driving this are out of ideas and solutions and will drive everything we know to destruction rather than accept any responsibility for the dangers that we now face.

None of the politicians sitting in Parliament today have either the position or the track record of pivoting in quite the same way as Liz Truss can. There is no reason to believe that any of them – as part of any type of government would or can.

If Liz Truss wakes up lucidly, or indeed literally one morning and events have forced her hand to consider the alternative view, these are the few things that she must begin immediately, if the chaos and darkness that comes with a power vacuum are to be avoided and kept from our view:

In no particular order – as each of these are as important as each and every one of the next:


We are already in a recession, in all probability the first stages of a very serious depression, and things are going to get a whole lot worse.

People want and deserve to be treated like adults and they also need to hear the difficult messages explained properly, so they know who they can trust. Money is no longer the answer and creating more of it is just making the horrific situation we already face a whole lot worse.

Begin contingency planning NOW:

People will continue to need the basics for life. If the basics stop for just a small but cumulative number of people for more than just a few days, all bets are off as far as the future and what life will soon look like are concerned.

Provision for rationing MUST be made right now, along with the systems that will support it.

Plans MUST be made to support the work of Foodbanks where they already exist, and to literally create soup kitchens and community food and essential goods supply hubs that everyone across the UK can access – even if the need should only be a short period of time.

Community transport operators should be put on standby and volunteer opportunities promoted and supported by the government opened up, so that no vulnerable person will be overlooked in a time of need, whether that means transporting them out or directing support to their home.

The Basic Living Standard:

The overarching and universal direction of travel MUST be the transformation from the Money-Based-Order and the wealth-based value set, to a people-centric or people-first economy.

People and the role of each of us MUST become the primary unit of value.

People MUST come before everything else.

Profit (Economic Growth) MUST be abandoned as the priority, with every part of life being expected to follow on behind.

It MUST be replaced with THE BASIC LIVING STANDARD – where every part of the so-called economy is refocused to ensure that every adult, doing the most basic job, can afford to feed, cloth, house, transport, entertain and support themselves, without third party support or without going into debt. This MUST be the priority for people, for business, for government, for EVERY part of life.

Debt Jubilee:

As the Money-Based-Order collapses and the value of the FIAT Money System is reduced to the value of nothing – which is its genuine form, There MUST be a debt jubilee where all private and business debt of those who have not been profiting from the Money-Based-System is written off. A FAIR assessment must be made of property that is already ‘owned’, with common assets and resources all retuned to public ownership.

Return to Loclalised Food Production:

The globalised (EU) approach to food production and agriculture across and around the UK MUST be abandoned immediately and returned to its pre-globalsised and EU forms.

Food production and the ancillary activities and industries that support it must be restored to the most localised level possible, supported by all legal and rule changes necessary to ensure that food production and supply is focused on what is right for people, rather than what is best for profit making and trade.

Whilst there is money to do so, Farmers, cooperatives and localised food supply chains hubs MUST be funded so that local food supply can be proficiently maintained once it has been restored.



Each and every kind of industry that the UK needs to function and support itself and the people who live and work here MUST be returned to our own shores.

The aim MUST be UK self-sufficiency to meet all of our own basic needs as a priority and one that is fulfilled on an emergency basis, as we would do so if we were to find ourselves engaged in another full-scale war.

Genuine Devolution:

The current system of governance and its structure of delivery is operationally broken and culturally dysfunctional. Power for ALL public policy MUST be returned and restored to the lowest Tier of Government that already exists, with centralizing roles such as Metropolitan Mayors and Police & Crime Commissioners disbanded with immediate effect.


The old system of Taxation MUST be ended. New systems of taxation MUST be introduced that focus on ownership and holdings, rather than earnings and production.  


We MUST end the direct and indirect involvement in foreign wars. Bring all military units home and begin to rebuild the standing army, navy and air forces to levels capable of conducting every type of conventional campaign around the world – as was once known.

We MUST prioritise the UK and our self-sufficiency first. But we cannot have and maintain any kind of productive relationship with any foreign nation – even those that are relatively close by – if we cannot assure the security of that relationship at all times.

Ukraine & Foreign Wars:

We MUST Stop being led by the US. Respect the dynamics of sovereignty of ALL sides in international disputes. Never again get involved in any conflict where the primary driver is money and private commercial interests.

We MUST Respect the culture and history of all interests where foreign interventions cannot be avoided. Never without question take the position of just one side.

We MUST Sue for Peace with Russia, because like it or not, WE ARE ALREADY AT WAR.

Stop the Bailouts (In whatever form they might be!):

No private company should receive public money to keep them in business.

If any company providing services on a universal basis where public owned businesses have previously been should not be able to function without a state handout, they should be immediately taken back into public hands.

Any other privately owned business providing products or services that do not meet a public need should be allowed to collapse, unless their ownership in public hands can be utilized fully in a form that will be or could become a universal benefit of some kind.

Nationalisation, Regionalisation and Infrastructure Investment:

ALL Universal Services MUST be returned to public ownership.

We MUST invest heavily in a new localised small-reactor and localised power network programme.

We MUST invest in new water infrastructure including new reservoirs, reactivation of those that private water companies have sold off, and the building of new desalinization plants around the coast of the UK.

Union influence MUST be removed from the new public operating companies too.

Public Sector Reform:

Bottom to Top reform MUST take place, with prioritisation restored to delivery and away from management.

Operational control of public services MUST be decentralised so that it is as local as possible, with the focus restored to the end-user and their first points of contact.

Non-jobs MUST be abolished, and responsibility returned to real decision makers and away from the influences of meeting culture, statistics and measuring ways that everything performs.

We MUST STOP pretending that public services are a business and can ever perform like a business.

We MUST Restore the culture where each and every public servant is responsible and expected to take responsibility for everything that they do.

Local Internet Regulation:

Legislation MUST be created to ensure that the internet and any service provided within it can only be used as a service between people, businesses and services that would be accessible face-to-face by the end-user in real life or live time.

The Rehumanisation of all relationships is key to creating an internet and services that work for and are beneficial for all

End the ‘Free Market Myth’:

Government MUST step back from the misplaced and big money serving idea that increasing the freedom of markets will help people and the so-called economy.

Trickle-down economics simply doesn’t work and the philosophies of economists of long ago have no place in the armory of any leader who is taking seriously the problems we face today.

Any Markets that continue to exist and function during and after the collapse MUST be regulated as part of the process of restoring ethical standards to the activities of anyone and any business which can have an effect on the ability of others to function and live.

Create a two-tier universal and localised DeFi monetary system:

We MUST have a two-layer monetary system. One that allows localities and communities to function as their own marketplaces – many times over – whilst maintaining the surety of an overarching national digital currency.

The system must operate on the basis that the value or exchange rate of the goods and services essential to the basics of life are set locally, AND the technology used does not allow the monitoring of users and/or influence over purchases at any level for the user, unless the user would otherwise be able to work but is in receipt of the equivalent of the Basic Living Standard instead of a weekly or monthly wage.


All these measures are just a start. The collapse that is now underway dictates that the world will become very different from now on, whether that be through the period of transition, or how our entire system of governance works on a more localised basis from thereon.

Liz Truss has the opportunity to be the leader who oversees and drives the transition from the ‘old’ world order to the new world and way of being for us all that is on its way and is yet to come.

The change is inevitable. It’s simply a question of whether those who in power now can change their minds and play a positive and decisive part or will be swept aside by events because they stick slavishly to the old way of doing things and stand in the way.

10 Spoilers about the so-called ‘New World Order’ and what is really now underway

September 21, 2022 2 comments

Despite the increasing talk about the plans of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and their dastardly plans for a New World Order, a lot of people have been blinded by the fear of what all this talk represents.

Sadly, many of the people outside of government and establishment influence who have public platforms have been drawn into behaving like rabbits in the headlights and they are unwittingly fueling this fear too.

Everyone needs to take a step back; count to ten and do the reading, research and thinking necessary to see the wider situation we face for what it is.

Yes, there is a massive system collapse underway. But this isn’t the birth of a ‘new’ world order. It is the death of the one that already exists. One that has been hurting us all more than we are ready to accept for a very long time.

Today we are watching the death throes of the world order that already exist. And the chaos is set to continue to get worse as all those who have knowingly benefited, desperately try to put out the flames of this collapse by adding even more of the fuel they used to create it (MONEY!).

If you are looking beyond the establishment and the mainstream media for answers that will only begin to make sense once you can move beyond the betrayal of trust and begin to reflect on how you have bought into all of this too, here are 10 SPOILERS or hacks for you to get started with:

SPOILER No.1: The WEF and all its cronies represent a dying world order. One that was once new and you’ll find politicians talking about it historically too. However, their ‘new world order’ is being destroyed by the very same tools that they designed to propagate and assure their own power decades ago, whilst they filled their own pockets at the expense and impoverishment of everyone else.

SPOILER No.2: The System and Economic collapse is happening, because the clever system that the world elites created to enrich themselves had its own set of rules. Generations of foolish and stupid politicians and the bankers and business leaders who influence them – motivated by their own ambition and greed; have long since forgot, completely ignored or been left out of the loop of their own secrets. The mess they have created is what we are all now experiencing as it unfolds.

SPOILER No.3: The only tool that this Money-Based-Order ever had was to create money out of thin air. The aim was always to benefit the few who understood the reality of ‘The Lie’, whilst perpetuating the myth for the many, that money has always been real. They quite literally created rules to support ‘The Lie’, making it a crime to work against a value and morality set that is no more than an idea which is based on making something real out of nothing but thin air. The many have not only increasingly lost out, they have been punished for the inadequacies and unfairness of this duplicitous system too.

SPOILER No.4: The people behind the Money-Based-Order don’t have any way to solve the problems that they have created that we are all now facing today. Their only option now is to print more and more money that has no value other than the belief that we all still attribute to it. Then, when the system finally collapses, they will do all they can to attempt to maintain and further impose control. The desperate steps that the elites are taking under the guidance of the WEF (such as stopping farmers from farming) are no more than a preemptive attempt to destroy the infrastructure that they know people will quickly harness for the common good, once the collapse has destroyed any remaining practicality to their plans.

SPOILER No.5: YOU CAN SAY NO MORE TO ALL OF THIS AT ANY TIME. The secret is hidden within us all. The secret is all about the way that we think.

SPOILER No.6: The only reason that the things we consider to be normal and part of daily life around our Countries and around the World appear to be continuing to work, is because too many people still believe that the system they are living in and experiencing is beneficial to them in some way. We – that’s the people that this system is hurting – are actually the ones who are keeping this dying system alive right now!

SPOILER No.7: The collapse that is now underway will affect everyone. The Money-Based-System was built and perpetuated on greed that has benefitted the few at the cost of the many. Anyone – and that’s pretty much all of us – who has bought into the wealth-driven, money-is-god way of valuing everything in life, will be hurt as the material ‘things’ we believed to be important that it gave us – which it never really did – are taken away. No, not everyone will lose everything they ‘think’ they now have. But what is left after the collapse and the period of crisis is over, will be valued by us all in a very different and much healthier way. We have the opportunity and will think about life very differently to how we do now.

SPOILER No.8: The Money Based Order is OVER. We may not realise or even see it yet. But the Top-Down system has been on a downward trajectory for years and in reality, from the moment that the post-war pathway to globalisation began. The responses of Governments to Brexit, Covid and War in Ukraine – and now the resultant energy crisis too, have made it impossible for the Money-Based-Order (That’s the FIAT Money System) to be saved. That is why the collapse is now underway.

SPOILER No.9: We ALL have TWO CHOICES coming up. We ALL have the collective choice of becoming little more than caged animals, shackled with digital chains, kept happy with virtual reality and computer games in a world that revolves around an open secret which is our mass enslavement where existence will be about nothing more than making up the numbers for the few who believe that the world and everything in it was put here for them to own. The alternative choice WE ALL HAVE is to take back control of our own lives and rebuild society from the grassroots up, rebuilding and restoring a value set that revolves around the value of people, consideration for others and our whole environment before wealth or anything else, returning technology to its rightful place as our servant and money as the system of exchange it was always only supposed to be.

SPOILER 10: Your Community, Your Locality, The people you know and regularly see, is where the real power behind life for you and everyone around you should always be. By getting decisions in our localities right and stepping back from the dependence on systems and people who we do not know and will never ever see, we will return to a form of living and governance for us all that places true value upon everyone who takes part and is involved. Take care of what’s real first and the rest will follow!

WARNING: If you continue to live in fear of what people like those who represent the WEF are threatening, promising or arrogantly committing everyone too, that is exactly how the world you know will become.

THE OPPORTUNITY: No, we may not all be awake to what has happened and what is now happening and why life is now as it is. But the collapse and the effects and reach that it will have into the live of everyone will present a real choice for everyone.

THE TRAP: The risk is that too many will hear the promises made by people they should never again trust and take what sounds like the easy options and a route back to how things were for ‘everyone’ before. Unfortunately, there is no route back and the days of endless abundance and the selfishness and loss of integrity for us all that it has encouraged are no more. If you listen to that lie, you will discover too late that the freedoms you never really had but which you still covet are no more.

THE ENDGAME: Freedom of a kind that you have never really known starts in the mind. Pain and difficulty is now inevitable. The choice you have is whether you want to experience it so that someone else controls every part of yours and everyone else’s lives, or whether you take the leap of faith and trust the people you know and see everyday, and work together to make life better for everyone, beginning and getting it all right from the grassroots up.

Most of us already know deep down that the world as we have known it can no longer go on. The way we have been living has been completely unsustainable and we have placed our value for life on nothing but money and trinkets, whilst we have traded our integrity, our health, our happiness, our relationships and our humanity for nothing but thin air. It has been a very convincing lie!

Nothing is really free – whether we talk about how things are valued right now in terms of money, or how they should be in terms of thinking that really could be as simple as saying that ‘In life, you get back what you put in’.

Things are going to get very tough, very soon. The choice you have to make won’t be like voting, signing a form, buying something or agreeing to follow someone or something else. It will quite literally be about saying no to what appears to be more of or a continuation of all that you have known, and then to take the leap – with others – into what will only appear for a brief moment look like the unknown.

See you there!

The only fair and just solution to the problems we face, isn’t left or right. It is a middle way that no political or economic ‘expert’ will like

August 12, 2022 Leave a comment

The only thing worse than the failure of the capitalist experiment – which is the reason for the cost-of-living crisis and the systemic collapse that we are now in the early stages of – is a new narrative, already at work across podcast, vlogging and social media platforms, telling us that capitalism is absolutely great – it just has to be done in a different way.

If this ‘we would do it better and make it work’ mantra sounds familiar, it’s because it’s almost exactly the same one that we have been hearing for decades from the apologists and champions of socialism. Or rather communism or even Marxism in its most inhumane and punishing forms.

Uncomfortable as the reading may be, the painful reality is that what socialism and capitalism in their many respective forms have in common, is it is only their leaders, crown princes and elites that benefit from these perverse systems of governance. They just play to the vulnerabilities and ignorance of the very people they keep captive, through idealism or an obsession with money and wealth, in their most malevolent and destructive forms.

Sadly, our cosseted and entitled world, is a very long way from the experience of Stalin’s historic Gulags, contemporary North Korea or some of the very dark places that China’s ruling CCP hides away today.

So, the innocent idealism that accompanies the inexperience of our massively overlooked young, is all too easily taken in. It is manipulated and misled by the militant generation and their sleepers. Unforgiving victims to the realities of life, whose anger, bitterness and complete lack of understanding of the human experience beyond their own bubble makes the young all too easy for them to betray.

At the other extreme, greed, self-interest and an obsession with power and wealth that drive everything in this failing system, have intoxicated even the most virtuous at every level and nuance of life.

Decades of manipulation and propaganda have made us believe that material wealth is the only way that happiness can be obtained. Old and young alike are so drunk on all that they have or could possess, that they do not believe it possible that a system that feels so good, could never ever fail them or go completely wrong.

Few understand that we are all part of an addicted society, where everyone’s habit is money, wealth and whatever it takes to get it.

Yes, the rules are set by some very wealthy and very greedy people at the top. But they have successfully bent every part of our lives to the will of a greed that has then infected our lives so effectively, that we have forgotten the true meaning and value of any part of life that doesn’t carry a price tag.

The most bizarre twist of similarities between capitalism and socialism is our obsession with this same material wealth. It’s just on one hand the messaging tells the unprivileged population that it should reject it and every part of it. Whereas the other demands that we allow it to takeover our lives in every possible way.

Wealth, prosperity, ownership and individual success are not wrong. Its how we behave when we have them, or what we do with them, that can lead to unimaginable crimes.

The biggest crime of all that has been visited upon humanity by these religions and wealth based political ideologies, is their success in making everything in life all about money in some way.

But it is people, not money or things, that we should always put first.

No Labour Government, no cryptocurrency, no Liz or Rishi, VAT Relief on Energy Prices, Cash Handouts, Qualifications without study, Universal Basic Incomes, Strikes, Inflation beating wage rises, The WEF ‘You’ll own nothing and will be happy’, or any other self-serving tool of the political left and right alike will work to benefit anyone but those who are sat at the top of these top-down, self-serving trees.

There’s a flow chart for all of them. It always goes in exactly the same way. The flow slowly but surely takes everything. In return it sells us much, but in truth gives very little back.

Yet the flow of life should always go full circle and come all the way back around. So that everyone is able to exist and just exist if that’s all they really want to do. Anything and everything else should just be effort related. This is the meaning of ‘you get back what you put in’.

The alternative to these failed and flawed political and economic philosophies that all belong to a money obsessed world, is for us to choose to take the middle way.

The only option or choice to solve all of our problems, is to put People First.

A People First society works from the grassroots up. It puts people and their communities first, providing the legislative, social, business and supply chain networks that put the sustainability of life and the self-sustainability of each and every individual who can work (supporting those who cannot), before anything else.

A People First society requires that all businesses and their processes place the needs of essential living for the community and the advancement of working conditions as their priority. That earnings beyond break-even, are responsible and not traded beyond those who have a direct interest or are actively involved.

A People First society puts governance of the people, for the people, by the people above all things, and always prioritises localism first. It recognises the need for collaboration at every level. But respects collaboration should never itself require the surrender of relative powers at any level of local agency or of our own control.

The central tenet, pivot point or anchor of The People First Economy is The Basic Living Standard or The Basic Living Standard for All.

The Basic Living Standard requires that the minimum wage or wage paid for the least demanding role that any society may have, will always be enough for the person who earns it to cover the basic essentials of life.

The Basic Living Standard for All requires that an independent adult will always be able to feed, clothe and home themselves. To provide for their own basic communication, transport and entertainment needs, along with everything that is essential to ensure that person can exist without third party support, without subsidy from government (benefits) and without having no choice but to go into debt.

By adopting this formula and requiring every part of society, business, industry and other to focus on The Basic Living Standard and doing nothing that will compromise it, either intentionally or unknown will assure its success.

The Basic Living Standard for All will ensure that every part of society, our system of governance and fundamentally the ways in which we live, will redirect to putting People First – which is now the only sustainable way that we will survive and live free and happy lives.

The Basic Living Standard will encourage people to achieve, excel and do whatever they really want to do. But in a People First economy, nobody will be able to do so by exploiting or riding off the back of others, or without regard for the real consequences or true cost of anything they do which can or has the potential to affect the lives of others.

The prioritisation of People, communities and locality first, will not only solve the problems created by greed, by envy and the hatred they promote. It will also address the climate issues, which are the consequences of years of greed-driven abuse of the environment and overuse of natural resources too.


With things as easy right now as we have been brainwashed to believe they are, change would not be possible for any of us in what we understand to be ‘normal’ times.

However, most of us already know we are no longer in ‘normal’ times, even if it’s not something that we find easy to say out loud.

Whilst politicians and the elites are still pushing a narrative using their pet media that suggests that everything is planned and thought through, there are no alternatives, and above all – that they are in control; the truth is that they are not.

The cost-of-living crisis and everything that is now going wrong with public services like the NHS in the UK, are all part of a systemic collapse. A collapse of everything we know that is both their responsibility and their fault.

When it hits YOU and the people who are important to YOU – in whatever way that will be, that will be the moment YOU have the choice to decide what YOU want to do.

Just remember; a leopard never changes its spots.


The Basic Living Standard is proposed as the solution to our problems in ‘Levelling Level’, a book that I wrote and published in early 2022, where I also discuss how we got here, what’s really going on, and how it’s possible for us to thrive and survive throughout the difficulties and challenges that we will soon face.

Both Levelling Level and my shorter e-book about The Basic Living Standard are available to read as books for Kindle and can be bought and downloaded from Amazon by clicking the links below.

However, the complete content is available to read FREE on my other blogsite, where you will find the index of all pages on the right-hand side of the PC or Laptop viewed screen.

Stop reacting and being blinded by the agenda. Be proactive. Help create and frame a new system that works proactively for us all instead

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The chances are that in terms of the world as we know it collapsing around us, you fall in to one of two categories.

Either you have confidence that the government and establishment have your best interests at heart in all that they do – and that we are just living through unprecedented times. Or, you are already so convinced that such mismanagement and ineptitude on the part of politicians can only be deliberate, and that there really is some grand plan or conspiracy that links to the plans of the worlds elites and the WEF at work.

Sadly. No, very regrettably. There is very little, and in fact there may as well be nothing sat in between the two.

The funny thing is, that whilst pretty much everyone fits into one of these two categories today, these affiliations, de facto groupings or whatever you want to call them, aren’t where the majority of people within them either should be, or indeed would be. IF they were to stop for a moment, stand back, see and consider the whole of this degenerating situation for what it all really is.

Predictions in the ‘lets sit around the table and have a reading from the crystal ball sense’ don’t really help anyone when we are facing the wide ranging problems that we are.

In fact, you don’t even need predictions now. Because a respect for history and some deep thinking about human behaviour and how it relates to the world we live in and how it has been developing to reach a situation like this today over decades, will tell you all that you really need to know.

Exploding inflation and the cost-of-living crisis as we understand it today – really is just the start.

Food shortages, famine, mass migration that will make the channel crossings look like a comedy show and a collapse in public services, financial systems and our whole system of governance is now locked in (or baked in – as our hapless outgoing PM likes to say it). So, in terms of what is on its way, you really aint seen nothin’ yet.

This isn’t something to celebrate. There will be no happy ‘I told you so’s’ or anything like that, when all that is now inevitable has come to pass.

Like many others on the outside looking in, I look at all this with a feeling of dread and sorrow for my fellow man. Not because it’s going to happen (It is inevitable and cannot now be stopped). But because we are all, collectively, doing absolutely nothing to mitigate, slow or resist any of it. And instead we are en masse, continuing to make all the same mistakes.

The narrative that the WEF and the elites has crafted, and uses the media daily to mold continually into a ‘this has already happened and cannot be stopped’ way of thinking, is very clever. Because the majority of people – even those who are the most vocal against it all – are actually accepting everything that they are being told.

That much is clear, simply because of the level of inaction. Or lack of meaningful action that is instead replaced with this way of thinking that comes with the social media age where otherwise very sensible people have fallen into the trap of thinking that getting your message of criticism and cries of war out there online or into some kind of highly myopic protest, are all it takes to precipitate an alternative to this elite serving reality, to unfold.

Only today, we have the example of these ridiculously stupid politicians who are now competing in a beauty contest to be the UKs next Prime Minister, crying foul of the Don’t Pay UK ‘movement’. Claiming that the groups plans for a million people to stop their energy bill direct debits in October are irresponsible. (Pot calling the kettle black, perhaps?)

I sympathise completely with the sentiment of the organisers and those who have signed up to take this action.

But just like a politician who claims they invented the concept of Free Ports as a teenager and who will no doubt soon claim the design of the wheel as being one of theirs too, the point is, that everything that everyone is doing or failing to do when it comes to public policy now, is making or will make an already catastrophic direction of travel, even worse.

SPOILER: The Government is no longer ‘in charge’ of anything. But neither are the politicians paymasters or the WEF. The ‘system’ is now so broken, that it simply cannot be fixed. It is simply existing momentum and the belief or investment that people have in it, that is keeping the wheels turning on the bus as its picking up speed and about to fire us all over a massive cliff.

Oh, and the people we are led to believe are competent politicians…. They really are not who we believe they are.

If we continue to do nothing. Everything that the WEF and their political puppets are saying and working towards will savagely and very painfully become true.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The outcome they intend is not the only way. Their planned outcome may include us, but it is certainly not ours.

All it takes is for us all to stop going along with their agenda. We must use the momentum of this worsening situation to create our own alternative way and plan for the world. One that actually works for and on behalf of us all – instead.

Don’t be mad, angry or nasty to anyone who is still under the establishment spell. Some, yes many of them won’t wake up until it feels like it is too late. But wake up they will.

And when they do wake up, we must all come together and work constructively to rebuild, reform and regenerate everything in a much better, fairer and more meaningful way.

One that doesn’t value money, wealth and all things based on greed as it does today. But instead simply puts people – and that’s all of us – first.

Pain is now inevitable. And there is trauma fast approaching us that is going to test all of us in ways that to many are simply unknown.

The most effective way we can make the best of a very bad situation, is to start working on the solution and the answers to what happens next, right now.

None of our politicians would know what to do, the moment that they experienced a genuine political threat.

Think Brexit Party and Vote Leave and the European Referendum in the UK in 2016. Then put it on steroids and think of something like it – this time not left or right but includes everyone – covering every kind of public policy that touches each and every one of our different lives, and in very meaningful ways.

Its all about creating our new system from the grassroots up. And doing so as the very greed that this collapsing system was intended to serve finally destroys the whole meaning and existence of everything that is top down.

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The inescapable truth is the only way this political class can rescue the UK now, is for them to turn on big business, banking and every bit of corrupted legislation they helped create, then flip it all completely on its head

You may have seen or heard that Rishi Sunak’s latest ruse to rescue his leadership ambitions in the race against Liz Truss, is to promise a £10 fine for those who miss NHS and Doctors’ Appointments.

Whilst some of those more likely to blame all this on a conspiracy amongst us have immediately blamed this as the sign of the first steps to widespread charging for health services, I’m afraid that the reality is far more prosaic. It instead tells us more about just how desperate these self-styled leaders have now really become.

I have not encountered one person and amongst them even teenagers, who have not been scratching their heads when discussing the promises that are being dished out by these two wannabe Prims Ministers, and the blaringly obvious absence of any solutions to the problems that we are experiencing now, or indeed any of those that a growing number of us recognise that will soon come.

The Tory beauty contest, or what we should really recognise as a race to the bottom, is not built on any policy ideas or even suggestions that are either tangible or have real meaning in any way. Simply because all of the tools they have are the very same tools that created the problems, and it was the same thinking that they are now offering us wrapped up differently that has created the pathway to chaos that we are now on.

That ALL of our MPs treat the electorate with complete contempt should now be a given. However, for many of us, there remains the childlike willingness to believe that what appears to be new is always guaranteed to bring change. The problem is that in this top-down system, the more we are told things change, the more they stay the same.

The reality that are MPs and this entire political culture refuses to face, is that all the problems and difficulties that we are now facing, have been facilitated by them in their ignorance and willingness to play up with every action and breath to their paymasters. Business leaders, bankers, elites and even union leaders who have never had to explain the consequences for real people when they have been passing out the metaphorical brown envelopes and stroking the palms of 650 useful fools.

Everything we have is broken and now beginning to wreak havoc and inflict pain upon us, because greed and selfishness are the basic foundations upon which everything has been focused, redirected and changed.

Cash handouts will certainly help those at the white-hot edge of the coming inferno. But that help will only repel the growing flames for a very short time.

The only way that people – and that means all of us – can now be genuinely helped, will be for the whole system to be overturned, broken and then rebuilt. Not in any way top-down as before with the focus on money and wealth. But putting people first, alongside localities and communities – recognising the real value of every relationship, of being happy to simply be and what it means to do right by everyone and everything, instead of this broken idea of living, that values everything in terms of what its price, cost or return will ultimately be or mean.

To the people who want to run this Country, real pain and hardship caused by the consequences of biased and unfair regulation is not something they have the capacity to understand. Indeed, they represent and give meaning to everything that is wrong with the world that we live in, and the only way they could change any of it would be to think, act and speak in a way which is completely at odds with the people and the thinking that makes them who they genuinely believe they are.

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