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We think that we are free, and that the fight ahead is to maintain that freedom.

Let me tell you now that it is not.

The fight ahead is to fight for our freedom. The alternative is to accept further forms of control and tyranny from an establishment or system that still insists that everything it does and will do will be done with our best interests at heart.

It would be understandable if your immediate response to this statement were related to something like the growing digital tyranny that we are being increasingly controlled and oppressed by. But nothing is so simple as that.

The reality is that we have forgotten what freedom really is.

By being so beholden to and manipulated by the consumer mantra ‘you can have whatever you want, it will always be available, it will always be affordable and we’ll always give you money to pay for it – as long as you behave’, we have collectively become shackled by always wanting more. We have forgotten what it is to live lives that revolve only around what we actually need.

We are slaves to a wealth, money, power and influence are everything culture and value set.

We have become so addicted to this way of being and thinking, that we cannot even see how badly we are being hurt by what we already have and we are desperate for the same self-interests to reach out and offer us even more.

But true freedom does not hinder us or restrict us in any way. True freedom only ends when our actions and behaviour become a genuine hindrance to others.

Freedom will always be freedom. Freedom is not something that depends on what people with power and influence dictate.

We must create a culture, understanding and framework that allows each and every one of us the freedom to be ourselves and who we believe ourselves to be, but at the same time does not prioritise this same freedom in others so that it can contradict or force change upon that freedom to be.


Awakened Politics and Good Government will only come from us – not someone else doing it for us

We ALL have a role to play in The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government

For Awakened Politics not only to work, but to keep working and for it to lead to Good Government too, it is essential that we all play a very conscious part in selecting and appointing the Public Representatives or Politicians who will make decisions on our collective behalf.

It doesn’t matter how any of us may be different or may even be perceived as being different to others.

For Awakened Politics to work and function fully and effectively, we must see everyone as being fundamentally the same and being equal where the role of Government, of Governance and of the Public Sector itself is concerned.

Whilst the people we select, appoint or elect to be Politicians may be relatively small, it is essential that we create and maintain a structure of Government and an Electoral Process that feeds into it that ensures that Public Representatives are not only in touch with real life, but that the real-life experiences of all that need to feed into Public Policy are heard and valued as they should be.

To be able to view the people we elect differently and in a fully conscious way, we must begin by being fully conscious of ourselves and think differently about the relationship we have with our communities too.

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This Money and Greed obsessed world wasn’t the only option. The alternative has always been with us, hiding in plain sight

Perhaps the most deceptive part of the reality we live in is the idea that the money and greed obsessed world and the way that it functions and has taken over everything around us is and has only ever been the only available choice.

To be fair to many, the intoxicating way in which a world that perpetrates self-interest at every turn works, leaves the option to see the mechanics of the deceptive lie and the myths upon which our whole way of being sits, very difficult to see, and even harder to believe for those who genuinely can.

In fact, the level of self-awareness that it takes not only to understand but also accept the role that each and every one of us is guilty of playing in this very unfair and imbalanced form of life is indeed the antithesis of everything this whole system has been constructed to be and how it governs and influences every part of our lives.

However, just because we cannot see the alternative, doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.

It doesn’t mean that the alternative to all this isn’t available to us right now.

It doesn’t mean that the alternative to this world hasn’t been a genuine option for us, all the way along.

What happens after The Great Reset is your choice. OUR future is not the Elites nor the WEFs to decide

The politicians that we have, the business ‘leaders’ running the corporate world, the bankers & financiers and all of the so-called elites of today can and will only be able to continue after the Great Reset IF it is what WE collectively allow them to do.

The decision that we must make will be between waiting for them to come up with all the solutions and the answers to the problems we are facing – as we are already trapping ourselves into a false sense of security by doing now. Or to accept that nothing about the world around us and the lives that we have been conditioned to live really serves us in the beneficial way that people we don’t even know have been using their power and influence to make us think.

Some of you will be thinking that this sounds like a lifestyle that nobody is going to accept by choice. And that’s why we are still in the position that we are right now, staring at the steady but nonetheless downward spiral of a systemic collapse that we will continue to refuse believe exists until we no longer have any skin in the game.

When the system no longer benefits you in any way. That will be your time to decide.

The tragic history of slavery is being used to make living innocents guilty, whilst each and every one of us is enslaved by a systemic crime that exists in real time

We live in a world today, where there is an obsession over the historic wrongs of slavery that were inflicted on people who they are not and who they will never know, by people who are not you or I that we have never known.

Yet what these apologetic obsessives don’t even realise is that an even more oppressive form of slavery exists right now in this day and age. It is the system that we live, breathe, work and exist in, where the politicians and the elites are the masters. Where our belief in the value of money and the value of wealth are serving as our extremely repressive chains.

But when the crash or systemic collapse finally hits us, we have the choice of freedom that ancestors of all races and backgrounds who were physically enslaved in an even less enlightened world than today never had.

We can choose to say no more and take back the power we have given to others to use our own weaknesses against us and learn again to value and have values based on all that we already have.

Why life isn’t working fairly for all

Life isn’t working fairly for all, because those who control money and therefore the lives of everyone are not thinking fairly. They think only of themselves.

It is important to understand that freedom as we perceive it in the world today, doesn’t actually exist.

Our so-called freedoms are all dictated by money and the systems that manage money. Those money systems are managed and controlled by people who do not have our best interests at heart.

Each and every part of our life is controlled by the actions of others, as is even the way that we think – IF we accept the validity and credibility of every information source that we choose.

This isn’t freedom.

If we do not question the information we are given and then live or go about our lives acting upon whatever we have been told, we have accepted someone else’s truth or narrative as our own.

This isn’t freedom.

Everything that we need and that is made available to us so that we can live our lives comes into our lives under someone else’s control.

This isn’t freedom.

We should not be fooled into thinking that because we are able to buy a nice car or an expensive house, we are the ones who are in control, when to do so we have had to ask someone else for a loan and they have then told us that we can afford to do so.

This isn’t freedom.

We should not fool ourselves with the idea that a qualification of any kind makes us different to anyone else. It only makes us different in someone else’s eyes.

This isn’t freedom.

In fact, if we conduct ourselves in any way that reflects the impression we will make on others or the world that lies beyond our doors, or we qualify anything we do or say by the way that others react or we believe that they will see us, we are not the ones who are in control.

This isn’t freedom.

If we are not free to be, say and do as we please without cost or impact upon others, life for us will never actually be fair.

The Joe Rogan Experience demonstrates everything that is a force for good on the internet. Cancelling it because it questions the traditional media narrative is a very troubled and tunneled point of view

Critical thinking is not taught. There are certainly no guarantees that anyone will ever learn to think critically when we face a situation where the establishment and even celebrities are now clambering to shut down anything that encourages genuine learning through the comparison of example. And readers, viewers and listeners will never gain beliefs about anything with which they are fully comfortable and can fully identify with – simply because they are their own.

Groupthink is now an endemic problem across society. Oddly, it wouldn’t be so if it didn’t also rule the lives and thinking of the politicians at the top who have no idea what leadership is about. But instead obsess about messages and soundbites that will demonstrate to the woke and politically correct masses that they are always the ones who are ahead of the curve.

But this is where we are. A world where the doors that information technology smashed down have been reconstructed and are being used to fence us all in like sheep from every angle.

We walk around the world physically free. But in terms of our minds we are being placed in a prison and punished harshly if we deviate from this idealistic and totally impractical vision of life and how everything works that is telling everyone that we can make the world and our experience of it perfect – just so long as we shut down and erase every alternative voice.

With over two decades of having the World Wide Web in our lives, the situation that we face should never have been like this.

In fact, the wealth, breadth and depth of information and views that are available to us right across our smart and social platforms via the Internet were always supposed to give us many alternative sources of information and a range of alternative views to choose from.

The Internet and the technology we now have and enjoy was never created just to make it easy for the establishment to approach us from each and every available angle so that they could ensure we all think and talk with one and the same voice.

The Joe Rogan Spotify and YouTube programme that has caused this latest controversy, is an episode where guest Dr Malone, who was himself a pioneer of the MRNA drug technology that governments have been so enthusiastically rolling out, talked about the phenomenon of Mass Formation Psychosis – and why so many of us are so accepting of a range of measures that are removing are freedoms and make absolutely no logical sense.

Whilst discussion of Mass Formation Psychosis makes very uncomfortable viewing, reading and listening for some, the only people who really have a problem with the presentation of a view that makes clear sense of what the establishments has been doing, is the establishment, the politicians and the celebrities who are completely invested in it and represent it themselves.

This isn’t about being antivax or anything quite so silly. Its about asking the questions that not only need to be but must be asked and having an open dialogue about why governments have done what they have done, what motivated them to do so, and why even now they are continuing to behave in the way that they are.

It is a regrettable truth that when you put the use of behavioral science, nudges and outright manipulation of people over the past two years within the frame of what Mass Formation Psychosis suggests, the uncomfortable reality is that collectively, we were a completely primed, if not virtual seed-bed and receptive audience to what was coming when nudge units first set about their questionable work.

In this sense alone, you can see that the reason the establishment might be so heavily invested in removing Joe Rogan from his Worldwide platform is not to protect, but to hide and cover up a very dark truth that implicates politicians, academics, celebrities and the mainstream media – one and all.

Oddly enough, this wasn’t actually the first time Mass Formation Psychosis had been discussed recently. In fact, the Professor from the University of Ghent, Mattias Desmet – who has been discussing the realities of what governments have been doing and why they have been able to do it – has spoken at length about it on the internet before.

It was only the sheer scope and reach of the Joe Rogan platform that has proven to endanger the establishment narrative to such an extent that it has led to this brazen and ongoing attempt at cancelling a very popular and balanced social media interview show.

If you take the time just to watch some of the Joe Rogan clips that are easily available on YouTube, you will experience a very different, relaxed, balanced, friendly, non-aggressive and very accepting form of interview that gives time and provides material enough for the people it engages to look the topic at hand in the eye and then reach their own view.

We actually need a lot more Joe Rogan shows. Particularly here in the UK. Because journalists who represent the mainstream and traditional media always now have their own agendas and inevitably ask questions and lead interviewees so that they can present the views and motives they share with their paymasters in a very contrived but nonetheless convincing way.

Removing Plan B is one thing. Doing away with Border Checks is another

Polarised thinking and its accompanying actions being the measure that they are, for lack of thought, understanding, and generally being open to the idea that none of us either know or are aware of everything, often shows itself rather obtusely in the knee jerk reactions that our current crop of politicians use.

It’s not a good look. And with Boris Johnson still apparently unaware that he is in the middle of the fight for his political life over draconian lockdown measures he imposed that he was not prepared to adhere to himself, it is more than alarming that as we say goodbye to Plan B Restrictions on Thursday, the Transport Secretary is removing all Border Covid Testing as well.

Whilst the Government’s Covid Response, the Covid Measures that it imposed and the behaviour of all of our MPs throughout the Pandemic has been fear-driven and without objectivity, the existence of the Covid Virus has never been in question (even if its origins are).

We should never doubt the trouble that variants of Covid can and will continue to cause until fear has been replaced with practical reality and acceptance, and the illness Covid can cause is treated rationally and proportionally – as it always should have been. For a start, we are not helping ourselves by allowing the treatments, suppressants and interventions that we are being coercively given to be called vaccines when their use is neither stopping the spread of infection or eradicating Covid in any form.

There is a euphoria at work today, being fuelled by our ever-irresponsible mainstream media. One that in its fervour for a return to ‘freedom’ is denying the continued risk from variants coming into our communities from outside of the UK, where it is very easy to believe that the position we are in today with Covid and the variants that we know are in the UK are the same everywhere else.

Things are not the same with Covid everywhere else. And the headlong rush that politicians are now in to get ahead of the tide in public opinion that is turning against them just to save their seats in a future election, is putting the stability that has been hard won through the unnecessary repression of the British People at serious risk.

There was nothing rational about the way the Government responded to Covid, as Boris’ behaviour behind ‘closed doors’ suggests they quickly found out. But neither is there anything rational about trying to pretend that the Pandemic and the consequences from the way that it has been handled are over, and that we can just switch all of it off and skip blithely along the other way.

The damage done by the immoral use of behavioural science to control the general population of our Country by politicians who were themselves driven by fear is very deep indeed.

The mental anguish for individuals and the harm that permeates out from it will continue for a very long time. Indeed, without the arrival of events that touch lives in a way that puts all of the Covid nonsense in practical perspective, we now find ourselves at the whim of potential mass hysteria, each and every time a new variant is found in the UK and then defined.

The uncomfortable truth for many, is that even though our leadership panicked and imposed ‘Plan B’ before Christmas, we were very lucky this time.

We should not therefore, be taking for granted the situation as it currently is. We should be taking every step possible to provide a practical level of security and protection against the external introduction of new variants.

Checking the Covid Status of people entering or returning across our borders from outside the UK is therefore a very small price to pay.

It is very likely that we will live to regret the Tories jump from one polar approach to dealing with Covid to the other extreme – only with the aim of saving their own political necks.

Freedom is hard won and must be protected. The day-to-day freedoms everyone who lives in the UK may be reliant on restricting freedoms that may currently be open but only used by choice and by some of us, so that life can really be returned to ‘normal’ in the majority of other ways.

Both of my Grandfathers fought for the 75 years of Freedom we had that Boris Johnson ended on a whim in one day

Today we celebrate 75 years since Victory in Europe was declared. VE Day truly was a special occasion for us all as it marked the end of a European tyranny that had the destruction of freedom and a way of thinking that should be alien to us all at its very heart.

I cannot put into words how proud I feel of both of my Grandfathers and the roles they played. They volunteered rather than waiting to be called. One with the Royal Navy, the other with the Royal Artillery. Both suffered physically after the Second World War had finished and neither of them had lives that we would now consider to be long.

What they fought for has become too easy for us to overlook. In fact many people today are so insulated from the realities of the hardship that the wartime generations experienced that many have surrendered them without even giving it a second look.

The point was driven home to me this week when I was asked the simple question ‘What are you missing most’. I passed and thought about it and said ‘The freedom to choose to do the things that we can’t do at the moment, whether it’s go for coffee, for more than one walk a day, to a pub and of course to meet up with people in real life’.

Whoever you are, if you have any respect for the workings of a democratic and civil society and what that means – which the majority of us genuinely do – you will not be alone in constantly wondering whether your interpretation of the Social Distancing ‘rules’ is right. The chances are you have that feeling you need to look over your shoulder to make sure you aren’t doing something ‘wrong’. You will probably also be one of a significant majority who has been quietly questioning themselves if there had ever been a time that we had continually seen so many Police Cars and Vans on the street and wondering where they had all been parked before the Lockdown began.

The Lockdown is not freedom.

This is how a police state works.

This is how a dystopian society kicks off.

The great irony is that it is the mirror image of our wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill that Boris Johnson has always intended that his ‘leadership’ would be seen to be.

They are not on the same page, in the same chapter, the same book or the same library for that matter.

Churchill was driven by service to his Country. He was objective with the decisions he made during the war to a degree that many people today simply do not have the life experience to understand.

We won the War by facing and accepting all the costs.

Boris is driven by service to himself. He is subjective with the decisions he has been making during the COVID-19 emergency and his decision to impose the Lockdown and the steps taken to control the Country in his attempt to fight the impact of a Virus over which there is still no definable way to fully contain has set off a chain reaction of events that are escalating out of his Government’s reach and control. It has already restricted both our physical freedom and our freedom of thought.

Boris is losing the UK’s campaign against the Coronavirus emergency because he and his Government believe that they can pick, choose and plan their way out.

Their futile attempt to control Coronavirus has opened a Pandoras Box of problems that their limited and self-serving thinking will never be able to resolve.

The loss of the Freedom that many Grandparents just like mine fought for is just a drop in the ocean of the challenges, difficulties and pain that are now on their way as a result of what this Government has done.

We need a real Churchill to lead us out of COVID-19 and the massive challenges that now lie ahead if this very different kind of war is ever to be won and the freedoms taken from us on a whim by weak politicians is to be fully returned.

Changing Politics for the better Pt 3: Money

The role of money is now seen and accepted as being a key to every part of life.

For many of us, monetary wealth is a benchmark or reference point for happiness.
Money has been elevated to the status of a god. And we interpret our reality based on what we believe.
Because it has become such an emotionally powerful tool, the role of Money has become imbedded in the psyches of decision makers and is automatically considered to be the key or default factor when all decisions are made.
As such, Politicians make decisions based on the premise that spending more money or simply lowering costs will be the best way to solve any problem – no matter what the non-monetary costs, knock-on effects or consequences for us all are involved.
When it comes to the creation of money and the economy itself, very few Politicians have a genuine understanding of the processes and real responsibilities that are involved.
It is a fact that successive Governments have simply abdicated responsibility for the one area of policy that is guaranteed to have an impact on us all.
They look upon the banking system peripherally and listen to economists who give them the messages that they want to hear.
Often, they interpret and perceive information only in the short or electoral term and are only too happy to allow problems with debt and overspending stack up for later generations. It’s only ever the quick-hit to gain our buy-in and support for them about which we are told.
Beyond the ineptitude of the Politicians, the finance industry has become a law unto itself in these circumstances and whilst capitalism itself is pretty much an intrinsic personal state, untamed and allowed to flourish on the basis of exploiting others and taking value from supply chains without adding any or putting anything meaningful back in, is itself having an incalculably negative impact upon the basic cost of living, and why we are in a situation where going into debt is for many the only way that People can keep going and have ‘normal’ lives where these unseen influences have made basic life too expensive to afford.
We cannot continue allowing anyone with the power to do so, to keep pushing up prices directly of indirectly beyond what it is reasonable for an average salary and typical commitments to afford.
Monetary responsibility must be returned to the hands of Government and not entrusted to the whims of so-called specialists and experts who have no understanding or no desire to understand the impact and consequences of what they do on anyone else, so long as there is a juicy profit involved.
A good Government could begin addressing the difficulties being created in our lives through the miss-use, miss-creation and miss-management of money by:
  • Removing the ability of banks to ‘create’ money through any type of leverage process.
  •  Abolish the practice of spread-betting, hedging or any financial activity which involved speculation or making profits from activities which are at arms length from the businesses or bodies with which the shares they are handling are affiliated with, and so are not in any way actively involved .
  • Create a Law to stop unreasonable Profiteering from any financial or business activity that removes agents and middle men who take value from supply chains simply by assuming temporary ownership and adding fees and margins without adding value to whatever it is that’s involved.
  •  Work with the City to create a new and hopefully temporary set of Regulations to restore ethics to all financial practices and above all refocus the way that publically owned businesses are run to prioritise service and value, rather than returning guaranteed levels of profit to shareholders.
  •  Incentivise banks to speculate on the creation an development of small businesses, placing the emphasis on there being risks involved for bankers too, rather than allowing them to walk away from opportunities that would benefit us all if realised.
  • Create a new People’s Bank which will provide cash-free services to all People who are receiving benefits from the Government of any kind, and will fill the gap in supporting new businesses and projects for growth that the time it takes the banks to transform to responsible capitalism leave behind.
  • Considering a reset of our currency in whatever form that might take, to ultimately bring values back in line with where they should be, so that those with much cannot continue to leave those with very little behind.
  • Introduce a Flat Tax system.
  •  Tax all retail business at the geographical point of sale
  • Remove the ability of commercial organisations or bodies that they have control of to oversee credit ratings and the influence they can have on businesses or individuals of any kind.