Freedom does not hinder and is not hindered in any way | Principles | A Community Route

We think that we are free, and that the fight ahead is to maintain that freedom.

Let me tell you now that it is not.

The fight ahead is to fight for our freedom. The alternative is to accept further forms of control and tyranny from an establishment or system that still insists that everything it does and will do will be done with our best interests at heart.

It would be understandable if your immediate response to this statement were related to something like the growing digital tyranny that we are being increasingly controlled and oppressed by. But nothing is so simple as that.

The reality is that we have forgotten what freedom really is.

By being so beholden to and manipulated by the consumer mantra ‘you can have whatever you want, it will always be available, it will always be affordable and we’ll always give you money to pay for it – as long as you behave’, we have collectively become shackled by always wanting more. We have forgotten what it is to live lives that revolve only around what we actually need.

We are slaves to a wealth, money, power and influence are everything culture and value set.

We have become so addicted to this way of being and thinking, that we cannot even see how badly we are being hurt by what we already have and we are desperate for the same self-interests to reach out and offer us even more.

But true freedom does not hinder us or restrict us in any way. True freedom only ends when our actions and behaviour become a genuine hindrance to others.

Freedom will always be freedom. Freedom is not something that depends on what people with power and influence dictate.

We must create a culture, understanding and framework that allows each and every one of us the freedom to be ourselves and who we believe ourselves to be, but at the same time does not prioritise this same freedom in others so that it can contradict or force change upon that freedom to be.


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