The way for all of our own, our community’s, our Country’s and the World’s problems to be permanently solved = The Basic Living Standard

If you really want to understand the basic equation of all the problems that we, our communities, our country and the world has, it is this:

We value money more than we value people, our humanity and a good existence or life.

OK, so there are plenty of ways that we tell and convince ourselves that we live and experience good lives. But have you noticed how pretty much 99.9% of the time, our happiness or how we feel about something or an experience we are having, all comes down to using something that has been paid for or bought?

The money obsession or conditioning that we all have, means we place a financial value on everything.

We look at every part of life in terms of what the direct or indirect material value of everything is. The only exception to this is the relationships that we have with people we genuinely care about and what those relationships mean to us.

We are, in effect, completely absorbed in the way that we now live and how we perceive everything. This means that we are blinded to the alternative way of life that exists, which would be better for us all, in every healthy, balanced, fair and just way that is imaginable.

We don’t see that money or the lack of money, is the common factor with all the problems that we, our communities, the country and the world has. That there is never enough of it. And as more is created, the disparity between those with less and those with more gets wider and wider as the value that either rich or poor possesses also gets further and further apart.

For as long as material wealth continues to be the value set or benchmark that makes this world work, because of the belief that we all place in it, the number of problems that society has will continue to grow. There will be fewer and fewer solutions available to solve the growing number of problems that society has.

The alternative to this system and the hurt that it is causing those who believe they benefit in some way, is the complete rejection of the money based order and The System as we know it.

The solution to all our problems is the adoption of a people first economy, that places the value on people, humanity, community, our environment, the legacy and the responsibility that we have to all others, above money either being a benchmark for life, or being considered in any way to be and be valued as a ‘thing’.

The way this will be achieved is through the adoption, implementation and assurance of The Basic Living Standard.

The Basic Living Standard equation or formula is this:

All individuals will be able to support themselves fully on the equivalent of the lowest paid weekly wage, in a basic and healthy way, without debt or the need of support or help from any 3rd Party.

All laws, regulations, administrative and business practices shall reflect this basic requirement that underlines the basis of a truly just, fair and balanced society, and how it will operate and thrive.

The reaction that you may have might be that ‘This is impossible’. ‘This isn’t the way that the world works’. ‘You are suggesting we go backwards and live in what we understand to be feudal times’.

But this is not the case.

What you are hearing from that excitable voice from within, is the resistance to change of a system that you have been convinced is still serving you well.

But The System isn’t serving you well. The System isn’t serving any of us well.

The System is serving money and everything to do with money very well indeed. And the cost to us as individuals, as communities, as a country and as a world, is much greater than anything that the lie which is money can buy.

Few will see or be able to visualise the shift that will exist once the transition from a money obsessed way of living, to one that is truly people-centric in every way, until it actually exists. And as we walk forward into the uncertainties that lie in 2023 and the years that lie ahead, this is indeed the biggest problem and the biggest obstacle to better lives, good health and the real happiness that so few of us consciously recognise as being what we are missing from our lives and that we so desperately want.

The choice, as always, is yours. Together, it is ours.

This is about people and values. Our abuse of people and values is what all the challenges we are now facing are about. This is the outcome that all the difficulties we must now experience are for.


The Credit Myth and Confidence Trick

The fact, not only that money doesn’t exist, but that bankers and financiers actually create money out of thin air, is so troubling, that for many of us even the suggestion of this is too ridiculous for us to believe.

If the reality of money being make-believe isn’t hard enough to get your head around, the next twist of the knife that the few have cut and abused us all with is this: The very same private and commercial organisations that create money also manage, control and police credit ratings, credit checks and the rules that govern our credit worthiness too.

In a world where we have been conditioned to believe that everything revolves around money, this means that the people who print money are the very same people who control everything that relates to what we believe to be our own wealth and financial status. Right down to the value of the smallest thing that we own.

If you have never had to worry about paying a bill, paying the balance of your credit card off at the end of every month, or had to go to a bank (if you are one of the lucky ones) or a loan shark (if you are not) to get a loan, that’s great. Here’s a high-five, a slap on the back and very big good for you.

Regrettably, many of us have already had those worries. Many more of us soon will.

We all have some level of responsibility for how we have been trapped by the money system as it is. But that doesn’t validate it or make it either ethically or morally right.

We have been enslaved by Money and The Credit Myth. It only works and will continue to work until we realise and accept that we have been played; that money and wealth is no way to value anything in life, and that it is only because we have believed that it is, that we have all become victims of this horrific confidence trick.

This Blog was originally published as a part of the book ‘Levelling Level’, in April 2022 and as a series of web pages and blogs soon afterwards. It has been edited and updated by The Author.

The lies can only continue to hurt us for as long as we continue to believe them

Amongst everything that is wrong, there is good news ahead.

Things are bad now and yes, they will get worse. But the money lie and everything that is unsustainable about life today (Because its beneficial for the few for it to be that way) is coming to its end.

A key aim of Levelling Level is to discuss what happens next. The good that we will all have the power to do both for ourselves and for others, once the lie has been fully revealed and this damning chapter of human history comes to its end.

The bad news – or at least the temporary bad news – is that we all have to wake up from the drug-like addiction that we all have to wealth and money. Regrettably, this will not happen without ‘doing cold turkey’- or what will feel like a lot of pain

Our politicians and leaders have made the coming process of change inevitable. However, the change that is coming is precisely the change that we need.

Events that are happening and unfolding around us are dictating the exact nature and the pace of that change.

It is our experience of the events that we recognise as contributing to this change and the events that are yet to come that will inevitably shine the light on how politicians, decision makers and those with power and influence really behave and how they have been behaving.

It will expose the corrupt system that we have to thought-changing truth.

This Blog was originally published as a part of the book ‘Levelling Level’, which was published in April 2022 and as a series of web pages and blogs soon afterwards. It has been edited and updated by The Author.

News isn’t news, it’s mostly opinion. But we are expected to believe it, because its all about the source when it comes to who we are required to trust

The incompetence of our politicians and the disasters they have created would not have been seen as the successes that they have, without the media having had the role it has and having been there to tell us, and then keep telling us all, that it is so.

So little of the news that we see and hear on so-called mainstream channels and stations is actually news, and the situation has become so bad that the term ‘news’ should be replaced by propaganda or ‘accepted narrative’ as the recognisable and accurate terms for what our most prominent and  well known current-affairs mediums actually do.

Whether it is the agendas of the corporate owners or the political masters of the channels and platforms that set these directional agendas for all of us, or just the personal motives and myopic experience of life that drives then journalists and presenters themselves, we must all understand and accept that opinion and news have long since become a wholly interchangeable term.

The irony is that opinion is perhaps as much as 90% – if not more of the content of mainstream news and current affairs programming. Because it is, in reality, a legitimised or sanitised flow of fake news, that from independent or alternative sources would either immediately be called out, or would be required to make clear what it is.

We are in dangerous times indeed, when we are automatically expected to trust information and even action based on the so-called validity of the source, rather than what it is they say, or what it is they actually do…

This Blog was originally published as a part of the book ‘Levelling Level’, which was published in April 2022 and as a series of web pages and blogs soon afterwards. It has been edited and updated by The Author.

You aren’t going mad. Nothing makes sense to the silent majority either. We are all being gaslighted by those with their hands in the till

As individuals looking out on the world as it is today, it is all too easy to believe that it is only us – and the few people around us we talk to – who see everything that is wrong in the world around us. It is easy to think we are alone when it comes to questioning the narratives and stories of injustice that we continually hear.

What we all need to realise and understand, is this is a very long way from being the case.

It is the way that the world currently works around us that has led to our view of the world and the perceptions that we have of it leading us to see things this way.

We are surrounded by a constant flow of information, coming at us from each and every direction in this information technology age.

Like an abusive partner, It tells us and then repeatedly confirms to us – that the narratives which override our own common sense and what our instincts tell us are what we should believe.

This is how propaganda, false narratives, half truths and outright lies are able to thrive, continue to exist and become the accepted truth.

But Bullshit really does have its own sound.

The sources and perpetrators of the lies that have made life so unbearable for so many, in so many different ways – whilst all the time suggesting that we are alone and the only ones who think that way or even worse  – are in the process of being uncovered and shown to us all for what they really are.

Keep watching, and you will soon see.

This Blog was originally published as a part of the book ‘Levelling Level’, which was published in April 2022 and as a series of web pages and blogs soon afterwards. It has been edited and updated by The Author.

Focusing on the differences between us is what creates division itself

There’s a narrative at work in the UK today that has slowly but surely been tearing British culture apart. It has been giving just about every one of us an identity crisis, as we try to fathom out the question of whether or not we should feel guilty for simply being the people that we really are and should be proud to be. There is a self-serving and self-propagating process at work. It is as rotten as it is dishonest right to its very core.

However, there is a rather large elephant that sits in this room with the sign on the door marked ‘Social Justice, Diversity, Wokeness, Political Correctness et al.

It’s the reality that whenever any of us focus on any one of the many difference between any one of us, we are highlighting or amplifying that difference. And that by doing so, in highlighting that difference – in whatever the form it might be, we create new divisions or extend existing divisions between us or between other members of society as we do.

We are all different to each other. Whether those differences are physical or just in the way that we think.

The damage that woke thinking and political correctness is doing only fails to be evident, because the success of this subversive culture is less than surface deep and championed only by laziness and sleepwalking groupthink.

This Blog was originally published as a part of the book ‘Levelling Level’, which was published in April 2022 and as a series of web pages and blogs soon afterwards. It has been edited and updated by The Author.

It’s only through Levelling Level that real balance, fairness and justice across society will be established

The so-called success of today’s politicians revolves around the use of soundbites, propaganda and manipulating people who trust them with partial or very selective truths.

It’s been a much bigger problem since the time of the New Labour Government of 1997-2010.

Under the Blairite regime, there was an identifiable shift from politics being about the end result (when at least some of our politicians had the wherewithal to get things done themselves), to becoming all about the message and the delivery of the message itself.

So bewildered were the Conservative Party by the (New) Labour landslide victory of 1997, the Tories decided the only way to beat the left was to play them at their own game.

As power has shifted back from the Blairite years (1997-2010) where the left-wing wolf dressed itself in right wing clothing, to the Conservative Party of the right that at the end of 2022 is even more left than the left, a new low in the meaninglessness of what our political classes do [to us] to retain their power in this Country has finally been reached.

One of the Johnsonian soundbites still in daily use by the Conservative Government is ‘Levelling Up’.

Regrettably the ‘Levelling Up’ agenda is being and has been pursued as a cynical way for the Tories to survive.

The element of truth that makes the term ‘Levelling Up’ feel valuable to anyone with ears to listen, is that our politicians do at least appear to know that there is a problem.

Meanwhile, for a quarter of a century and much more, Labour and the left have pursued an agenda and way of thinking that when manifested through change and implementation of public policy, achieve nothing but levelling down.

Levelling Up or levelling down; it doesn’t matter. Unless there is balance, fairness and justice in the form of a level playing field for every person at the point where we all step off, there will always be too many of us who lose out, whilst the same old few will end up winning.

Regrettably, the truth that sits beyond this knowledge, is none of the MPs sitting on the green benches in our Westminster Parliament know or understand the breadth and depth of the problems that the UK, Our Communities and Our People Face. They certainly have no will or desire to understand how they came into being, and what must really be done to sort them all out.

Self-preservation through avoidance is the real reason our politicians obsess over the messages you hear, rather than what they really do. That’s why they are playing around with the agenda they have called ‘Levelling Up’ that suggests the problems We face can easily be fixed.

This Blog was originally published as a part of the book ‘Levelling Level’, which was published in April 2022 and as a series of web pages and blogs soon afterwards. It has been edited and updated by The Author.

See, hear and think about the messages of Levelling Level first, before falling into the trap of focusing on what might look like any hole

If you find yourself focusing on sentence structure, spellings, grammar, absence of some detail or conclusions or solutions that in isolation don’t seem to work. Or you are getting upset because Levelling Level proposes a way of thinking which opposes any comfortable and accepted thoughts of your own, you may be falling into the trap of missing the point.

This book is not intended to be perfect. It is not here to offer up a polished political manifesto or golden age philosophy that tells everyone what they now need to do. It contains messages to help and guide as changes in the world around us force us all to have a very big rethink.

Please do proceed through Levelling Level with the Principle of Charity in mind as you do so.

Levelling Level is intended to be nothing more than a lighthouse, switched on now in attempt to try and stop the ships that represent our different journeys hitting some very perilous rocks.

Levelling Level gives enough of the detail to identify the real problem and warn everyone of what we need to be aware of in the dark that lies ahead and within the storm around us.

Together, collectively, as a community and as the grassroots up, we must now create the daylight that removes the darkness around us and brings awareness to the detail of the new world, new normal and the future that lies ahead and begins immediately in front of us all.

Each and every one of us are the captains of our own ship; a ship that must be navigated.

Yet even within a framework or directional choice like that which Levelling Level proposes in the pages to come, the way we respond and navigate around the experiences that life provides always gives us two choices.

In the spirit it is intended, I would ask that you read Levelling Level, come to your own conclusions and then reflect on what on what has happened, what is happening, and what will really work best for us all as we journey through very turbulent times into the world that lies ahead.

This blog was originally published in April 2022 as part of the book ‘Levelling Level’ and as part of a page on the accompanying website too. This is an updated version which has been edited by The Author. This and other books in the Series are available at Amazon and across different blogs too.

Levelling Level will be the outcome of solving the cause of many problems together. Not by looking at the effects of each problem one at a time

As someone who reads a lot of very different material, I understand how appealing it can be to have a quick look through the index of a book or webpage and then cherry pick the bits that I think I might like to read. Especially when there is a specific topic or answer that I’m trying to find. I would ask you to resist doing so if you can.

Levelling Level, or what Levelling Level will really mean will only be achieved as a whole outcome by those with the leadership skills and power to influence change for the better.

The power within that influence can only come from fully understanding the real problem, or rather, by gaining complete fluency of the real causes of the problems that we face, and the relationship with other problems, that each of the problems we face really has.

The problems that we face today have been created by taking a bit by bit, step by step or piecemeal approach. We can only deal with the problems that this has created by dealing with every problem that has been created as a whole, in a joined-up and wholly comprehensive way.

Levelling level is an outcome that will only be achieved by considering the types of solutions and options that will be open to us under good leadership, and then drawing conclusions of our own, before we then seek to work together as a community with everyone who feels the same way as us.

The subject matter of Levelling Level is massively complex. So complex in fact, that the technical intricacies that have developed which allow such a broken system to exist and function are, or will seem to many, too elaborate or even illogical to believe.

The best way to get the value from this book and the proposed outline of Levelling Level as it is intended, is to read it right the way through, and look at the trees before drawing any conclusions about the whole wood.

This blog was originally published in April 2022 as part of the book ‘Levelling Level’ and as part of a page on the accompanying website too. This is an updated version which has been edited by The Author. This and other books in the Series are available at Amazon and across different blogs too.

The Aim of Levelling Level

Levelling Level discusses the need for change so that life actually works for the poorest and most disadvantaged, as well as everyone else across society. It continues on to suggest how we will achieve that change by making the very best of events and circumstances that are out of our control, making change that we can either control ourselves, or be subjected to by others, inevitable, either way.

It is the ability of the poorest, the most disadvantaged and those on the lowest incomes to be self-sufficient, without external intervention or without their situation having a negative impact upon wider society, that reflects just how healthy we are as communities, as a nation and how together we operate and work.

To achieve the aim of real equality in the most practical rather than idealistic sense, there are many problems that our society faces. Problems that must be fixed.

We cannot fix any problem unless we understand the effects of the problem, but also how the problem was caused.

We cannot fix any problem unless we have people in charge and leading us all at the top of Government who know what to do to fix that and every problem. But they must also be prepared to do everything to fix those problems too.

Creating a balanced, fair and just society, where everyone has access to what they genuinely need, but not necessarily all that they might actually want, cannot and will not be achieved by a process of ‘Levelling Up’ or by ‘levelling down’*.

Levelling down or Levelling Up are the only solutions that politicians we currently have on all sides of the political divides can offer as solutions to the problems that increasing numbers of us have quietly been facing for decades. Challenges that many more of us are beginning to experience now.

This blog was originally published in April 2022 as part of the book ‘Levelling Level’ and as part of a page on the accompanying website too. This is an updated version which has been edited by The Author. This and other books in the Series are available at Amazon and across different blogs too.

Expect the unexpected in so far as the coming collapse is concerned

If there is one elephant in the room that nobody wants to see or experience in the coming months and possibly the years beyond, it will be the depth and nature of the crisis which the collapse that is now underway involves.

To say that this is a willful blindness on the part of pretty much everyone would be wrong. It is instead much more to do with the reality that each and every one of us sees the world around us and everything that goes on within it in terms of what is important or relevant to us.

This view of the world that we all have is sometimes talked about as being a lens. Not only does a lens point at a very specific scene or picture, it can have filters added and be manipulated in all manner of other ways too.

It is from this perspective that without looking any further, all of us will already or will soon see the unfolding challenges that we all face coming into view. And that means that there is a very good chance that we are already missing, without realising avoiding, or simply bypassing real issues that don’t appear relevant to us because they do not feature within our current world view.

This Money and Greed obsessed world wasn’t the only option. The alternative has always been with us, hiding in plain sight

Perhaps the most deceptive part of the reality we live in is the idea that the money and greed obsessed world and the way that it functions and has taken over everything around us is and has only ever been the only available choice.

To be fair to many, the intoxicating way in which a world that perpetrates self-interest at every turn works, leaves the option to see the mechanics of the deceptive lie and the myths upon which our whole way of being sits, very difficult to see, and even harder to believe for those who genuinely can.

In fact, the level of self-awareness that it takes not only to understand but also accept the role that each and every one of us is guilty of playing in this very unfair and imbalanced form of life is indeed the antithesis of everything this whole system has been constructed to be and how it governs and influences every part of our lives.

However, just because we cannot see the alternative, doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.

It doesn’t mean that the alternative to all this isn’t available to us right now.

It doesn’t mean that the alternative to this world hasn’t been a genuine option for us, all the way along.

The Top-Down, Hierarchical World Deception

We are surrounded by illusions that only become real for us based on what we believe them to be.

Some, in fact many of these illusions are ridiculously convincing to the point where there seems to be little value in questioning them and our immediate response is automatically to believe.

Perhaps the most destructive of these on the level of our reality, is the concept, suggestion and the accompanying belief that the way the world works and can only work is with a hierarchical structure that you might otherwise know as ‘Top-Down’.

We live a life that tells us that someone always has to be at  the top or at a higher level. That for anyone to win, someone else will always have to lose.

By doing this, we completely miss the point that by accepting and by playing an active part in this system and way of thinking at any level or in any wat, we have instantaneously bought into the myth that a world that values everything based on money, greed and that values that we attribute to every form of material wealth is normal and right.

In fact, this whole way of being, thinking and doing is representative of a world that is completely upside down.

Money is the lifeblood of this upside-down world and that lifeblood floods our heads when we are hanging from our feet

What we fail to realise and understand, is that in an upside down world where all things money and material have become the benchmarks upon  which we qualify each and every aspect of life, it simply doesn’t matter what your tribe, your group or your politics are, because we are all operating upside down.

In this upside-down world, where we unconsciously perceive benefits from the differences that we believe to exist materially between us, every value we have is completely upside down or belly up. So the failure of one is the failure of all and failure for any one of us is exactly the same thing.

Selfishness and self-interest are borne of exactly the same value set, whether they are politically left, politically right or sat in the so-called political centre ground that sits in between.

It is only the forms in which that selfishness and self-interest is manifested, interpreted and perceived that is different, whilst the outcome for individuals, communities and the country alike, are exactly the same things.

This is a world where nobody wins – not even the elites who think they control everything. Because when any part of a world that operates on a values system that is upside down continues to exist, it is inevitable that it will always pull everything and everyone back to earth in a journey that will always end with a crash or a bang.

The people-centric, fair, balanced and values-based world that is ready and waiting, hidden in plain sight

Few may see it or even understand what it would mean for us all, but the alternative to this destructive and inhuman money and wealth-obsessed world exists and has always existed hidden in plain sight from us today.

The difference between the two worlds is surprisingly simple, but on its own would be perhaps the most challenging voluntary choice to make.

The choice for us is literally to reject the money and material wealth-based order, and to live a people-centric and values-based lifestyle in its place.

The change to a people-first order, isn’t about the rejection of money itself or even the latest forms of technology and advancements that we have; everything in a balanced and fair world still has its place.

The choice is about refocusing, returning and reforming our basic values set, so that we place value on only the ways of being and the experiences that should be valued, instead of placing value only on external ‘things’.

The Basic Living Standard is the practical living formula for a people centric, vales-based world that is balanced and fair to everyone in each and every part of life

Success and results are always related to the use of formulas, whether it be in the form of an algorithm or what we learn through our experiences in life.

Creating and maintaining a people-centric and values-based world is no different, and the Basic Living Standard is the formula that once adopted universally will lead to a fair, balanced and values-centric life.

The Basic Living Standard can be defined as:

Adults, working a full working week in any job at any level, must be able to feed, house, clothe and provide adequately for their own transport needs, whilst providing basic necessities such as communication themselves, without the need for credit, loans, benefits or third-party support of any kind.

Our way of life should be our economy. The economy should never be our way of life

In the Book Levelling Level, we discussed the crisis we are heading into which will revolve around not just the collapse of our financial system and the money we use, but also a complete collapse of everything we know involving the way that business and industry run, and even our government and political system works too.

The most difficult message to covey as a speaker, and to receive as a listener is anything that makes clear that we have all played a part in what is happening to some degree. Even if it is just down to the products we buy, or what we do or don’t do when its time for us to vote.

Use the words economy or economics, and you will probably have the word ‘money’ come immediately to mind. But the idea that money = the economy isn’t really the truth.

The truth is that money is just a part of our economy. It plays a part, just like all the other things that we do and interact with in any relationship that we have with the world outside our door.

It is because of the reality that life is the economy, that it has been very easy for us to accept that there is a monetary value to all things, and that anything that cannot be given a monetary value, simply has no real value at all.

Life has literally become all about money. Money – and everything to do with it, whether it be power, influence, ambition and anything that can be considered to be material wealth – is how our world qualifies absolutely everything. But the price has been not only that we have forgotten, but that we also place no value on who we really are.

Money is an addiction. An addiction like every other, whether it be alcohol, smoking, drugs, gambling or anything else. An addiction that brings nothing but misery whose lives are on the arse end of its power, and the deception of being happy and in control of something that has complete  control over you, for those who believe that they are still getting a buzz.

As with people, our culture, community, and entire country (and World) has become addicted to the money myth and everything that surrounds it too. What we are experiencing now collectively are the days of that drunk or drug addict which is we have together become, rolling around in the gutter, thinking all about the next ‘fix’, but with no idea what and who we really are.

Those who have experienced the realities of addiction, know what comes next. Remove the metaphors, and the collapse of everything we know is now knocking at the door. This is who; this is where we are right now.

The World can be focused on money, or it can be focused on people. It cannot be focused on both.

Man cannot have two masters.

We either value everything to do with money or we value everything to do with life.

The biggest challenge we face in the coming months and years, isn’t the cost-of-living crisis, the financial turbulence, the monetary or systemic collapse. It is the process of understanding, accepting and finding the resolve to live our lives in what seem to be an unfathomable way. That of putting People First.

Many will read this and argue that putting people first is what they already do. But they don’t.

In fact, if wealth, power and the accumulation of money in any form or in any way, comes into our thinking as the priority in the way that we approach any part of life, the reality that we all have to face is that our thinking is part of the problem and is therefore part of the cause of all the problems that we collectively now face.

This is not a question of having things or money of any kind. It’s the question of how and where our values are genuinely placed.

If we always consider the impact of what we do upon others, and what the consequences of our actions upon others will always be – not just in the room, but what the impact on the next person to visit or to follow after us might be, there will still be enough of everything for us to have and to enjoy our lives, but everyone else will always have that very same opportunity too.

We can only have a society, culture, way of living and experience that is fair, balanced and considerate of all, by putting People First in everything that we do.

We can quite literally live our lives with our focus only upon money, wealth, power, influence and everything to do with it. Or we can live our lives putting people and our relationship with others first.

There is no middle ground. There is no ‘so many parts of one’ and ‘so many parts of the other’. Our focus will either be on money and selfishness with an inevitable cost for others – no matter the part we play. Or our focus will be on people and putting people first in everything we do, knowing that we are always doing the right thing for everyone, and that by doing so, we are actually putting our own values system first.

What we have to accept is that rejecting the Money Based Order won’t result in loss. In fact, we have everything to gain. The only real difference is that we will not see money and the things that revolve around it in the same way again.

Money is our master now. But it is people that we should always be putting first.

The Money Based Order – The part we currently play

Sadly, we are or were all in on the con.

The very clever thing about the Money Based Order, is that its addictive nature thrives because it plays to one of the darker and most self-destructive parts of human nature, which is to put ourselves first.

When we indulge selfishness of the Money-focused kind, it simply doesn’t matter how big or how small the gain or advancement we perceive the accumulation of ‘wealth’ or ‘power’ in our lives to be. We are meeting the needs of that addiction, and somehow have the perverse message playing like a soundtrack that tells us all that we are on our way to the top.

As this is the way that every part of life now works, we have reached a point where pretty much everything we do, we look at or even the interactions we have, are all based on the bottom line of what value will come out of that interaction for us.

The strange thing is that by playing along with the workings of the Money Based Order in even the smallest of ways, we have dedicated ourselves to a pathway of addiction. An addiction that has the ability to change our lives and destroy our integrity at a personal level immediately, whilst at a community, cultural or national level, the whole process can and has taken decades or centuries to reach the outcome of its various plays.

It is Money, not the Technology that it finances, that dictates the way we behave in a Technological age

The myth of technological advancement is that innovation only exists to make money and that life must change to fit around it.

The truth is that innovation exists to improve and enhance the ways of living that we already have.

Those who have owned or financed technological change have simply harnessed and continue to harness it to make more and more profit.

Meanwhile, their actions have directly resulted in lowering the quality of life or even destroying the lives of the very people that every technology – used without the focus being on profit – could be utilised to improve.